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Family road trip and back to Kundasang

I am my home's biggest fan.

I love everything Sabah is made up of. The valleys, the hills, the people, the food, the sunsets, the jams, the malls. Last weekend, my family and I decided to spend the weekend away together in Kundasang; the famous highlands (one of the few places in Sabah to have a cool and breezy climate) approximately 2.5 hours drive from Kota Kinabalu city, the main jump off point to the beautiful Mt Kinabalu.

^Sister took some drawing materials and each of us took the time to draw something. Quite therapeutic. 
Some folks prefer to stay in Ranau, about an extra 20 - 30 mins drive from Kundasang town, probably because there are more shops in Ranau town then in Kundasang (by few really). After dark, Kundasang turns quiet and cold. Most local vendors would be home by then, and the only restaurants operating are the handful in town and the ones attached with the hotels / lodges. Ours included.

We reached Kundasang quite late, since we had to wait for Jessy from work…

One night in Mt Dandenongs Boronia, Melbourne

So the whole reason why the four of us girls flew to Melbourne was for Denise and Luke’s Wedding. The beautiful, with perfect weather (after a whole week of rain) wedding at the mountains of Dandenong 🌿🌿🌿

We found out that Lyrebird Falls (where the wedding was) is located about an hour’s drive from the city. So we posed the question whether we wanted to come back to the city after the wedding, or would we want to stay overnight.

Turns out, overnight at Dandenongs was cheaper. 
So we chose just that! We rented a car (which was an episode of identifying drivers itself) to Dandenong, and the drive was absolutely beautiful. 

Blue skies, lots of greens and many clouds 😍

I found Silvana’s place via Airbnb where it said it's about 10 - 15 minutes drive to Lyrebird Falls which we thought was perfect! 
And confession, one of the reason we *I* decided on Silvana's place was because of a picture with the ADORABLE DOGGY JESSY that *I* knew, I would fall in love in an instant.

I think wh…

Karaoke on a Night Cruise!

You gotta say yes to Karaoke. Gotta! 

In my attempt to spice up my weeknights, I said YES to a karaoke on a Wednesday night but ... this time WITH A TWIST. My Wednesday's karaoke sesh was to be organised on a CRUISE.


The North Borneo Cruise, the same guys who I got on board on for my sister's awesome sunset cruise birthday,  came up with another legit thing to party and celebrate any occasions on A NIGHT CRUISE. With Karaoke no less Sabahans πŸ‘πŸ‘

Read more of our sunset cruise here 

The cruise departed at 8pm, and is a 2 hour cruise along KK's waterfront esplanade area. Kota Kinabalu city is so beautiful at night, I have seen many skylines around the world, but nothing truly like your own home's πŸ’–

And very dear to me too, because I have always looked out to the sea from the land lol, so it's quite amusing to be on the sea looking out on the land instead heh.

We walked into this luxurious comfy lounge, fitting of up to 20 people with this intricate local desi…

Brunches in Melbourne

I know it says "brunches", but we were for the most part, struggled to be up and about by brunch πŸ™ˆ and even if we did, we either, nearly miss the brunch or that shop was awesome enough to have an all day breakfast for us late starters πŸ˜‹

Sway was determined to try all the places that she saw on blogs etc, so we left most of the decision to her. It's quite funny though, sway has always been the healthiest among us, she'd be eating all these greens salads, and we'd be calling her sheep herbivore stuff like that.

Still is really.  

But this trip!Boy did she deliver. She ate like a baby shark!!! She ate everything and ANYTHING, in huge portions, finished it up AND THEN SOME!!

I remember while we were on the tram to Coles towards the end of our trip, she asked me whether I wanted Golden Gaytime (clarification: a very famous and delicious ice cream). After I had just finished 3 Japanese' meals.

I side-eyed her,

Um babe, I'm losing my voice, I had eaten a lot of …

My October Month

One of the most important thing that has happened to me this year, is self awareness.

This is going to sound like self help, but if you're in your late 20s and need some (any) inspiration, you might just enjoy this.

After all, I am 20 something as well.
With similar if not with the same dreams as you.

This will sound like a broken record, but the past few months have been very difficult. I cannot reiterate enough. Both physically and mentally. I went through severe stress, which I knew was so severe because my body would literally shake in pain in the middle of the night. I know my day would dive to shit-hole the moment I wake up with a severe head pain, mainly due to overthinking.

One of the most vivid times were when I begged myself to sleep because I have another long day the next morning and I needed to be up early. Rewind to a few years ago, I would only take this as stress and continue my life again. But this year, I fully embraced it and acknowledged it. 

I went down the s…