Thursday, June 26, 2008

Reporting from office

Jason Mraz & Colbie Cailliat- Lucky

You know what I really want to do now people? Sleep now and wake up at 12pm tomorrow, and then eat lunch and then go back and sleep, and then wake up at 12am again. Gosh, that would be suuweet (imagining myself watching endless of movies at home) and meant for rich kids. I'm so tired nowadays, I'm wondering what in God's name am I doing waking up so early in the morning dragging myself to work everyday.

People, why do you like doing this?! Why?! Why?!

Working sucks, and I'm not saying this in referral to my work now, I'm just saying this because everyone I know working now, hates working. Gosh, the fact that you don't have semester breaks, with responsibility as high as your hopes of not working ever in your life, and even if working means there are lesser things to do, there is just no end to it. I wish I was born filthy rich, damn it.

I'm blogging now from my respective desk while listening to some music, and this is probably among the few times that I'm not breaking a sweat trying to think of what to write. Okay, erase that off. I cant sweat here, because I'm freezing now, all times actually, and caught millions of froze bites. My elbow hurts, my kneecap hurts. Help! This is a literal definition of work is pain.

I just got back from lunch, and this is a continuation from what nonsense I wrote few paragraphs up. Ergh, I cant seem to write anything right now without backspacing everything I'm not supposed to write. Eee, geramnya. On a happier note, sweets' family have been treating me very nice. It feels good that even when my family's not around, someone else's family- sweets' especially- welcomed me so well, I feel touched & blessed. It keeps me grounded, because to me familial unit is one in a million, and believe it or not, your family are the ones that you can really be yourself with, especially if you've grown with them.

I need a car. I told my mum about it, and I'm not talking about needing a car because I want too, trust me, if I have the choice I'd rather not drive. But it's more towards the hassle I have to go through when I have events and baby's shoulder. So *cross fingers* I hope there's good news for this.

"Lucky I'm in love with my best friend, Lucky I have been to where I have been, Lucky to be coming home again, I'm Lucky we're in love every way, Lucky to have stayed where we have stayed, Lucky to be coming home someday, "

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Good day my fellow friends, I'm working on an article for the magazine company I'm working now, and I need your favour to participate in this FORUM to help me with the article.

Your participation is very much appreciated.

Screw that: Thanks you guys! You all are awesome! :)

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.

Monday, June 23, 2008

For fun

Israel Kamamawiwo'le- Somewhere over the Rainbow

I received another comment on my facial expression: "Why do you always frown?"

I hate this comment, which I received one too many, and have yet found the definite answer for this. Supposedly, me being the cheery that I am (seriously, i am!), I can't help it but being the big fat mature lady that I am (also) in life, that I intend to mother alot of things I come across with.

Why do I frown on things? Why?!

On another note, sweets- 70% disable on his right hand wrote me a sweet note, using his left hand thanking me for taking care of him, and especially, bathing him (wink). Surprisingly or not for all of you people there, I dont find the trouble in taking care of him, I find pleasure and comfort to see he's well taken care of. So when I receive this note, it gives me great amount of things to think, who's the sweeter one, is it me for being able to do everything prior to the creation of this letter, or him being able to make this card, eventhough it is very much difficult for him.

And then I got the answer; both of us complement each other. The things we both did/do for each other are beyond my expectations nor his. I'm seeing light for both of us, and eventhough the whole world thinks it's infatuation- we'll see where time brings us.

I now found the perfect sucked up reason being in the media, you get to go to all the awesome events, and the crappy ones as well. Really crappy ones that you feel like banging your head on the wall, you cant believe you'd be going for it. Okay back to updating you all about my life; Sunday I went and teman Daren's brother to his Hari Keluarga, which I have come to realize I am so much "older" now. Eventhough the kids nowadays are tall, or rather taller than me in this case- they seem way too young for my circle. I remembered being very active in these kind of things back when I was younger, with purpose and reasons that no teenage does not know- checking out the other gender & making friends. berh.

I went to the Hari Keluarga, feeling motherly like, and even decided to spend the day sitting on the chair, talking to sweets. Besides Hari Keluarga, I would like to encourage you guys to please take care and organize your certs and whatnot properly, because I lost my SPM Certificate. DAMN IT. Shamelessly asking my mum to ask the school again, I suggest everyone should take this as a lesson to be learn.

I found my old journal back when I just started college when I first move to KL. Here are the significant things that I wrote:

"The happiest time for me this week, would be able to use my Sabahan accent again. To be honest, the only time I'm being me is when I'm with my brother talking to him and be able to just let go".

"I was taking the bus back alone back to condo when I saw everyone was talking to at least one person. I took and released a deep breath, and told myself that I AM going to have conversations like that, I AM going to make awesome friends again, I will be able not to go to school alone again and most importantly, I AM going to enjoy my college life"

OMG. How sad was that?

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.

Say flirtttt!

