The coffee is never strong enough

Dear Stranger X,

As time passes by, you'll realise that life's actually a bitch and that things that you were so optimist about last time often slaps you doses of analytical problems; like why can't you have both, a wicked lifestyle and a domesticated girlfriend. A sane family that is suppose to support in most of your logical undertakings but your undertakings would be leaving hometown and pursue something bigger, better. Or, a foreign boyfriend who wants to run with you and bask the awesomeness of the sun and a working lifestyle, that feeds your dinner and lunch. Clash.

My sister once told me, something simple yet so powerful. I remember it 'till now cause often not I forgot that life is entirely about it - choices.

When you're put into a position where you can't have it all, what's left for you have to do is to make a choice. Sacrificing or beneficial is entirely up to how we look at it. I'm in a shitty position myself, to help you would be the least I could do. I have given so many advices to people, which I believe might have lingered somewhere in their minds or heads (or least I hope so), unfortunately I myself sometimes can't even walk, my own walk. Sigh.

You stumbled upon people that are so amazing, you wonder what really happened and how you met each other. Then new people come to your life. The old ones phases out like an old book - familiar with grand events unfolded but simple details are forgotten along the way, and you questioned what happened - what made you traded your old life to a new one.

Time? Money? Proximity?

I want to help you overcome shitty days, like how Jack helped Rose realised there's more to life than luxury spoons and psycho-rich boyfriends. Needs so much more than being there, needs a lot of care, heart and persistence - or icy cold statements - I jump you jump. There's so much more than just being there.

You are a happy person. Yes, the world knows it. But give yourself a break sometimes and understand that not every conflict and complications are comedic no matter how funny we look at it, at times - conflicts are often best accepted as reflective.

Point is, I'm there. I'm here. I'm everywhere you want me to be. So long as you want me to be there, and help you and the rest of the world find the meaning of life and you will be able to pull it. I am struggling myself - but more hands are better than one.

"There, there, baby,
It's just text book stuff,
It's in the ABC of growing up,
Now, now darlin',
Oh don't lose your head,
Cause none of us were angels..." - Heap, Speeding Cars

Love & peace,
Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


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