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Updates? Other than I am now enjoying Movie Privileges and getting a million and one freebie in relation to the movies’ industry including the local industry as well (mind you), I am also trying to get myself to practice in making good movie reviews. Indirectly, I’m a movie critique, and I thought how cool is that? until I laid my fingers on my laptop last weekend to start with my first movie review ever, and got stuck for at least half an hour there typing “Maybe…” and ended it with the biggest blank. Maybe… this is tougher than I think it is.

Some of you might not know that I am now doing my independent rather voluntary internship in one of the movie magazine in Malaysia, and I honestly am looking forward to gain serious valuable and definitely money can’t buy experience from this place. Besides this, it’s Summer and we all know the blockbusters will be busting to the cinemas at this perfect time I’m interning. Wee!

Anyway, I will still give my comments for the latest movie I watched; well it’s actually the latest decent movie I watched (minus American Pie 6, of course) it was P.S I love you and I will give it ratings solely for practice purposes. It won’t be for this post but I will post it up for everyone to critic me when I’m done with it.

My mum and sister came down to PJ last week, and I had so much fun spending time with Sweets accompanying us 70% of the time. We went to Petrosains in KLCC which I find it too interactive for me; for I tried almost all the games and quizzes and whatnot that I got myself a painful migraine after that. I told my mum I might have Studying allergy she didn't even answered me back.

Oh well, it's a worth a shot. The picture below would be my favourite part about the visit, where this rapping dinosaur, I repeat rapping dinosaour took the beat to a whole new level. Damn cool.

The lyrics might seem normal, but don't be deceived by the rapping!
Sweets trying to be a goalkeeper.

Other than that, we went to Batu Pahat a couple weeks back to visit my brother and hang out with him *cough*XBOX*cough*. The place seems okay, reminds me a wee bit of KK, especially the traffic. It’s rather slow and steady compared to KL of course, and you can finish looking around Batu Pahat in at least 45 minutes. So cute!

Can you not be excited of small things?

I got too excited when I found out my favourite Hup Seng factory is in Batu Pahat and went to Giant the next day to check the address of the factory to justify it. IT WAS IT!

I’m off to bed very soon, life’s pretty good for me nowadays that I’m back doing something instead of staring at my bedroom ceilings and sweets been in college and will soon get his operation done and will finally be the Ironman of Subang Jaya, or at least USJ 3 then.

Oh, Have a good week everyone! :)



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