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The coffee is never strong enough

Dear Stranger X,
As time passes by, you'll realise that life's actually a bitch and that things that you were so optimist about last time often slaps you doses of analytical problems; like why can't you have both, a wicked lifestyle and a domesticated girlfriend. A sane family that is suppose to support in most of your logical undertakings but your undertakings would be leaving hometown and pursue something bigger, better. Or, a foreign boyfriend who wants to run with you and bask the awesomeness of the sun and a working lifestyle, that feeds your dinner and lunch. Clash.
My sister once told me, something simple yet so powerful. I remember it 'till now cause often not I forgot that life is entirely about it - choices.
When you're put into a position where you can't have it all, what's left for you have to do is to make a choice. Sacrificing or beneficial is entirely up to how we look at it. I'm in a shitty position myself, to help you would be the least …


Listening to - Kings of Leon Be Somebody Weee! Life’s awesome people! From SMSes, weird random MSN conversations, phonecalls and to just plain dragging me out – I truly appreciate it. You guys are damn cheekylar.Took my camera to the office on Wednesday and had a field day with SweetSara! No seriously. We really had one of the best day evah. I love SweetSara. She’s like a replica of me only skinnier, nicer and prettier. Okaylah, basically she just thinks like me -____________- A lot like me!Scroll down to check her out! David says she pulls off the Tai-tai (is this how you spell it?) look very well. Kuala Lumpur Tower is one of my office view. Everytime I refill my water, I check the tower out reminding myself where I am - friggin' KL. Just this kampung girl battling out with KL.
This week is sequels week. I was lucky enough to be able to catch Ipman 2 (please see this retarded post and you’d understand - click here) and Ironman 2! Of course life is good with free movies, but ne…

Read it.

Okay eating tonight will be quite pathetic. Not sure what to eat or rather where to eat. I mean okay, there's Piccadilly's that's like a stone throw away from my place (quite literally) and maybe SS2 where I love the pasar malam there.
I love Ais Kacang Cendol moments.

But really, where do I really go to tonight?
Love & peace, Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.

This morning,

I woke up understanding why some people can constantly post some emoshit on their blog that I frankly loathes to read.

I really can finally understand.
Love & peace, Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.

To a racism extend

Heard this from Daren when I was having teh tarik with him yesterday. It was so funny, I almost spurt out some hot tea to his face.

Robin's grandma was so racist... at one point, she refuses to eat oreo.

wtffffffff hahahaha.
Love & peace, Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.

Feeling old & some long winded post

Listening to - Bunkface Soldier
I can actually feel the aging process enveloping my whole being. Not entirely due to the saggy cheeks, nor the grey hairs, and most importantly the ever so fatigue body - if a measure was to be done, it would be based on the terrifying serious conversations I tend to indulge in, the lack of response to other people because of too much thinking, and much more factors that I believe will surface later in life.
I fear uncertainties. The weird thing is, I am not a life's grinch. Or so I thought. You know, I am freaking worried about - that grey future. That that grey future I can't seem to paint of now. I am feeling rather melancholy about so many things in life at this point, I am not sure anymore.
I wanted to post something funny just now in this post, but .. funny left me. I am all alone in the room, with no pretentious feelings or rather false joy to cover up.
I don't think I'm currently depressed, I'm just - not sure. Even typing th…

How's work been?

Had a company screening a couple of weeks back, Ven Dee took some photos, and I'm here to share three of them. Heh.
Check out her blog to see some of our photos during the Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair! Not photos of us busting it out (but we were), more of before the whole thing began.
Meet Fresh! One of the hardest working Nuffie who keeps updating every single thing. Also, our Blogger Relations. <3

That's Ven Dee! The blurrest intern you'll ever meet. But you know, I love you like that! Thanks for helping me in so many things, in fact - thanks for asking me whether I need assistance as well. I will miss you, and counting those days when you're not around anymore!
...drama. Heh.

Love & peace,
Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.

If I am Ip Man master, I would …

Become a heroine! and save the world from all things crime and evil! *cue Superman' music* I am thinking of creating my own superhero suit and instead of having supernatural powers like those in errr, Heroes... I have friggin' awesome Kung Fu!
I would have like free Kung-Fu lessons and teach all innocent creatures (think Hamsters, think small kids) to equip themselves with some KungFu shit.
I tell you, it's like Jet Li in some chubby lady! WOOT! You cannot imagine that anywhere.

