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Listening to: Kings of Leon Closer

I rarely write about music. Find it rather an Indie-ish act.

Occasionally I will let you know what song I am currently listening to only to add more effect to what I’m feeling at that time. But this post will be about my new love, the new earcandy (check my Facebook status) that I’ve been looping every day. Last this happened was Lifehouse & The Shins.

I’m good with bands. I think bands comprises of sexy pieces that merge together for a reason. Scripted beautifully, and most of the time relatable to me; that’s when I categorise that band is artworthy and worth listening, worth mentioning. Or has this weird calling to me.

I <3 Kings of Leon.

It feels like their songs give me this creep on my thoughts a little too deep. Been giving me these words of advises – without actually hitting all the right buttons, but scarily sensible . It’s strangely satiable to any state of mind. Music’s crazy good and with all the right notes and chords combined in one album – I summed up that this band is the shit.

Frankly, I did not know they’ve been around since almost 10 years ago, like every other commercialized bands these days it only takes a few appearances on MTV for you to become a hit. Heck, they won Grammy’s Record of the Year last year. Truth is the Followills have been touring since forever, but who really knew? Only when I went to Adelaide to check out the pubs was I exposed to these awesome bands – played by locals.

Caleb’s vocal is sexy. This kind of roughed rugged vocal is either a yay or nay. Not a favourite of in betweens and often overlooked, rather heard. Remains the same throughout interviews – man of Caleb’s edginess is something I have consistencely loved. Think Jason Wade. Think that Italian dish Alejandro.

Okay I talk about Caleb too much.

Nathan rocked the drums on every number (what’s a band without a long haired drummer, seriously), while Cameron’s heat on guitar is sick and Michael completes the set. Remember Sex on Fire?

Only by the Night is 2 thumbs up, if not more. Special mention on Closer.

Let me finish the other 3 albums while you're reading :)

Love & peace,
Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


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