Happy August 31

This has got to be the worst Merdeka in Malaysian history - for me. Contrary to past years, at least 3/5 cars would have the Malaysian flag on top of their car. But for this year, some shops even chose not to sell these national decorations.

A year older, but unfortunately, most definitely (obviously) not wiser. The sodomization drama, the Avril bashing, the all-of-the-sudden hardworking ACA exposing "shocking" cases, the petrol hike, the polarized state governments, the racist remarks, shallow puny minded protestors on religion issues, on blocking alternative media, I really don't know. If this goes on - I'm definitely not raising my kids here.

And for Goodness sake, if I see one more unity advertisement : I'll file a complaint. That's gotta be the most desperate excuse for 50 years of silence ever. It's enough to know we befriends with other races, but don't tell us you big guns do the same thing.

For the rest of you really cool Malaysians out there - Happy August 31, 2008. Until we find a reason to celebrate this day based on this scandalous controversial year, let's stick to this reason - just another holiday.

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


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