Saturday, August 30, 2008

Happy August 31

This has got to be the worst Merdeka in Malaysian history - for me. Contrary to past years, at least 3/5 cars would have the Malaysian flag on top of their car. But for this year, some shops even chose not to sell these national decorations.

A year older, but unfortunately, most definitely (obviously) not wiser. The sodomization drama, the Avril bashing, the all-of-the-sudden hardworking ACA exposing "shocking" cases, the petrol hike, the polarized state governments, the racist remarks, shallow puny minded protestors on religion issues, on blocking alternative media, I really don't know. If this goes on - I'm definitely not raising my kids here.

And for Goodness sake, if I see one more unity advertisement : I'll file a complaint. That's gotta be the most desperate excuse for 50 years of silence ever. It's enough to know we befriends with other races, but don't tell us you big guns do the same thing.

For the rest of you really cool Malaysians out there - Happy August 31, 2008. Until we find a reason to celebrate this day based on this scandalous controversial year, let's stick to this reason - just another holiday.

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.

Avril Lavigne in Malaysia 2008

After much debate over ridiculous reasons for Avril's concert, the rock-chic finally met her Malaysian fans last night! And to those who thought she'd be in her bright-pink skirt singing her cheerleading songs, pity ya'll because most of the songs she performed were from her first and second album! It was awesome, the crowd was singing to all of her songs, and honestly, I felt damn good that I brought sweetheart to her concert because he promised himself that he'd go to her concert at least once in his life! Wee, I'm glad I took him!

I wasn't particularly that enthusiast either when I heard she's coming because I quit on her new-image, but since my cousin insisted, I joined in and had alot of fun! She had alot of energy, unfortunately, she self-censored some of her lyris, words such as 'hell' and 'shit'. Best part was, the crowd was louder with those words! I mean, that made Avril, Avril right?

The tiny Canadian, who brought people like Britney Spears, Hillary Duff and Christina Aguilera sappy love music to shame, was a big influence, as I remember people my age back when I was still in high-school wore dark makeup and Converse shoes with short pants, and even wore Complicated's trademark displaced tie!

The concert started with an opening act (literally) with this guy who started singing and dancing to Maroon 5's 'This Love', and until now, honestly, we couldn't figure out who that guy was.. Herm. So believe it or not! Avril's concert was quite on-time, as the four bright stadium lights were shut off leaving people intensely excited for Avril's appearance at about 9PM! And finally, Avril appeared on stage with a bunch of rocky-looking dancers, dancing to her first song 'Girlfriend'! I wasn't sure the lyrics to this song, I was basically just contributing to the 'Hey-hey' screams. *grins*

Things started heating up when she sang 'Complicated' - THE song that give birth to Avril Lavigne. And from there, everything went as I expected and more, and the night was surprisingly not warm either! :)

At one point she played the drums herself, singing to this one song which I assume it's from her new album. Oh oh oh, if you guys thought most La-las would be there making pink patches on the crowd, believe it or not, the crowd was mostly of families! Dead serious! Those with parents and small girls especially, I'm thinking because her fans now are mostly of teenagers. Overall, it was seriously awesome and fun. I loved it, and I'm glad I decided to go to this controversial-once-in-a-lifetime Avril concert. I'm thinking after all the drama she and the organizers had to go through, Westerners won't probably come here to perform anymore... so ridiculous and unfair!

The building crowd

Avril on guitar - I forgot what song this was

Check out the stage backdrop! Pink-skull?

Angry guy, Daren was too tall and covered all three people behind him *grins*

Propaganda, everywhere - flag on water-tank.

Merchandises redemption counter

Sweeeeeeeeeeeet, with some horny people.

After concert, sheesh, I look so not-cool with my glasses :(

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My turn suckahs!

Mummy was having abit of a dilemma whether to come for both of our graduation or just either one. I don't mind if she misses mine, but I admit I would be sad of course. Regardless, I will try and push her to come.

As for that update, my diploma graduation ceremony along with tons of other students will be held in KLCC! (no, really!). I thought I was hallucinating when first I saw the four letters of the graduation invitation, but it really will be conducted there! WEE! I was thinking it migt be somewhere random. 'Cause you know... *insidestuff*

Alright, off soon, got so many assignments to do...

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.

