Yes, I'm whining, so?

It was an awful start for the day. I remember sweating in the office but with at least three air-cond blowing directly at me. I visited the toilet at least once in every 5 minutes. I was in a blur and my head was too heavy for me to even realize it for the first time. About the millionth time I went in the toilet then only I saw it- period.

I was in agony the whole day. I couldn't stop shaking, it felt like 100 tiny needles were poking my skin. I could hear myself breathing, and as much as I try to focus on my work I really couldn't. If I had the chance to skip lunch I would, because I was feeling nauseaous but I couldn't because it will make things worst. I will get a punching headache, and it will lead to endless migrain. I swear to God, I could pour out my breakfast then and there on my Nasi Goreng, it's just a matter of letting it.

I feel bloated, I'm trembling but sweating even though the fan is at two (2). My vision is blurry, my back bone hurts for every inch I move, my legs are slightly shaking, and my knees bit me every now and then just to remind me how cold my kneecap can get. Whats worst is that I'm more mobile nowadays, it hurts even more.

I'm so sorry for sharing this with you guys, it's just I hate it when I'm incapable of doing alot of things because of menstrual. Not only aren't we allowed to whine about it, we're suppose to show that we're still strong regardless of what funky thing is going on in our body.

I smell bloody (literally) awful, I look like crap, I feel FAT yes I know I am, I sweat like pig and then there's that whole story again of why we shouldn't say much about this thing that the ladies out there can never quit. Never. It will stay with us for as least 50 years of our lives so that we'd have that little people in our family. Suddenly you feel super fugly because of your discomfortness. It's like not having a good hair day.

I'm whining and describing how painful period can get. The best part is that we have to without no choice on the table, to move on with grace with our lives. As shaky as our legs can be or disturbingly uncomfortable we feel after a whole day walking- working- doing housework, we have to have that glowing face, if not we're called a whiner.

Imagine wearing safety mask, wig, condom or gloves for 24 hours for 7 days?



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