About Me

Hi, I am Jacqkie 😊

I was born and raised in Sabah, grew up in a small area in Kota Kinabalu called Kampung Ganang, 10 minutes off city center and have lived in Kuala Lumpur and Adelaide, Australia collectively for seven years for work and studies.  

Kota Kinabalu is both my home and a holiday getaway for me and my family; a place rich in greens, with breathtaking sunsets, dramatic mountainous landscapes, and smells of fresh greens all year long. 

I spend most of my money (hehe) and what limited of my annual leaves (I have a day job, more below 😊) traveling the world, from Europe to Asia and everything in between. I recorded them as stories, more than travelogues. 

I am now working and based here in Kota Kinabalu. I have a lot of information on Sabah, Borneo and Malaysia as a whole and also an avid traveler. Please don't hold back with your questions, I can help provide insights on how to move, live and settle down around KK 😎

Currently in tourism; I attend to all the property's digital communication and marketing requests and is working closely with the tourism board and media industry. I am a digital sales marketing, application and social media specialist that is always on the look out for interesting online campaigns and strategies. Being in this industry means I advocate and educate a lot on Sabah, specifically Kota Kinabalu and Sandakan to people all over the world, all walks of life. Feel free to ask me about Malaysia, Sabah and my travels ✌

I have been in this industry for 10 years. 

I started my journey in a tech startup called Nuffnang/Churp Churp and used to write for an online media Cinema.com.my (targeted on movies and films entertainments). 

Besides travelling, I love arts, painting and cultural acquaintances which are basically the things I gravitate towards to during my travels. 

I'm also on (please message me prior to adding me, that would save the confusion):

- Instagram 
- LinkedIn 

For advertorials/ editorials/ write up / collaborations and much more, please email or drop me a message to: jacqkielyn[@]gmail[dot]com

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