From Melbourne & Graduation in Adelaide

It's super ironic. Working in a blogging community has made my particular blog slowly dying off! Too busylah. It's either I choose to catch up with sleep, or go out with friends. I can never, ever juggle my 24 hours well. Or least, am trying.

Anyway, last week I went to Australia for my graduation! I am blessed to have such awesome bosses who granted my leaves. Thank you so much! Truly appreciate it.

I went to Melbourne first, and stayed the first night with Chee Hang. Who so sweetly let mummy slept on his bed, while he and I bunked on the floor. Damn funny. I woke up early in the morning to see him lying next to my leg. I almost stepped on his head O.O

Because we were there for only a day, we went walked around Flinders St.,

and somehow or rather, we reached this Melbourne Tourist Information lady who encouraged us to take the free tourist shuttle. Mum said yes (obviously, free & touristy) and much to my awesome delight Melbourne's pretty darn gorgeous. The art centres there were too many, I lost count after a few bus rounds. The next time I come, I'll make it a point to visit all of them! Doesn't matter if I go alone or what, but I'd love to visit all.

We stopped at Victoria Market for some shopping! I tell you, I kinda went crazy. There were so many stuffs that interest me there my mum and I went separate ways. Heee.

Last photo of us together. Hehe.

While walking (after stumbling upon each other), we came across some Turkish Festival! It was pretty awesome noting the fact that there's this massive Turkish population there in Melbourne. In fact, I think Melbourne is filled with all sorts of races. On the same day itself, Chee Hang & Li Ming told me that there's also a Greek Festival going on. We bought some Turkish food as well :)

After the whole jalan-jalan makan makan we went back to the City to head down to the State Library since mummy insisted on it so much. She got so excited seeing it, simply because she's a librarian herself and it's a custom of hers to visit all the libraries in the countries/ areas she's visiting. Cute kan!

Next day was flying to Adelaide day! Check out these awesome breakfast. I miss it already! Damn super kao meaty.

Vienna Chocolate, my favourite kind of chocolate! :)

Here comes Adelaide! Next day I took mum to this place called The Pancake Kitchen where it's the only place in Adelaide that is open for 24 hours. Restaurants that are open after 5 are like, diamonds in Adelaide I tell you.

Thennnnnn I met up witth my best friends back there! I've missed them so much it's insane. I'm seriously counting the days where we get to lepak again. I don't know, talking to you guys about everything including some of the boys here seem so.. natural.

Next day, mum and I went to jalan-jalan in the city. I tell you mum wants to take photos of everrrrryyything. Haha so cute!

One of Adelaide's few touristy snapworthy. It's a pig snacking out some trash from the bin.

Then there's the usual dinner gathering. If there's another thing I miss about Adelaide's simplicity is that we always have such dinners together. This bonding is so special, I truly appreciate it. It keeps us grounded and not only that, we save alot of money by doing so :)

There goes that Daddy.

The second last day of Adelaide was graduation! Sorry for the overexposed photo of mine, but this is the only photo of me not covered in my massive graduation robe. I was actually wearing a black and white polka dots toga dress, cardigan, with my hair pinned in half, mum's pair of diamond-esque earrings and this killer heels with studs behind it. When I say killer not as in they're drop dead gorgeous, but they were really killing my feet. Pfft.

Luckily I brought some flats in my bag. I think I would have just walked on kaki-ayam around the city if it was too unbearable.

Then the graduationnnn!

Audrey! I couldn't have graduated without you and our other Taylorians, as you were always there back even when in Diploma to have helped me in alot of things. I love you popek!

The customary mortar board throwing that we see too many on American TV. Yeay!

Alright, I shall end this post with a lovely flower my mum gave me for my graduation. She insisted on getting me a bigger bouquet but I told her no, as I needed something more special and simple :)

Love & peace,
Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


ItoMaki said…
I LOVE YOU TOO JACQKIE. OMG I get special mention. *lovelovelovelove*

And your mom is soooo cute la, got pose when take photo!!! XD

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