Sunday, August 24, 2008


Listening to : The Shins, The Past and Pending

I wanted to blog yesterday, unfortunately I can't seem to pendown the good memories/ time spent with the family here. As I lay-down questioned the so many whys, I think I finally got the answer when I fixed my music and give myself some tunes before I start studying. I think it's because we people tend to get so excited over so many little things (if not you, then me) but harder to fix pleasant words to get yourself a good post on a good day, but when you're settled regardless whether it's something good or bad when you're about to write, you can write. Blogging is supposedly natural. You know, it's like inspiration comes to you instead of you looking for it.

Err, I couldn't get a decent photo of him, because he wasn't around most of the time. And mind you, this arsehole made me line for a queue so long I was beginning to visualize random things you can do with the robe. Dead serious. Regardless, everything went fine and it's awesome to say that my brother officially has a Dr. before his name! I wish his name was something funnier. Like Dr. Bluebutton or Dr. Puppies or something. Wonder whether people can take him seriously? Hmm, okay random.

I have a business subject test tomorrow, and though I've studied I couldn't help but feel sad and dissapointed at myself for losing the Study Guide of that particular subject. I'm depending on certain notes, and I hope I can score for it. This is one time I shouldn't be losing anything. Ish, geramnya!

Oh oh oh, for your information I feel like I'm living on flats because my room is literally like a store room now and I really have no space to move at times. My brother's stuffs are here, other than that mummy's and jessy's stuffs are all over the places too!

I just realized assignments are really, like really piling up. For the record, I'm not settling for D, if I could I'd want a High Distinction though impossible, I will try and work for it. God willing, I can do this! (pretend you didn't read this paragraph, some sickly self-motivating going on).

I'm off to studying! Bubye! :) Holy crap, I just realized this post is shit purposeless!

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

I wonder why Bruce Banner didn't try?

So much things to do this weekend, so little time. Fuh. God knows why I'm telling you this on my post instead of updating my Facebook's status. Woke up at 7.44AM this morning because was reminded of my work when I saw my laptop. Shit.

Hope all of you are old enough- cripes!

Okie, bye! Oh you, yes you! Have your nice weekend though! I envy :(

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Daren's Sweet Plan

After almost a year spending most of our time leisuring around, catching up movies and millions of memorable conversations, Daren and I decided to trace back to planned dates. Weeks back, he formally asked me out on a date (believe me, it was seriously sweet!), in addition nothing comes from my pocket nor from my mouth. All I had to do was to enjoy the beautiful day he prepared for me. And boy it was so perfect, I was praying every second for it not to end.

The day started normal with our classes and lunches. Yesterday we went to MidValley together so that he can get tickets for - what he lied to me as to get the 'Meet Dave' tickets. I wasn't particularly excited to watch any spaceship, what more Eddie Murphy in it, but because he looked so genuinely sincere - I jumped to my feet and got very, very excited for date!

When we entered the cinema, he brought me to the last row, apparently 'twas the couples' seat! I immediately pushed up the hand-rest that divides me and him and quickly swarm myself in between his chest grabbing his arms forcely wrapping his arms around me. If 'Meet Dave' would suck, I can at least watch him enjoying it, I thought. This is excellent, until I saw... Pixar Animation! I was quite at a blur initially, and forced him to tell the truth because clearly, Eddie Murphy is not an animation in this movie.

".....yes, :)"

...and he sparkled the cheeky smile he's most famous for. I wanted to hit, punch, kick, slap, choke, pat him all over his body after finding out that, but I was lost in words when he drew me closer to him. How could he? I kissed him and told him what he love the most to hear. He whispered the same thing, and both of us enjoyed Wall-E witnessing love, and amazingly experiencing it at the same time.

Not only that, he wore the exact same attire I asked him to watch Wall-E with him, AND, he shaved just to look good for that date! Isn't he the sweetest??

