New toys!

That said, yesterday was a full-day event. It was the largest bloggers gathering in one event for Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair. Helped quite a fair-bit, when I reached home I was feeling rather... okay. But not the next day.

Woke up with an orchestra of cracks on my body. Terrible, terrible feeling :'(

Sunday is officially my favourite day of the week. Most of the time spent indoor, with some awesome people in the world, not only do I feel the fattest on Sundays, I feel the laziest as well. It's like, the perfect combination for a lazy Sunday. Anyone is welcome to my place on Sundays :)

I have a couple of new toys as additions to my ever so funky room. Both which I bought/ brought from Aussie.

Meet Travisa. That purplish pink pony which I manage to bring (as big as me when I'm crawling possibly) all the way from Adelaide. I remember Justin being so annoyed at me naming all things Travis, haha. I don't knowlah, Travis is such a cute pet name. Grew up with it since I was 8 or 9. I remembered naming every insect Travis.

Then this new toy car, that I fell in love with so much! Mum and I were leaving Adelaide airport back to KL when mum told she has so many Aussie dollars left. She told me to grab anything I think that's "nice". So I went berserk.

I wanted to buy every damn random thing I saw, (think Aussiefied play cards, weird looking plush animal toys, some snake thingy) until I finally saw this;

Too damn cute! I LOVE IT! I saw a VW band like this once nearby college and it has a sticker of The Shins on one of the windows and I was like, ey! The awesome mobile!

Heee a cuter version of it! I play with it when I'm bored and ... needed simple entertainment :)

'Till then, have a good work week everyone! :)

Love & peace,
Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


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