Daren's Sweet Plan

After almost a year spending most of our time leisuring around, catching up movies and millions of memorable conversations, Daren and I decided to trace back to planned dates. Weeks back, he formally asked me out on a date (believe me, it was seriously sweet!), in addition nothing comes from my pocket nor from my mouth. All I had to do was to enjoy the beautiful day he prepared for me. And boy it was so perfect, I was praying every second for it not to end.

The day started normal with our classes and lunches. Yesterday we went to MidValley together so that he can get tickets for - what he lied to me as to get the 'Meet Dave' tickets. I wasn't particularly excited to watch any spaceship, what more Eddie Murphy in it, but because he looked so genuinely sincere - I jumped to my feet and got very, very excited for date!

When we entered the cinema, he brought me to the last row, apparently 'twas the couples' seat! I immediately pushed up the hand-rest that divides me and him and quickly swarm myself in between his chest grabbing his arms forcely wrapping his arms around me. If 'Meet Dave' would suck, I can at least watch him enjoying it, I thought. This is excellent, until I saw... Pixar Animation! I was quite at a blur initially, and forced him to tell the truth because clearly, Eddie Murphy is not an animation in this movie.

".....yes, :)"

...and he sparkled the cheeky smile he's most famous for. I wanted to hit, punch, kick, slap, choke, pat him all over his body after finding out that, but I was lost in words when he drew me closer to him. How could he? I kissed him and told him what he love the most to hear. He whispered the same thing, and both of us enjoyed Wall-E witnessing love, and amazingly experiencing it at the same time.

Not only that, he wore the exact same attire I asked him to watch Wall-E with him, AND, he shaved just to look good for that date! Isn't he the sweetest??

The movie was brilliant, and yes as most of you have guessed it, it was a love story between Wall-E and Eve. It was a master-piece I believe, an art that no animation has done before. An extremely touching movie that brought me to tears for certain scenes - acknowledging Wall-E's innocence in loving Eve was bittersweet. To be honest, it was ages ago since I last cried in the movies! Wall-E was so adorable, scripted to bring out it's human values is two-thumbs up for the idea, and another thumb's up for Wall-E's big eyes! :)

After the movie, Daren surprised me, again! This time bringing me to TGIFridays one of my favourite place to hang out, and most importantly to date! He remembered every little detail that I have ever shared with him when he spoke of them, I feel so treasured and appreciated. He assured on paying my dinner, and that I must obliged to eat a good meal regardless of its' price. He was extremely sweet during the entire dinner as we shared priceless moments of laughters and secured love. To be honest with you baby, most of the time when you were talking about guys namely Chris Bosh, Dwight Howard (pardon me, if I got their names wrong), Kobe Bryant and other basketballers you saw on TV at that time, my attention was particularly on you. You were so beautiful, expressing your likes and knowledge on the game it gives me the tingle witnessing a pretty little thing like you talking so highly-motivatedly on something you love. It felt like I was 6 years old again, listening to a 6 year old friend talking about toy-cars only this time, I get to appreciate your facial lines, facial hair, grins, eye movements, hand gestures, everything a 6 year old would not be aware of. You're... too cute not to be appreciated!

Barbecue Burger - his dinner!

Blackened Chicken Alfredo - mine!

I am at most happy now, I don't think I'm able to wake up tomorrow morning. I'll be to engrossed thinking about whatever Daren did for me today I will be on high. To make things sweeter, guess what he did? He bought me a pair of earrings of my choice and a necklace of his choice, believing it resembles a D and a J. I felt like kidnapping him then and there, but couldn't because so many people will come and haunt me! :'( His most remarkable thoughts on buying me gifts didn't nurture from reasons of just buying me something, but he wanted me to remember this day whenever I get to wear the accessories. I mean, seriously? How often do you hear a young lad say this to you?

Earrings & necklace! :)

The night just got better, when the TGIFriday's manager came up to us striked a conversation because I was taking pictures of the earrings and necklaces. OMG, it was so embarassing I tell you! But he was so nice that it felt necessary, and most strangely perfect for him to do so! Why? Because the date was about to end, but came a man spoke of his happines for me, and Daren.

"Did you get the earrings from him today?"
"Yeah!" :)
"Wow, you're a very lucky girl."
"...I know!!" *smiles even wider*
"Not many young men would do that these days, he's really nice, I bet she'd be playing with the earrings tonight"
*giggles* (...okay, maybe this is quite true la)

- Daren looking and smiling at us!

As I'm writing this post now, a big part of me is sad that this night ended, but a bigger part of me was relief and happy to have experienced such an amazing day, solely planned and arranged by Daren. Sweets, I couldn't have thank you much and you were right about not being able to show you how much I love you that kinda thing. You're amazing in ways I never thought no men in this world can ever be, and more. Ignoring your own necessities and finance was a sacrifice I never believe no men can do until I met you, and until you became the living proof that it can. Seriously, you've changed my life... Thank you for such a beautiful day - it was fun and amazing! :)


Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


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