The movie was brilliant, and yes as most of you have guessed it, it was a love story between Wall-E and Eve. It was a master-piece I believe, an art that no animation has done before. An extremely touching movie that brought me to tears for certain scenes - acknowledging Wall-E's innocence in loving Eve was bittersweet. To be honest, it was ages ago since I last cried in the movies! Wall-E was so adorable, scripted to bring out it's human values is two-thumbs up for the idea, and another thumb's up for Wall-E's big eyes! :)

After the movie, Daren surprised me, again! This time bringing me to TGIFridays one of my favourite place to hang out, and most importantly to date! He remembered every little detail that I have ever shared with him when he spoke of them, I feel so treasured and appreciated. He assured on paying my dinner, and that I must obliged to eat a good meal regardless of its' price. He was extremely sweet during the entire dinner as we shared priceless moments of laughters and secured love. To be honest with you baby, most of the time when you were talking about guys namely Chris Bosh, Dwight Howard (pardon me, if I got their names wrong), Kobe Bryant and other basketballers you saw on TV at that time, my attention was particularly on you. You were so beautiful, expressing your likes and knowledge on the game it gives me the tingle witnessing a pretty little thing like you talking so highly-motivatedly on something you love. It felt like I was 6 years old again, listening to a 6 year old friend talking about toy-cars only this time, I get to appreciate your facial lines, facial hair, grins, eye movements, hand gestures, everything a 6 year old would not be aware of. You're... too cute not to be appreciated!

Barbecue Burger - his dinner!

Blackened Chicken Alfredo - mine!

I am at most happy now, I don't think I'm able to wake up tomorrow morning. I'll be to engrossed thinking about whatever Daren did for me today I will be on high. To make things sweeter, guess what he did? He bought me a pair of earrings of my choice and a necklace of his choice, believing it resembles a D and a J. I felt like kidnapping him then and there, but couldn't because so many people will come and haunt me! :'( His most remarkable thoughts on buying me gifts didn't nurture from reasons of just buying me something, but he wanted me to remember this day whenever I get to wear the accessories. I mean, seriously? How often do you hear a young lad say this to you?

Earrings & necklace! :)

The night just got better, when the TGIFriday's manager came up to us striked a conversation because I was taking pictures of the earrings and necklaces. OMG, it was so embarassing I tell you! But he was so nice that it felt necessary, and most strangely perfect for him to do so! Why? Because the date was about to end, but came a man spoke of his happines for me, and Daren.

"Did you get the earrings from him today?"
"Yeah!" :)
"Wow, you're a very lucky girl."
"...I know!!" *smiles even wider*
"Not many young men would do that these days, he's really nice, I bet she'd be playing with the earrings tonight"
*giggles* (...okay, maybe this is quite true la)

- Daren looking and smiling at us!

As I'm writing this post now, a big part of me is sad that this night ended, but a bigger part of me was relief and happy to have experienced such an amazing day, solely planned and arranged by Daren. Sweets, I couldn't have thank you much and you were right about not being able to show you how much I love you that kinda thing. You're amazing in ways I never thought no men in this world can ever be, and more. Ignoring your own necessities and finance was a sacrifice I never believe no men can do until I met you, and until you became the living proof that it can. Seriously, you've changed my life... Thank you for such a beautiful day - it was fun and amazing! :)


Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Bear and Roses

My class ended early today, and I waited for sweets for about an hour or so to eat lunch with him. He went in to class after that, and I went back to my friends, loitering around, thinking hard how to escape the heat. I could think of only two places. Both shall be crowded, and both shall have its own places and minds for entertainment. Yeah, right. Who am I kidding? I knew which one I wanted to go all along and all I had to do is admit. The library. *thunderstorm sounds*

I have one unfinished book. Is this a reminder, or a reinforcer? I decided to look around the one corner I'm supposedly to be banned from if not, I would probably grab some random books, just because I feel assured when I do so. So I took, The Chocolate Run, which so far managed to make me continue till the 20th page. This is good. I have about millions other academic readings to do, and here I am browsing for some 'sweet' book.

There's something about today that dragged me out-of-sleep not because it was bad, but because it's as if it was too perfect, I'm confusingly waiting for something bad to happen. Imagine this, all in one day you get to go to class with absolutely not much to do, in addition it's just A class, and you got to see your lovely sweets after one whole night of missing him so much, then you got yourself a witty book something you'd need once in a while, and time spent with sweets. Combine studying, kissing, joking, reminiscing about old days, burger and ribena together, I had one of the best evenings in my life. I know this day would be forgettable but something about the nature of the day makes me realize, and hope this could happen everyday. I smiled as he kissed goodbye.