If you may ask what's the main reason for me to change my template, yet again, is because, someone else famous supposedly, is using it. grrr. I had a bloggers event couple of weeks back and the very next day, I had to recheck their blogs for marketing purposes. When I saw the same girl (my template) , I was... pissed. So I decided to change to something simpler, something no celebrities nor famous person would want to use it as theirs'.

It's been extremely busy for me these couple of days, with a couple of events to attend to and just recently, sweets' operation. I've been spending most of the nights at the hospital to take care of him and to make sure he's been eating the right way, so I guess I'm over-worn-out now. My back hurst (as usual), and now I've been feeling very tired most of the time. He's back at home now with what look as a huge cut on his right arm.

Cinema Online :)

Being the media, is not really thaaat awesome. Of course you get the advantage of owning a lot of things but at times, it gets tiring and purposeless. See, I've always thought that becoming a media makes you a much more interesting person, helps if you're an outgoing person, self-proclaiming that I am somewhat an interesting person, I do believe that I do fit abit of here and there of a media person's criteria, but at most times, I dont. A little bit of me sees them as being fake at times, and as boot-lickers. I'd prefer be a little less friendly and happy then not be fake all the times.

Honestly, to tell you the truth I dont have interesting things happening in my life. Couple of days ago, I had an internal conflict over something that is extremely ridiculous yet, painful. During my younger days, I did told myself that I will never be affected by one's said and one's word, but somehow that doesn't stick. I admit defeat to my own confidence for reassurance. What a bullsht.

As I was doing my boyfriend's assignment, I have come to realize that sex is something that is so accessible yet seem so desperate as well. In the same context, i'm bringing in flirts. Some men and women are born to flirt with the rest of the desperate team and in most cases to regain something they can't regain themselves. See, I've seen with my own eyes how flirt is poorly executed, but because the other person is desperate as well, it was responded. Even worst, I've seen people committ to flirt just cause the other person is doing it to them.

I know most of you might not know that I'm a complete jacqass when it comes to replying a flirt, and at most time I dont even know what's going on. To tell you the truth, I really do. As much as I have been getting compliments or more criticizes, I've not depended on what's spoken in fact more on it's relevance. A recent case of a desperate flirt would be someone I know trying to get from me some assistance, and thankfully, completely disregarding the person's effort of trying to ask for my help, I commented on his approach rather than replying it the way he'd wanted.

When I was talking about it to my boyfriend and best friends, some gave me the best of answers that made me giggled my bones away and confirmed my desperate help theory. Being the media you have to flirt abit of here and there, to make it seem friendlier, but it never seem to cut it for me. See it's not about what's wanted or what's said, it's about who said it and to whom. You can't expect someone to say nice things about another person and completely disapproving it because it seems desperate, if the person is very much lonely and indeed in-need of a play then why not? But if you're happily married or as old and as successfull as santa, then why should you? It just makes you're spouse look pitiful- oh and please save your love and laughters for her.


Tuesday, June 17, 2008

New Template

Hey all, sorry for the lack of updates as I have been very busy lately.

Anyway, I'm changing my Blog Template!

Just wait and see! :)


Saturday, June 14, 2008

Yes, I'm whining, so?

It was an awful start for the day. I remember sweating in the office but with at least three air-cond blowing directly at me. I visited the toilet at least once in every 5 minutes. I was in a blur and my head was too heavy for me to even realize it for the first time. About the millionth time I went in the toilet then only I saw it- period.

I was in agony the whole day. I couldn't stop shaking, it felt like 100 tiny needles were poking my skin. I could hear myself breathing, and as much as I try to focus on my work I really couldn't. If I had the chance to skip lunch I would, because I was feeling nauseaous but I couldn't because it will make things worst. I will get a punching headache, and it will lead to endless migrain. I swear to God, I could pour out my breakfast then and there on my Nasi Goreng, it's just a matter of letting it.

I feel bloated, I'm trembling but sweating even though the fan is at two (2). My vision is blurry, my back bone hurts for every inch I move, my legs are slightly shaking, and my knees bit me every now and then just to remind me how cold my kneecap can get. Whats worst is that I'm more mobile nowadays, it hurts even more.

I'm so sorry for sharing this with you guys, it's just I hate it when I'm incapable of doing alot of things because of menstrual. Not only aren't we allowed to whine about it, we're suppose to show that we're still strong regardless of what funky thing is going on in our body.

I smell bloody (literally) awful, I look like crap, I feel FAT yes I know I am, I sweat like pig and then there's that whole story again of why we shouldn't say much about this thing that the ladies out there can never quit. Never. It will stay with us for as least 50 years of our lives so that we'd have that little people in our family. Suddenly you feel super fugly because of your discomfortness. It's like not having a good hair day.

I'm whining and describing how painful period can get. The best part is that we have to without no choice on the table, to move on with grace with our lives. As shaky as our legs can be or disturbingly uncomfortable we feel after a whole day walking- working- doing housework, we have to have that glowing face, if not we're called a whiner.

Imagine wearing safety mask, wig, condom or gloves for 24 hours for 7 days?


