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I received another comment on my facial expression: "Why do you always frown?"

I hate this comment, which I received one too many, and have yet found the definite answer for this. Supposedly, me being the cheery that I am (seriously, i am!), I can't help it but being the big fat mature lady that I am (also) in life, that I intend to mother alot of things I come across with.

Why do I frown on things? Why?!

On another note, sweets- 70% disable on his right hand wrote me a sweet note, using his left hand thanking me for taking care of him, and especially, bathing him (wink). Surprisingly or not for all of you people there, I dont find the trouble in taking care of him, I find pleasure and comfort to see he's well taken care of. So when I receive this note, it gives me great amount of things to think, who's the sweeter one, is it me for being able to do everything prior to the creation of this letter, or him being able to make this card, eventhough it is very much difficult for him.

And then I got the answer; both of us complement each other. The things we both did/do for each other are beyond my expectations nor his. I'm seeing light for both of us, and eventhough the whole world thinks it's infatuation- we'll see where time brings us.

I now found the perfect sucked up reason being in the media, you get to go to all the awesome events, and the crappy ones as well. Really crappy ones that you feel like banging your head on the wall, you cant believe you'd be going for it. Okay back to updating you all about my life; Sunday I went and teman Daren's brother to his Hari Keluarga, which I have come to realize I am so much "older" now. Eventhough the kids nowadays are tall, or rather taller than me in this case- they seem way too young for my circle. I remembered being very active in these kind of things back when I was younger, with purpose and reasons that no teenage does not know- checking out the other gender & making friends. berh.

I went to the Hari Keluarga, feeling motherly like, and even decided to spend the day sitting on the chair, talking to sweets. Besides Hari Keluarga, I would like to encourage you guys to please take care and organize your certs and whatnot properly, because I lost my SPM Certificate. DAMN IT. Shamelessly asking my mum to ask the school again, I suggest everyone should take this as a lesson to be learn.

I found my old journal back when I just started college when I first move to KL. Here are the significant things that I wrote:

"The happiest time for me this week, would be able to use my Sabahan accent again. To be honest, the only time I'm being me is when I'm with my brother talking to him and be able to just let go".

"I was taking the bus back alone back to condo when I saw everyone was talking to at least one person. I took and released a deep breath, and told myself that I AM going to have conversations like that, I AM going to make awesome friends again, I will be able not to go to school alone again and most importantly, I AM going to enjoy my college life"

OMG. How sad was that?

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


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