What up mid year

Hi folks,

I'd rather spend my time trash write in this space then scrolling on FB/Insta cause I'm a blog fan like that. It is also a make-believe that I'm actually doing something I love as a past time which is writing. I also treat this place as my photo album, caption and stories and stuff.

Except my English these days.
Terribly influenced by social media and I listen too much to rap and rnb (I blame Drake).....

Is it just me or has it been January, February la la la la ------- AUGUST!!
F. Where did the rest of the months go? 💨

But first an aged, filter-less, update selfie of me
I tried this hobby lobby challenge but got super shy went people started walking around hahaha


Wohoo, a huge achievement for an opportunist like me. You know doing out of the ordinary by NOT TAKING OPPORTUNITIES. For the first 6 months of the year, I have slept 👉A LOT MORE, and 👉 read a few lines from books more GOD forbid I picked up the bible this year. …

Shifting of energy

I see myself as an energetic and vibrant person.
A blanket word for all things the two words may carry. To be able to do many things at one time, always keeping a positive attitude for the most part and being able to find resolutions on difficult issues.
This year, I found myself having shifting energies within me and I'm writing it down. I wasn’t sure it was even possible without me acknowledging them, what it entails?? or where it came from but it IS happening.
I am no longer hasty.
I find this as the biggest shift in me. These days I see opportunities as wrapped candies in a chocolate box. I had to pick the ones I really wanted, instead of wanting the entire box. I no longer find myself taking every single opportunity I see. It was really the case for me in my mid 20s. Now some people might see this as “lost opportunities”, but there are far more important things I value right now – which I will tell you more.
Earlier this year contrary to probably everyone, I had set NO go…

The new home

Mid year last year I decided to build a house by myself for myself. This will be a practical post of how I have the funds, the land, the time and the many support to actually make this happen.

The land

Let's start with where? Bought by mum about 50 meters away from our family home, throughout the years mum have successfully maintained any payments in regards to this land which include but not limited to quit rent, assessment and etc.

For the past 20 years the land was a bush-field at one time a forest, with tall and big trees including these REALLY TALL acacia trees that became really haunting at one point. There were a few times mum had to clear the land and this involved lots of money.

Clearly maintenance wasn't easy. We put a blind eye on the "forest" every time we drive back home. Just before my brother's wedding, we decided *or at least I* that was finally going to do something about it.

Where did I get the bulk of the money, we sold a second family home of c…

Spring/Summer '17 in Melbourne

Was it Spring or Summer? Actually, I'm not sure anymore.

I don't quite know how to appreciate the different seasons since it's always sunny here in Malaysia, and even when I visit other countries, I always choose to travel during Spring or Summer.

Except for Japan. I became swollen from the cold (God knows how this is possible) so I'm not going to risk another swollen me.

But last November, my best friends and I coincided on Melbourne (Denise's wedding) for our annual (or lately, once in a few years) girls' trip. Cause you know, busy with life 😡

BUT OH GOSH, Spring/ Summer in a place really makes the difference!!

We could just go out as and when, sleep on the grass, drink up on a summer's night, walk the town, and dress freely and beautifully. I couldn't imagine we could so in a cold winter night?! Urgh, the jackets and scarves.


It is the most legit Spring/Summer when you could spend some time outdoor or in the park. When I first arrived, Auds an…

Are you Hungary? Sorry can't help it

This country must be getting tired of this Hungary joke.
Can't help it though! 😅

Trying to figure out how to share my stories on Budapest, Vienna and Prague was not as straight forward as I imagined. I always plonk a few days in one post, but that's not really easy to read and it's realistically impossible to share things in one post.

So, I'll just start with food.

Anyone here knows what "Hungarian Food" really is? Cause prior to this, I HAD NO IDEA. I couldn't even relate its geographical location to its food. Far to the sea? Weather? Meat? Urm. 

So it was only natural that on our first night of arrival, we ate the most Hungarian Food imaginable. Turns out, Hungarian foods are...


Dumplings and peppers (or as they call it, paprika)!  

Mum ordered carrot + bread, which we laughed our heads off because there were just so much carrots mum finally met her match!! The endless amount of spoons of carrot into her mouth. By the 6th gobble she was already …

My Airbnbs in Budapest & Prague

Like bees to honeys, birds to water, lizards to my home, I am one to books. All kinds of books. Foreign, non-fiction, comedy, drama, womenhood, cartoon, history. I LOVE books. The uncertainty of its content. The smell. The covers. The stories.

It is no wonder that my recent trip to Budapest, Vienna and Prague sees us staying in apartments and homes that have books at every corner of them. While booking for homes, my preferred criteria are usually location and price. And last but not least, aesthetics.

I am guilty for choosing homes from pictures, and fortunately I have been quite lucky. Most if not all of the places I've booked look exactly like the photos. But sometimes they surprise you with bonus features, like new stack of books.

I love homes that pique my soul, open my eyes to design that don't abide rules, with delicate features. Best if they've got stories attached to it. My so and so and got this during the war. Or, we found this while hiking mountain x. Man, the …