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Life’s awesome people! From SMSes, weird random MSN conversations, phonecalls and to just plain dragging me out – I truly appreciate it. You guys are damn cheekylar.

Took my camera to the office on Wednesday and had a field day with SweetSara! No seriously. We really had one of the best day evah. I love SweetSara. She’s like a replica of me only skinnier, nicer and prettier. Okaylah, basically she just thinks like me


A lot like me!

Scroll down to check her out! David says she pulls off the Tai-tai (is this how you spell it?) look very well. Kuala Lumpur Tower is one of my office view. Everytime I refill my water, I check the tower out reminding myself where I am - friggin' KL. Just this kampung girl battling out with KL.

This week is sequels week. I was lucky enough to be able to catch Ipman 2 (please see this retarded post and you’d understand - click here) and Ironman 2! Of course life is good with free movies, but next day face the musicloh have to wake up early to work. Zombified cause (somehow, for some weird reason eventhough I reach home at 11pm or earlier) I would end up sleeping at about 12 – 1am after these screenings. Mystery.

Here's Karen Mayer (someone I work very closely with), SweetSara and VenDee the psychotic intern. Who:

1. Immaculately answers to us that Kajang is famous for Durian.

2. Comes up with answers that none of us can ever react or maybe even respond to.

3. Swears on Gareth Gates.

Here's to the three awesome people that produces lame jokes like how MTV play Justin's Baby song. Every damn second.

Daren, Justin & Robin

What do you call nuts on your chest?
- Chestnuts!

What do you call nuts on your wall?
- Walnuts!

What do you call nuts on your chin? *grins like a retard*
- .......Blowwwjooo--! *I screamed eew before any of them could continue*

Here's Sarakhooooo! She's my partner in crime when it comes to a lot of things. If I could list all the things we discussed and do together - it would be urm, breach of sisterhood. Too dangerous.

Karen is the ultimate Rock Band artist/ celebrity. She aced in every instrument - I assume in expert by now.

I remember once when Sara and I took the lrt, there's this foreign (like International kind) couple who kept looking at us, eventually burst out some questions regarding this place they're visiting. After that;

Guy 1: Are you both Malaysians?
Sara: Yeah.
Me: *nods* Yeah we are.
Guy1: Ohh I see. Cause you guys don't really look like. She's white and you're BLACK.
Me: ....(trying really hard not to laugh) Well... she's Chinese and I'm of another race!
Guy1: OHHH.

Sara: Damn blunt right that guy?

I rarely play rockband in the office, don't really know why actually. Probably cause I'm terrible at it. Heh.

Here's where I seat, and see the desktop next to mine? That's where Sara seats! Haha. That's why it seems so mischievous whenever only both of us giggled. We share stupid little jokes together - cause we're cool like that, and .. we sit very near to each other. *_*

Next view is Sheraton KL swimming pool area. Which to my count, have only seen or rather mostly see half naked old angmohs before. Always wrong timing when it comes to the younger ones.

My frontal seating view - Jestina!

My rear seating view - Rachel! If you haven't noticed, the office is orange!

One of the best thing about working in this industry is that you get to stumble upon really good blogs that’s just worth your minutes. Simple blogs are usually more personal and relatable, the fancy ones are entertaining yes, but sometimes you just need a bit of human touch in your posts. Well, at least I do.

Like this simple fella, only four posts but seems like a good honest read.

This week will be awesome!

Love & peace,
Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


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