Hacchoo! But, but, but, this day was perfect! I hate this sneezing part of the day, and I think I might (trying to be indenial let me be!) get sick. Must be the "degree" flu. And something awesome is going to happen. I don't think anyone else but sweets knows about this. It's the Touch n Go thing, remember baby? AND our "second" date? *grins* Can't wait!

"Jacqkie, I want to buy something for your brother for the graduation, the usual ones."
"Okay, what do you have in mind?."
"A bouquet of roses."
"I know it's a bit girl-girl right?."
"Okayla. Maybe something else."
"What's your second choice?"
"......OH MY GO.."
"...but I got him a pewter already."
"....Maybe, you should have said that earlier."

Wall-E will be playing soon, and somehow or rather I can't wait to watch this movie! Noted the fact that it won't involved words very much, it still excites me to see the cute Wall-E venture into self-discovery by loving another form - Eve. I mean the basic idea might sound cliche, but how frequent do you see robots having utmost adorable human values in them - ironically, for human viewing pleasure? Okay, enough with the movie-talk, I thought I quit last month! *winks*

I'm sorry, but I have to say this : baby, I miss you already! (imagine trillion of exclamation marks here) . Till then, (mind my happy good mood and pleasent language) have a good night!

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.

Friday, August 08, 2008


I feel like complaining, but as I look around, I saw my cousin who just came back from their 12 hours of daily work, I saw my brother who drove all the way from Seremban only to find out I wasn't at home to open the gate for him, and I know someone special out there is lying on the bed with a fractured arm, dislocated shoulder craving for a company. I swallow my tiredness and entertained my brother, in fact that's all he would want to ask for. The princess wanted to sleep on the bed, so I slept on the couch but was feeling uneasy the entire night, and decided to sleep on the floor. Yes, on the tiles floor.

I finished watching Definitely, Maybe yesterday, only to realize that, maybe, love is easier found than we thought or some complained it wouldn't be. I mean, at some point or another all of us must have fallen madly in love with someone else other than our current, in the past and have always thought that life is/was so much better if those particular people were still around us. But look at us now people? Have we not move on with sincere laughters and loves in our life? and especially, loving every minute of it? Have we not? Maybe, love is not fate. Maybe, it's something we knew all along? Something we get to understand, predict and expect? What do you think?

On another note, I publicly admit I am actually one psychopath that can be a prick most of the time. I can't stand myself, and I'm suggesting someone to drug me if not, I would word vomit of some stupidity rants and ramblings that surfaces in my head every few seconds, and I reckon something, or someone most importantly will quit me. You know who I remind myself of? Lynette from Desperate Housewives. I'm a workaholic, I cherish moral values way too much that I seriously should have a glass of alcohol every morning to loosen up, I'm obsessed with my loved ones that I would do almost anything and everything for them regardless whether it would dry me out, I think about the outrageous things that could possibly happen, I have expectations... and deep-inside, I'm actually a 50year old retiree that hasn't stop thinking about work since the retirement day. Basically, an insecure biatch who's afraid of too many things. Frankly, waaaayyy toooo many things! It's not even funny anymore!

The sweetest little creature on earth turns 16 today, I called her phone but no one picked it up. I'm guessing she's having so much fun there with my mum and other relatives eating some "nice cakes, and nice food". With some "nice company, and nice shopping sprees". Okay, okay before I turn green envy I shall stop this home-sick talk now.

Happy Birthday Beautiful! :) You know I love you!

I tried making smores that day, minus the cookies because I forgot about it (slapshead), so I decided to melt and mix my own chocolate and bought some marshmallow for sweets after his futsal game. It took me for abit an hour or so to get the right mix and after some behind-closed-doors experiments and attempts. I mixed some dark-chocolate and the dairy-milked chocolate together and melted marshmallows to the mixture and in tasted gooood! If you leave it in the fridge and let it freeze, you can just bite it later because it has the marshmallow-ey taste that's so diabetically sweet! Serious!

After waking up with a very bad back-ache and extra cold-feet this morning, my brother poked me to accompany him to eat breakfast and for a car-wash. So I did, and after months of not buying my own newspaper, I finally picked one today with hopes that this should be a practice. I hate reading newspapers because I feel very powerless knowing all these things that's happening around me but not being able to do much (I said, much not nothing) about it, and honestly speaking, this whole scandalous things are fascinating but it doesn't interest me like Facebook or Magazine does. You and I can't deny that fact! But I'm trying to change my perception on newspapers, and I really hope I get to use this as an advantage in future, even-though most entities are no longer interested in Malaysian media (maybe the opposite!). Oh well. For the rat race, I shall sharpen myself!

