Say flirtttt!

If you may ask what's the main reason for me to change my template, yet again, is because, someone else famous supposedly, is using it. grrr. I had a bloggers event couple of weeks back and the very next day, I had to recheck their blogs for marketing purposes. When I saw the same girl (my template) , I was... pissed. So I decided to change to something simpler, something no celebrities nor famous person would want to use it as theirs'.

It's been extremely busy for me these couple of days, with a couple of events to attend to and just recently, sweets' operation. I've been spending most of the nights at the hospital to take care of him and to make sure he's been eating the right way, so I guess I'm over-worn-out now. My back hurst (as usual), and now I've been feeling very tired most of the time. He's back at home now with what look as a huge cut on his right arm.

Cinema Online :)

Being the media, is not really thaaat awesome. Of course you get the advantage of owning a lot of things but at times, it gets tiring and purposeless. See, I've always thought that becoming a media makes you a much more interesting person, helps if you're an outgoing person, self-proclaiming that I am somewhat an interesting person, I do believe that I do fit abit of here and there of a media person's criteria, but at most times, I dont. A little bit of me sees them as being fake at times, and as boot-lickers. I'd prefer be a little less friendly and happy then not be fake all the times.

Honestly, to tell you the truth I dont have interesting things happening in my life. Couple of days ago, I had an internal conflict over something that is extremely ridiculous yet, painful. During my younger days, I did told myself that I will never be affected by one's said and one's word, but somehow that doesn't stick. I admit defeat to my own confidence for reassurance. What a bullsht.

As I was doing my boyfriend's assignment, I have come to realize that sex is something that is so accessible yet seem so desperate as well. In the same context, i'm bringing in flirts. Some men and women are born to flirt with the rest of the desperate team and in most cases to regain something they can't regain themselves. See, I've seen with my own eyes how flirt is poorly executed, but because the other person is desperate as well, it was responded. Even worst, I've seen people committ to flirt just cause the other person is doing it to them.

I know most of you might not know that I'm a complete jacqass when it comes to replying a flirt, and at most time I dont even know what's going on. To tell you the truth, I really do. As much as I have been getting compliments or more criticizes, I've not depended on what's spoken in fact more on it's relevance. A recent case of a desperate flirt would be someone I know trying to get from me some assistance, and thankfully, completely disregarding the person's effort of trying to ask for my help, I commented on his approach rather than replying it the way he'd wanted.

When I was talking about it to my boyfriend and best friends, some gave me the best of answers that made me giggled my bones away and confirmed my desperate help theory. Being the media you have to flirt abit of here and there, to make it seem friendlier, but it never seem to cut it for me. See it's not about what's wanted or what's said, it's about who said it and to whom. You can't expect someone to say nice things about another person and completely disapproving it because it seems desperate, if the person is very much lonely and indeed in-need of a play then why not? But if you're happily married or as old and as successfull as santa, then why should you? It just makes you're spouse look pitiful- oh and please save your love and laughters for her.



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