If I am Ip Man master, I would …

Become a heroine! and save the world from all things crime and evil! *cue Superman' music* I am thinking of creating my own superhero suit and instead of having supernatural powers like those in errr, Heroes... I have friggin' awesome Kung Fu!

I would have like free Kung-Fu lessons and teach all innocent creatures (think Hamsters, think small kids) to equip themselves with some KungFu shit.

I tell you, it's like Jet Li in some chubby lady! WOOT! You cannot imagine that anywhere.

Image source: http://bit.ly/9Co5Mv

PLEASE ANTICIPATE MY KUNGFU POSE! (because it's embarrassing to do it here in the office, I shall vain it out back home thank you!)

Told you it's retarded. I am trying to edit the photo as much as I can with Photo Manager and Paint (because my work laptop has no Adobe). I hope you're having as much laugh as I was when I told my housemate to take kungfu posed photo of me.

He was like: ......WHAT?! *rolls on the floor laughing*

*Please kindly ignore the Winnie the Pooh stickers on my door, wasn't me*

Love & peace,
Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


Mr.Goh said…
AHHAHA! such a cute post. eeee *feels like pinching your cheeks* heh!
Jacqkie Rowena said…
Hahahahahah thankss man!! =D
Daryl said…
Hahahahaha.....!! (^_____^)....if u're Ip man....then i'm Bruce Lee....!!! heheheheh....Wor....wacha!! -use a fake nanchaku...- I see u're excited about the new Ip man movie that's coming out soon....(^_____^)....-points to the picture....- A kungfu master in a reddish/pink lighting room filled with Pooh stickers...hahahahahah...
Jacqkie Rowena said…
Yes yes I am. Hahah. Thank you! :D

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