My brother broke his cludge pedal. God knows how that happened, but it did. So as we were stranded in the middle of Section 14, looking hopeless, I tried my luck with the neighbourhood. As expected, they completely ignored me and they even made the sound for the Olympic games they were watching louder, I'm guessing to let me know that they don't give a damn. I understood their action, as I too would ignore knocking strangers, assuming they are either Jehovah's Witnesses or The Usual Salesmen. So I gave up after few minutes of trying and decided other methods of help and swore to at least try and talk to knocking strangers next time excluding those who has knife sticking out from the gates maybe?

I'm tired, and sleepy now. I just ate abit of chocolate and I'm off to bed. I have few readings to do before going to the next class, and assigments are piling up. I don't want to sound happy, but at least I'm doing something! :) It's been great talking to my brother last night, and I miss him and his annoying pranks, and jokes so darn much! I can't wait for his graduation! My brother probably won't let me in. Oh well.. Happy!

Ps. DAMN IT, HE BOUGHT JASON MRAZ'S LATEST ALBUM AND DIDN'T TELL ME! ARGH! - aren't ps's should be subtle and simple? :P

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.

Monday, August 04, 2008

45 minutes break?

I'm guessing most of my classmates are doing the same thing I'm doing right now. Sharing our memorable first day of class "experience". Where we were abandoned, forgotten, ignored for about 45 minutes in a place we know little of. Wait, no nothing of - for me.

When we finally knew the exact location we were suppose to go, most of us walked up with broken spirits, and lesser expectations. I mean how are we suppose to be enthusiastic anymore? Our excitement was wiped out by the long wait!

Besides being extremely late for that particular class, some of us noticed cute bunch of new classmates. Well of course the first thing you'd notice of other things after identifying the gender of the infamous lecturer, is definitely the who's who in the class. Not that it would help in our studies, but I guess it's harmless for my friends to 'evaluate' their new classmates right?

Sorry, this update particularly is boring. Couldn't think of much to write, especially after a long walk under that sun. Oh dear, I can't imagine walking under the sun in few years time. I'm guessing it'll get worst. People, go green will ya! We're killing ourselves!

Okay, I shall stop my go-green propaganda. Promise. Maybe just for this post. Hehe.

Sweets still being the sweet guy he is to teman to me 15, when I went to class, he on the other hand did some catching up with his friends too. I'm so glad he met up with his old mates, at least he wasn't so bored today :) Happy! Is it just me or I sound very Ugly Betty-ish in this post? Hrm. Oh well.

In a nutshell,

1. We were already late for a week's class, and dumber than anyone else in that whole building!
2. ...and late for another 45 minutes for a very important heavy class, good job *insert college's name*!
3. This Goodness-forsaken subject still has 50% exam assessment! What the mother?!
4. Met up with a lecturer who seem to remember only one BOY's name. Scandalous? I think so!
5. Met up with another lecturer, the nicer one and decided to stick with her, regardless of the timing.
6. Likes SS15 better because of the choice of foods! :)
7. thinks my new class is too darn big, and it isn't conducive. I'm officially scared now.

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.

Sunday, August 03, 2008


Rules are meant to be broken. Truth is, so are secrets. They are meant to be told. For one person to another, to a bunch of good friends , secrets, are well, definitely not secrets. Before you start defending yourself on all the occasions that you were gunned-down to tell the secrets you must bear in mind this habit is not of your doing alone- no, not at all.

See the thing about this horribly kept informations are, they are not something ours', rather they are the person's we are "keeping" their secrets for, these of course excludes the things you yourself actually did, which well, only you would know. That's personal information. Not secret.

After watching Mean Girls for the billionth time, I'm still amazed how alarming secrets can change one's life. Change other person's perception, a person's appearance, a person' expectation, a person's judgement - almost everything in split second. A simple secret exposed of a coach doing it with two different under-aged foreign students gives us the right to judge him without even taking into consideration of whether those two were the ones that were so desperate. Secrets, indirectly gives us this sort of a pardon for judging people. Isn't it a relief to know this you judgementalists out there? But why, what part of the story-telling gives us the right to judge people?

