Rules are meant to be broken. Truth is, so are secrets. They are meant to be told. For one person to another, to a bunch of good friends , secrets, are well, definitely not secrets. Before you start defending yourself on all the occasions that you were gunned-down to tell the secrets you must bear in mind this habit is not of your doing alone- no, not at all.

See the thing about this horribly kept informations are, they are not something ours', rather they are the person's we are "keeping" their secrets for, these of course excludes the things you yourself actually did, which well, only you would know. That's personal information. Not secret.

After watching Mean Girls for the billionth time, I'm still amazed how alarming secrets can change one's life. Change other person's perception, a person's appearance, a person' expectation, a person's judgement - almost everything in split second. A simple secret exposed of a coach doing it with two different under-aged foreign students gives us the right to judge him without even taking into consideration of whether those two were the ones that were so desperate. Secrets, indirectly gives us this sort of a pardon for judging people. Isn't it a relief to know this you judgementalists out there? But why, what part of the story-telling gives us the right to judge people?

Everyone in this life is for sure to have kept or is keeping more than one or a couple few of big secrets in their life. The presentation of telling one secret is done in such a way that whoever knows about another secret is for sure to feel appreciative, and most importantly, (rather) ironically trusted for that secret. I mean come on, you'd have to be my best friend or be beneficial to me for me to tell you that secret aye, aye?

"She cheats on him, and is doing it with another guy every Thursday!"
"I've always thought she was fat, too simple and ugly - but she's my friend!"

It gets better, everytime a secret is told from a closer friend. Brutally presented but expected, its ridiculed credibility not doubted, not one bit. Of course certified true, she's her friend! What more can you doubt? She's got the latest inside scoop yo, she's like the media among her friends! Collects and delivers! Eventually, we are left to ourselves to define secrets as, *drumrolls* never was, never is and never will be... secrets. It's just an English word, if you haven't noticed.

It's not something you can keep. They are 'information' shared between two best friends (most cases delivered through whispers, if you haven't realized) , or a group of friends, or if you're lucky - the whole college. The only thing that you get to keep to yourself without having that itch on your lips to tell it off to another person, is your deepest, most darkest emotions and illegal doings. Other than that, secrets are for ancient of years and more of thousand of years this tradition has yet to follow... are to be told. and to be told it goooooood.

I'm wondering as some parts of the world would know bits and pieces of my secrets, I'm actually holding other people's secrets regardless of not knowing where they all are at this time around as well. Amazing? I thought so. It's like, secrets connect us, without even knowing the person!

You are so different from me. You're skin colour, you're accent, you're way of life but for God's sake - you and I, and your neighbour and your mum has one thing in common- we tell.

Oh thy guilty pleasure, why instill this in us? Why? :)

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


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