Avril Lavigne in Malaysia 2008

After much debate over ridiculous reasons for Avril's concert, the rock-chic finally met her Malaysian fans last night! And to those who thought she'd be in her bright-pink skirt singing her cheerleading songs, pity ya'll because most of the songs she performed were from her first and second album! It was awesome, the crowd was singing to all of her songs, and honestly, I felt damn good that I brought sweetheart to her concert because he promised himself that he'd go to her concert at least once in his life! Wee, I'm glad I took him!

I wasn't particularly that enthusiast either when I heard she's coming because I quit on her new-image, but since my cousin insisted, I joined in and had alot of fun! She had alot of energy, unfortunately, she self-censored some of her lyris, words such as 'hell' and 'shit'. Best part was, the crowd was louder with those words! I mean, that made Avril, Avril right?

The tiny Canadian, who brought people like Britney Spears, Hillary Duff and Christina Aguilera sappy love music to shame, was a big influence, as I remember people my age back when I was still in high-school wore dark makeup and Converse shoes with short pants, and even wore Complicated's trademark displaced tie!

The concert started with an opening act (literally) with this guy who started singing and dancing to Maroon 5's 'This Love', and until now, honestly, we couldn't figure out who that guy was.. Herm. So believe it or not! Avril's concert was quite on-time, as the four bright stadium lights were shut off leaving people intensely excited for Avril's appearance at about 9PM! And finally, Avril appeared on stage with a bunch of rocky-looking dancers, dancing to her first song 'Girlfriend'! I wasn't sure the lyrics to this song, I was basically just contributing to the 'Hey-hey' screams. *grins*

Things started heating up when she sang 'Complicated' - THE song that give birth to Avril Lavigne. And from there, everything went as I expected and more, and the night was surprisingly not warm either! :)

At one point she played the drums herself, singing to this one song which I assume it's from her new album. Oh oh oh, if you guys thought most La-las would be there making pink patches on the crowd, believe it or not, the crowd was mostly of families! Dead serious! Those with parents and small girls especially, I'm thinking because her fans now are mostly of teenagers. Overall, it was seriously awesome and fun. I loved it, and I'm glad I decided to go to this controversial-once-in-a-lifetime Avril concert. I'm thinking after all the drama she and the organizers had to go through, Westerners won't probably come here to perform anymore... so ridiculous and unfair!

The building crowd

Avril on guitar - I forgot what song this was

Check out the stage backdrop! Pink-skull?

Angry guy, Daren was too tall and covered all three people behind him *grins*

Propaganda, everywhere - flag on water-tank.

Merchandises redemption counter

Sweeeeeeeeeeeet, with some horny people.

After concert, sheesh, I look so not-cool with my glasses :(

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


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