Walking around the Old Town Prague

...deserves a post all by herself↔💘

I love Prague. Old town Prague?
Maybe a little obsessed by it.

I remember old town Prague; the beautiful orange hue as Jessy and Mum's backdrop. Melancholy violin playing as background music. People clapping, cheering, some kissed. The old in pairs, some alone, clucking through the cobblestones with their walking sticks. The young laughing their way through the bridge - some with a pint in their hands. Kids running escaping from their mums. We even saw a fully dressed full fledged wedding couple. Getting ready to snap at sunset. In the midst of throngs of people.

Why wouldn't everyone love this bridge? 
It's so beautiful. It's so alive. 

And there are layers, and layers of this remarkable town. One entry from the other, another area is vibrant with more things.

It really just keeps getting better by each step.

This was the walk in the morning, we walked into the Old Town Square without knowing. There were horse carriages, ice creams, …

Dinner at Joloko, Kuala Lumpur

Sway and I were talking about celebrating our birthdays together while I'm there (Libras rejoiceeee!), and naturally the first thing we did was, Google. Quite done with late nights, we just wanted to chill and eat. Joloko was one of the few restaurants that came up on the search (I forgot what I typed), and without sharing to Sway, days later Sway shared with me via Insta, on Joloko again.

Either their digital marketing efforts worked hauntingly well, or it was basically just a sign for us.

So yes, you can say we randomly picked a place and rallied the gang at least a month before to meet up here. I was thinking of part dinner part celebration, since we barely catch up and we're earning now!!

Turns out, it was a celebration of all sorts! New jobs, terrible dates, you know, the many things to celebrate as a modern woman these days. It turned out to be a little soiree. So. Much. Fun. 

Before even anything, I publicly apologized to everyone for choosing a place right smack in th…

Back in Ubud Bali x ThanTha Ubud Villa

The last time I was in Bali was 7 years ago and it started with Ubud as well.

Updated: I was in Bali 3 years ago, but for work. Barely explored outside of the hotel, slipped my mind and I must have not considered that as a visit 😂

I was very young at that time, just decided to leave the first company I was working with after 2 years. I wanted to come back home to be close to mum. She wasn't feeling very well. My relationship with my then partner deteriorated because of my decision to come back. And then there was the hindsight that I would be jobless.

Stressed, emotional and borderline losing it, there were so many things going on in my life at that time that I was desperate for an escape.

And traveling soared as the trendiest thing at that time, with flights dropped as low as RM 100 return to possibly any Asian destination, emerging social media with filtered photos fueling it. I was among the hundreds that bought these cheap fares, I didn't even looked at the dates, nor sea…


I've been thinking of what to say after my recent trip, but all I can think of is, I'm so happy to be olderrr and just be alive! It's bizarre! Like, I am really ecstatic at being where I am now 😜

I just came back from a week in Bali with the first few nights alone, and was then later joined by some friends and family. Yes, I love my alone time - no, I ADORE MY ALONE TIME. Partly because when I asked everyone to do Batik painting class and cooking class with me, either none of them wanted to or don't want to spend money on it or some shit like that so I was like - fck it, I'm going to do everything I want.

So I did. Doing everything I wanted.
Like I'm always privileged to! 😀

Me with zero pants.

I did what many any young woman would do when traveling. Eat, sleep, swim repeat. When I was in Ubud, I swam nekkid underneath the stars, cold, but the sound of fluttering leaves and bugs honestly were music so it calmed me. I could even hear prayers - it was really so…

Budapest Walking Tour @ Withlocals

Sometime in May, mum, Jessy and I decided to do Prague, Budapest and Vienna. Yes, Europe. We actually did Europe this year.

The only reason you haven't seen much of it on my timeline was because before, during and after the trip were one of the busiest times of my life. I felt I could barely catch my breath, let alone organize my thoughts and write ups about it. I am quite particular with words. I wanted to express things honestly. Not slabbing a photo on and just put a hashtag.

I must say, this was one of the most packed itinerary I've had in a long time, not because of the actual activities - but because of the traveling time between Budapest to Vienna and then to Prague turn out to be quite taxing too.

Budapest Walking Tour @ Withlocals 

I was keen to do a walking tour in Budapest and wasn't sure which of these agents or anyone or companies to choose from. I was quite sure that we weren't able to cover everything Budapest (also partially we are more of a foodie than…

Denise's Hens Night

Has this been one year ago? 

Oh don't remind me how terrible I am keeping up with the time.
Oh wait, it's me reminding myself.

Since Denise was getting married that weekend, it was only right that her sister and her best friends sort out a hens night for her. Candice (sister) did most of the planning, and buying - we came only a day before the party so we could only help doing the things on that evening itself.


Making a penis like dessert, chocolate covered banana and marshmellow.

Turns out, it was really delicious toooooo.
Just, like all things long, avoid eye contact when eating.

These things were so good, we couldn't help but eating them halfway through while making them. Look at our sprinkles covered bananas!!!!!

The place was an extension of a private area comes with kitchen and outdoor area too. The long table was sorted for us, so we basically just took some time to prepare dining setups.

^More penises shape like straws. I mean -

It's the weekend of…