Image source:
PLEASE ANTICIPATE MY KUNGFU POSE! (because it's embarrassing to do it here in the office, I shall vain it out back home thank you!)
Told you it's retarded. I am trying to edit the photo as much as I can with Photo Manager and Paint (because my work laptop has no Adobe). I hope you're having as much laugh as I was when I told my housemate to take kungfu posed photo of me.
He was like: ......WHAT?! *rolls on the floor laughing*
*Please kindly ignore the Win…

Haha! You Malaysians damn funny!

You mean say no to Teh Tarik to sober up after a crazy clubbing night out?!

That's preposterous. I voted, NO. Surprise surprise!

Love & peace,
Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.

New toys!

That said, yesterday was a full-day event. It was the largest bloggers gathering in one event for Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair. Helped quite a fair-bit, when I reached home I was feeling rather... okay. But not the next day.
Woke up with an orchestra of cracks on my body. Terrible, terrible feeling :'(
Sunday is officially my favourite day of the week. Most of the time spent indoor, with some awesome people in the world, not only do I feel the fattest on Sundays, I feel the laziest as well. It's like, the perfect combination for a lazy Sunday. Anyone is welcome to my place on Sundays :)
I have a couple of new toys as additions to my ever so funky room. Both which I bought/ brought from Aussie.
Meet Travisa. That purplish pink pony which I manage to bring (as big as me when I'm crawling possibly) all the way from Adelaide. I remember Justin being so annoyed at me naming all things Travis, haha. I don't knowlah, Travis is such a cute pet name. Grew up with it since I was 8…

This fine morning,

I found out my boyfriend might go to Aussie to continue his studies. Though only for half a year(unconfirmed) but the thought of another 6 months of separation, deprivation of all things kindness killed my day.

Mind says good on him, heart says screw this.
: ) :
Love & peace,
Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.

Someone like you

Listening to: Kings of Leon Closer I rarely write about music. Find it rather an Indie-ish act. Occasionally I will let you know what song I am currently listening to only to add more effect to what I’m feeling at that time. But this post will be about my new love, the new earcandy (check my Facebook status) that I’ve been looping every day. Last this happened was Lifehouse & The Shins.I’m good with bands. I think bands comprises of sexy pieces that merge together for a reason. Scripted beautifully, and most of the time relatable to me; that’s when I categorise that band is artworthy and worth listening, worth mentioning. Or has this weird calling to me.I <3 Kings of Leon.

It feels like their songs give me this creep on my thoughts a little too deep. Been giving me these words of advises – without actually hitting all the right buttons, but scarily sensible . It’s strangely satiable to any state of mind. Music’s crazy good and with all the right notes and chords combined in one…

Weekend, good.

Last Friday was meet new people day (night).
Met up with a few of Justin & Amai's friends, and got introduced to more new lingos then I could ever follow through when Jifai, Sam, Justin & Amai were together. I almost got seriously drunk that night, but thankfully brain was still functional well enough for me to stop and not get mightily embarrassed around new people, in new people's house.
Life's good 'cause I have amazing (crazy funny & downright retarded) support around me. I mean, life's been brutal to me so far. But I'd like to pull through. Think it would be the greatest strength one could have. Coming out from the jungle filled with crazy animals... alive. Still adapting to new things, still understanding new things.
To the people I love and care so much, I've made a montage on my wall - next to me.

Some of you guys will be in the next batch of printing. No worries, all of you awesome people sleeps with me everynight. By yours or my free wi…

Cheers to,

Not to all the money in the world, nor to the awesome lifestyle we rock too well.
But to happy days.
Happy days, when everything doesn't have to fall into places yet a smile is sincerely carved on your face. Sometimes happyness is just about everything a soul needs.
toHappy Days!

Love & peace,
Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.

From Melbourne & Graduation in Adelaide

It's super ironic. Working in a blogging community has made my particular blog slowly dying off! Too busylah. It's either I choose to catch up with sleep, or go out with friends. I can never, ever juggle my 24 hours well. Or least, am trying.
Anyway, last week I went to Australia for my graduation! I am blessed to have such awesome bosses who granted my leaves. Thank you so much! Truly appreciate it.
I went to Melbourne first, and stayed the first night with Chee Hang. Who so sweetly let mummy slept on his bed, while he and I bunked on the floor. Damn funny. I woke up early in the morning to see him lying next to my leg. I almost stepped on his head O.O
Because we were there for only a day, we went walked around Flinders St.,

and somehow or rather, we reached this Melbourne Tourist Information lady who encouraged us to take the free tourist shuttle. Mum said yes (obviously, free & touristy) and much to my awesome delight Melbourne's pretty darn gorgeous. The art centres…