Listening to: Bon Jovi- Welcome to Wherever You Are

Euro ’08 is on, and why the hell should I care if you may ask, is purely thanks to my field, Communication; the advertisements hype my spirit. I’m rooting for Italy this year, because Stephie darling is supporting them of course, Buffon, Del Piero, Materazzi, Panucci, Zambrotta, Gattuso, Pirlo and Toni will rock the show, and generally the team members make the match worth the watch. Right ladies?

I just got back from a site visit in Melaka. Goodness, I remember being extremely exhausted chasing the actors around to take pictures of them, and the best part; I didn’t really know who they were actually until my senior told me which is which. “Way to go Jacqkie!”

I discovered another song to dedicate to you Sweets, The Faders- Whatever it Takes. It reminds me of the craziest things you and I do for each other just to get to and, with, each other, and you especially would know what you’ve done for me this 8 months I’m with you. Another 4 months, we will celebrate our first anniversary. Time sure flies when you’re having so much fun and so much, ahem, love. And baby, I will pray every minute of my life for your operation, I am sure you'll be back to where you belong -sports. :)

Free Big-Macs!

So my theme of this post would be congratulating yourself, yes you, you rabid readers of mine for being where you are now. I was listening to Bon Jovi’s-Welcome to Wherever You Are just now, God knows where you all are right now, you might be on your bed with your Twisties in your fingers or maybe somewhere in an annoying event, for a working assignment, but hey! you’ve made it this far.

I mean for shizzle my nizzle, life sucks but at times, there’s absolutely no one else to make you feel good for what you’ve done and for where you’ve traveled but yourself. True? Plus, life can’t always be sucky the whole time right? So whether you’ve complained on your annoying lecturer, your weird boss or for you haven’t eaten dinner because your kitchen cabinet is too empty to be true, at least you’re here reading this post with plans for tomorrow- this I know for sure. Even waking up at 11am is a plan- a plan to live and do something.

I’ve been very much involved with this new place I’m interning at. At times I wake up in the morning wondering why the hell would I want to do this, until I’m on my bed at night before I sleep and realized I have learn so many things and met so many different kinds of people today (to remind me why I'm not them or they're not me), and earned my own money- it felt good. As little as it is, it actually felt so darn good.

So to you my fellow friends, I will tell you that no matter what happened in your past, what’s happening now or what will happen with all the plans you have for this week, next week or maybe the next year, remember you didn’t gave up and your plans are telling you, you won’t give up. Kudos to you and I’ll see you when I see you, with a smile on your face, aye?

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