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I wanted to blog yesterday, unfortunately I can't seem to pendown the good memories/ time spent with the family here. As I lay-down questioned the so many whys, I think I finally got the answer when I fixed my music and give myself some tunes before I start studying. I think it's because we people tend to get so excited over so many little things (if not you, then me) but harder to fix pleasant words to get yourself a good post on a good day, but when you're settled regardless whether it's something good or bad when you're about to write, you can write. Blogging is supposedly natural. You know, it's like inspiration comes to you instead of you looking for it.

Err, I couldn't get a decent photo of him, because he wasn't around most of the time. And mind you, this arsehole made me line for a queue so long I was beginning to visualize random things you can do with the robe. Dead serious. Regardless, everything went fine and it's awesome to say that my brother officially has a Dr. before his name! I wish his name was something funnier. Like Dr. Bluebutton or Dr. Puppies or something. Wonder whether people can take him seriously? Hmm, okay random.

I have a business subject test tomorrow, and though I've studied I couldn't help but feel sad and dissapointed at myself for losing the Study Guide of that particular subject. I'm depending on certain notes, and I hope I can score for it. This is one time I shouldn't be losing anything. Ish, geramnya!

Oh oh oh, for your information I feel like I'm living on flats because my room is literally like a store room now and I really have no space to move at times. My brother's stuffs are here, other than that mummy's and jessy's stuffs are all over the places too!

I just realized assignments are really, like really piling up. For the record, I'm not settling for D, if I could I'd want a High Distinction though impossible, I will try and work for it. God willing, I can do this! (pretend you didn't read this paragraph, some sickly self-motivating going on).

I'm off to studying! Bubye! :) Holy crap, I just realized this post is shit purposeless!

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