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5 things you must do in Kota Kinabalu

Kota Kinabalu is an incredible and beautiful place, home to a melting pot of cultures, races, native tribes, amazing landscapes, pristine islands, food and shopping, and really, so much more. It is one world's hidden treasures now slowly coming out to the world.

As a native Kota Kinabalu, born and bred and having the privilege to travel to many places, I have curated a personal list of recommended things to do in Kota Kinabalu. This list includes personal favorites, childhood specials with a mix of typical tourist attractions for the FOMOs (Fear-Of-Missing-Outs) 😁

This is especially useful for a short / limited time holiday.

Mummy overlooking Kota Kinabalu city 😚😚

#1 Eat local breakfast 

I love food, and it's safe to say food loves me too! 😝 The best way and some say the fastest way (please don't choke) to know an exciting city like Kota Kinabalu or Sabah, is through -- FOOD! From kon lau miens, to hinava, to laksa, to sang nyuk mein, to eggs and toast, to dimsum in a s…

Living alone, Europe and death

99% of the time, when I enter my house I walk straight up ahead to my bulky 15 inch television, turn it on, and untangle one by one of my clothes so that by the time I reach the bathroom, I am stark nekkid and ready to bathe. 99% of the time, I am not bothered of what's on it. I just needed that buzzing sound, that's battling with the beetles' sound outside, so I don't feel completely alone.

Living alone is the most exciting, and most dangerous thing in the world. Especially for someone like me, who forgets almost everything and - by everything I mean the iron, the stove and the heater all together at one time. Not only is it expensive to live as me, it's also hazardous.

I know many friends, and families and online apps have been trying to get me to go out there (which I occasionally do in between 6 months), but orchestrating something in this department is not really my thing. And I mean, by NOT.

Whenever Jazz is around, I would hang out with her and hear all her…

The Sleep Therapy

Writing this at 10.29pm with glaring laptop lights in mum's forever dim room. Family and friends, in 2018, THIS is my kind of cheat day ✌

Sometime last year I suffered a severe mental and possibly spiritual breakdown for a couple of months. This is self diagnosed because, a) I had no money and time to go to the doctor and tell him the deal, b) I wasn't sure what to tell him. What I knew, was that I wasn't being my normal self. I had cried myself to sleep, even prayed and begged, and had even wanted to try sleeping pills to get through the night and day.

The main reason for this was stress 😔

Mainly from the house construction. I was so emotionally, physically and mentally invested in the whole process that I succumbed to the terrors of it all. It almost felt like a virus, a flesh-eating one that crippled my physical self. It reached the peak of its problem when I no longer wanted to do ANYTHING, and became a terrible person throughout the bad days. It was not fair to my fa…

Places and hotels to stay in Kota Kinabalu

Kota Kinabalu isn't the most affordable city these days, what with the influx of many seasonal tourists. The most expensive seasons are 2 to 3 weeks during Chinese New Year, the summer holidays between mid July to mid September, and occasionally the year end.

These are super peak seasons, with hotels raking up to thousands / per night. To help, here are the Top 10 affordable hotels in Kota Kinabalu, with excellent location offering you the value for both worlds.

1. Kota Kinabalu Waterfront Hotel 
Located amidst the Warisan Square Complex just in front of the famous Kota Kinabalu waterfront, this is a functional and basic hotel with a winning location. Prices range from MYR 150 onwards for 2 pax however often do not include breakfast. If coffees and cakes could make up for it, there is a Starbucks Coffee House just right in front of its entrance.

2. Marina Court Apartments and Residences 
This does not specify a unit, but if you need one let me know I will lead you to a contact. Mar…

It's 2018, and I can be anything

Awkward, tomboy, too intellectual, private, tough. 

When I was a little girl, I remember having to state my case to my mum on wanting to let my hair grow long. It has always been a short bob, mum thought it was more tidy that way. But by 11 years old I grew absolutely bored of it, and simply thought I could do more things with longer hair.

Braids, buns, ponytail, style, plenty! 

Dad said yes without second thoughts, mum swore by how difficult and uncomfortable it would be for me; having the need to do hair my up every single morning, or brushing it neat every day. And she was right, there were many days when school asked me to tie my hair up in braids, only to find no one to help me at 5am in the morning!

Luckily, my aunt nally was an angel in the form of a braids' specialist lol 😋 But that would mean, I needed to walk to her house in the dark and waited to be braid by her very early in the morning. And then, I look in the mirror, twirl my braids and absolutely loved it. I smiled …

#throwback to my best flying experience

Sometime in May this year, the usual gang and I will be traveling on another long haul flight. We are in the midst of planning and many of these plans start from 6 months ahead (now).

I shudder at the thought of these upcoming long haul flights, with transits at ungodly hours and international airports that are full with visitors trailing around like ants 😥

But the worst ones remind me of some of my BEST long haul flights. 
Or even my best flight EVER! 

Mum and I took a non-transit flight from Kuala Lumpur to Paris viaMalaysia Airlinessomewhere in 2014. At that time, they had a pretty awesome Malaysia Airlines Promo. 

FIRST OF ALL, going on to a non-transit flight changed me. Like, completely! My life will never be the same again 😃
And just our luck, that the final seat between mum and I was vacant!!! 💃💃💃I think I almost shed some tears of joy, and did the happy dance upon knowing this. 

I will never forget this; 

After viewing the take-off (which was a magical sight itself becaus…

De & Luke's Wedding at Lyrebird Falls

I promised myself I wasn't gonna sound like an alcoholic. But urm there were lots to drink on De's wedding! I never got buzzed as early as that and it was only 5pm. I was quite close to trashing myself #notproud

Thank heavens uncle started talking to us, or I wouldn't have stopped! It's too easy... Champagnes, wines, whiskey circling around and coming back at you every 5 minutes. I think that's what your best friend's wedding does to you. It puts you into a whirlwind of perspective. Whatever that perspective was. So I kept drinking!!

Luke was absolutely adorable waiting on De at the aisle 💖💖💖

And when De finally arrived, she looked absolutely beautiful 💘 The four of us started tearing up looking at the De. Sway and I started clenching our hands, cause she was the beautiful bride a year ago. How far have so many of us come..

It was a small ceremony of probably less than 10 tables. The four of us enjoyed the party so much, mostly chatting, (drinking) and cat…