Sunday, June 08, 2008


Listening to: Bon Jovi- Welcome to Wherever You Are

Euro ’08 is on, and why the hell should I care if you may ask, is purely thanks to my field, Communication; the advertisements hype my spirit. I’m rooting for Italy this year, because Stephie darling is supporting them of course, Buffon, Del Piero, Materazzi, Panucci, Zambrotta, Gattuso, Pirlo and Toni will rock the show, and generally the team members make the match worth the watch. Right ladies?

I just got back from a site visit in Melaka. Goodness, I remember being extremely exhausted chasing the actors around to take pictures of them, and the best part; I didn’t really know who they were actually until my senior told me which is which. “Way to go Jacqkie!”

I discovered another song to dedicate to you Sweets, The Faders- Whatever it Takes. It reminds me of the craziest things you and I do for each other just to get to and, with, each other, and you especially would know what you’ve done for me this 8 months I’m with you. Another 4 months, we will celebrate our first anniversary. Time sure flies when you’re having so much fun and so much, ahem, love. And baby, I will pray every minute of my life for your operation, I am sure you'll be back to where you belong -sports. :)

Free Big-Macs!

So my theme of this post would be congratulating yourself, yes you, you rabid readers of mine for being where you are now. I was listening to Bon Jovi’s-Welcome to Wherever You Are just now, God knows where you all are right now, you might be on your bed with your Twisties in your fingers or maybe somewhere in an annoying event, for a working assignment, but hey! you’ve made it this far.

I mean for shizzle my nizzle, life sucks but at times, there’s absolutely no one else to make you feel good for what you’ve done and for where you’ve traveled but yourself. True? Plus, life can’t always be sucky the whole time right? So whether you’ve complained on your annoying lecturer, your weird boss or for you haven’t eaten dinner because your kitchen cabinet is too empty to be true, at least you’re here reading this post with plans for tomorrow- this I know for sure. Even waking up at 11am is a plan- a plan to live and do something.

I’ve been very much involved with this new place I’m interning at. At times I wake up in the morning wondering why the hell would I want to do this, until I’m on my bed at night before I sleep and realized I have learn so many things and met so many different kinds of people today (to remind me why I'm not them or they're not me), and earned my own money- it felt good. As little as it is, it actually felt so darn good.

So to you my fellow friends, I will tell you that no matter what happened in your past, what’s happening now or what will happen with all the plans you have for this week, next week or maybe the next year, remember you didn’t gave up and your plans are telling you, you won’t give up. Kudos to you and I’ll see you when I see you, with a smile on your face, aye?

Just like this ad would say:


Monday, June 02, 2008

Hello people!

Listening to: Hopeful; Twista ft Faith Evans

Updates? Other than I am now enjoying Movie Privileges and getting a million and one freebie in relation to the movies’ industry including the local industry as well (mind you), I am also trying to get myself to practice in making good movie reviews. Indirectly, I’m a movie critique, and I thought how cool is that? until I laid my fingers on my laptop last weekend to start with my first movie review ever, and got stuck for at least half an hour there typing “Maybe…” and ended it with the biggest blank. Maybe… this is tougher than I think it is.

Some of you might not know that I am now doing my independent rather voluntary internship in one of the movie magazine in Malaysia, and I honestly am looking forward to gain serious valuable and definitely money can’t buy experience from this place. Besides this, it’s Summer and we all know the blockbusters will be busting to the cinemas at this perfect time I’m interning. Wee!

Anyway, I will still give my comments for the latest movie I watched; well it’s actually the latest decent movie I watched (minus American Pie 6, of course) it was P.S I love you and I will give it ratings solely for practice purposes. It won’t be for this post but I will post it up for everyone to critic me when I’m done with it.

My mum and sister came down to PJ last week, and I had so much fun spending time with Sweets accompanying us 70% of the time. We went to Petrosains in KLCC which I find it too interactive for me; for I tried almost all the games and quizzes and whatnot that I got myself a painful migraine after that. I told my mum I might have Studying allergy she didn't even answered me back.

Oh well, it's a worth a shot. The picture below would be my favourite part about the visit, where this rapping dinosaur, I repeat rapping dinosaour took the beat to a whole new level. Damn cool.

The lyrics might seem normal, but don't be deceived by the rapping!
Sweets trying to be a goalkeeper.

Other than that, we went to Batu Pahat a couple weeks back to visit my brother and hang out with him *cough*XBOX*cough*. The place seems okay, reminds me a wee bit of KK, especially the traffic. It’s rather slow and steady compared to KL of course, and you can finish looking around Batu Pahat in at least 45 minutes. So cute!

Can you not be excited of small things?

I got too excited when I found out my favourite Hup Seng factory is in Batu Pahat and went to Giant the next day to check the address of the factory to justify it. IT WAS IT!

I’m off to bed very soon, life’s pretty good for me nowadays that I’m back doing something instead of staring at my bedroom ceilings and sweets been in college and will soon get his operation done and will finally be the Ironman of Subang Jaya, or at least USJ 3 then.

Oh, Have a good week everyone! :)