45 minutes break?

I'm guessing most of my classmates are doing the same thing I'm doing right now. Sharing our memorable first day of class "experience". Where we were abandoned, forgotten, ignored for about 45 minutes in a place we know little of. Wait, no nothing of - for me.

When we finally knew the exact location we were suppose to go, most of us walked up with broken spirits, and lesser expectations. I mean how are we suppose to be enthusiastic anymore? Our excitement was wiped out by the long wait!

Besides being extremely late for that particular class, some of us noticed cute bunch of new classmates. Well of course the first thing you'd notice of other things after identifying the gender of the infamous lecturer, is definitely the who's who in the class. Not that it would help in our studies, but I guess it's harmless for my friends to 'evaluate' their new classmates right?

Sorry, this update particularly is boring. Couldn't think of much to write, especially after a long walk under that sun. Oh dear, I can't imagine walking under the sun in few years time. I'm guessing it'll get worst. People, go green will ya! We're killing ourselves!

Okay, I shall stop my go-green propaganda. Promise. Maybe just for this post. Hehe.

Sweets still being the sweet guy he is to teman to me 15, when I went to class, he on the other hand did some catching up with his friends too. I'm so glad he met up with his old mates, at least he wasn't so bored today :) Happy! Is it just me or I sound very Ugly Betty-ish in this post? Hrm. Oh well.

In a nutshell,

1. We were already late for a week's class, and dumber than anyone else in that whole building!
2. ...and late for another 45 minutes for a very important heavy class, good job *insert college's name*!
3. This Goodness-forsaken subject still has 50% exam assessment! What the mother?!
4. Met up with a lecturer who seem to remember only one BOY's name. Scandalous? I think so!
5. Met up with another lecturer, the nicer one and decided to stick with her, regardless of the timing.
6. Likes SS15 better because of the choice of foods! :)
7. thinks my new class is too darn big, and it isn't conducive. I'm officially scared now.

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


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