Everyone in this life is for sure to have kept or is keeping more than one or a couple few of big secrets in their life. The presentation of telling one secret is done in such a way that whoever knows about another secret is for sure to feel appreciative, and most importantly, (rather) ironically trusted for that secret. I mean come on, you'd have to be my best friend or be beneficial to me for me to tell you that secret aye, aye?

"She cheats on him, and is doing it with another guy every Thursday!"
"I've always thought she was fat, too simple and ugly - but she's my friend!"

It gets better, everytime a secret is told from a closer friend. Brutally presented but expected, its ridiculed credibility not doubted, not one bit. Of course certified true, she's her friend! What more can you doubt? She's got the latest inside scoop yo, she's like the media among her friends! Collects and delivers! Eventually, we are left to ourselves to define secrets as, *drumrolls* never was, never is and never will be... secrets. It's just an English word, if you haven't noticed.

It's not something you can keep. They are 'information' shared between two best friends (most cases delivered through whispers, if you haven't realized) , or a group of friends, or if you're lucky - the whole college. The only thing that you get to keep to yourself without having that itch on your lips to tell it off to another person, is your deepest, most darkest emotions and illegal doings. Other than that, secrets are for ancient of years and more of thousand of years this tradition has yet to follow... are to be told. and to be told it goooooood.

I'm wondering as some parts of the world would know bits and pieces of my secrets, I'm actually holding other people's secrets regardless of not knowing where they all are at this time around as well. Amazing? I thought so. It's like, secrets connect us, without even knowing the person!

You are so different from me. You're skin colour, you're accent, you're way of life but for God's sake - you and I, and your neighbour and your mum has one thing in common- we tell.

Oh thy guilty pleasure, why instill this in us? Why? :)

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.

Friday, August 01, 2008

It's friday night!

It's Friday night, and I'm staying home infront of the laptop drinking mineral water. I am getting old. But then again, this might be one of the rare nights that I get to do absolutely nothing, which I love the most, because I'm guessing more of my nights in the near future will be occupied with work. Dang it.

Updates? Some of my classes will be conducted in Taylor's Business School which means I have to travel to Subang 15 every Monday. This kinda suck because I'm not really sure myself of transportation to go there, luckily my hero decides to help me! :)

This is my third post of the week. Oh uwh, that means something.

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.

I'm Real

This is Kakak Milla's tag:

RULES:1. Put Your iTunes, Windows Media Player,MP3 player, your playlist, ETC on Shuffle.
2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.
4. Put any comments in brackets after the song name.
5. Put this on your journal.
6. You may continue on tagging others if you wish, and if you don' will not commit any sin or, be happy..This is just a game..

Question 2 How would you describe yourself? Silence by Frank Sinatra - well, I am kinda secretive about my life :)

Question 3 What do you like in a girl/guy? Summer sunshine by The Corrs - Wee! True, give me sunshine, I'll be happy!

Question 4 How do you feel today? I Melt With You by Sugarcult - I'm seeing sweets after this, I guess I'll melt with him later :P

Question 5 What's your life's purpose? Hallelujah by Jason Castro - First, don't ask me why I downloaded him, second I do like believing in things in life, so hallelujah!

Question 6 What do your friends think about you? Falling in Love by Lisa Loeb - Aww, I'm in love with them too! :)

Question 7 What do you think about your parents? Toxic by Britney Spears - But it's in my shuffled playlist! I didn't do it!

Question 8 What do you think about very often? Sponji Raggae by Black Uhuru - Walaoweh.

Question 9 What do you think about your best friend? End of the Road by Boyz 2 Men - Not the title, the lyric is sweet, and yes till the end of the road kay? Dedicating this to my top best friend, Daren.

Question 10 What song would you want them to play at your funeral? Survivor by Destiny's Child - Hahahahaha, can also! Ironic babeyh!

Question 11 What's your biggest fear? Not Ready to Make Nice by Dixie Chicks - Hmm, I can say it is one of my biggest fear.

Question 12 What would you post this entry as? J.Lo & Ja Rule - I'm Real. - Yeah. 'nuff said. :P

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.