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Happy 52nd Birthday Malaysia!

By date, today marks Malaysia's 52nd Independence Day. By everything else, we're still far behind. But because I know my roots, I still and always will remember this date.

Celebrate your-way of independence Malaysians! :)

Hugs & Kisses,
Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.

The 2010 Plan

Listening to Miley Cyrus - Butterfly Fly Away

Pounding headache while forcing myself to drink this weird Panadol Lemon drink, yet I still have the urge to blog.

As you can see from my title, I'm writing down my 2010 plan. Early? I thought so too, but I was so bored the other day in class so instead of snoozing off, I decided to plan out my career next year. Okay, career might sound too big, but something for me to look forward to.

Plan is a guide. What happens in the future is usually inevitable, but as Ledger said in The Dark Knight, nobody panics when everything goes according to plan. Plan helps eventhough we don't want one or will throw it off eventually.

Unlike most of you, I don't think mum will let me travel the world before I start working. As awesome as she is, she wants me to get a job as fast as I can. It does sound dictatorial but I understand where she's coming from. I really do. And part of me wants to start as soon as I can as well. So many opinions, but I g…

Nuffnang or Advertlets?

I know most of you guys are under the network of either Nuffnang or Advertlets.

I'm contemplating of changing from Advertlets to Nuffnang, please help me decide! :)

I really need your opinions or comments!

Hugs & Kisses,
Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.

Supermodels as Motivation

Had super funny dinner with Cindy today. Cindy was a goofball as always that's for sure :) Always makes the funniest statements!

Anyway, I was telling her how much I adore Adriana Lima. And ladies, when I say adore I mean adore! I've loved her since I laid my eyes on her which was during Victoria Secret's Show 2007. Ever since then, I've been Googling, Facebooking, Youtube-ing her whenever I can - I would basically do all the crazy things a stalker would do.

I would look at her pictures in awe (I've seen men do that to Bruce Lee and Stallone as well, trust me) and just be mesmerized. Since I've never spoken to her, I love every little bit that I know / seen about/ of her. The way she speaks, her skin colour (OHMYGOSHLIKECARAMELNICE), her cute set of teeth, that drop dead gorgeous body and that - that amazing hair.

So Cindy and I were watching Project Runway Season 6, when this came about. Of course I rant over, and over again about Adriana Lima until we were talk…


Few weeks back I told mum to watch UP,

Me: Mummy, is UP out in KK already?
Mum: Huh, what's that?
Me: The new animation movie?
Mum: Ohh, I think so.
Me: You should watch it. It should suit you! It's about an old man.
Mum: ....excuse me?

And she's watching tonight! :) Sweet!

I received an email from UniSA regarding graduation last week, and I still have yet to reply them. Mum wants me to graduate this December despite the dates clashing with our family vacation. If she insists (which hopefully not), I'd probably forgo it or go the one in KL. Honestly, I feel pretty neutral with this whole graduation thing. Surprisingly. I'm not too excited, neither am I too cool about it. Hmphh, I don't know. I hope mum's feedback will help!

Anyway, just came back from Ikea today and bought more scented candles :) I decided to make this;

Erm, I know I need to refine this art-work. I'd like to make the stars smaller, so that more will fit and looks more realistic - and of cou…

Sunday & Ikea

It's SUNDAY! :)

The ladies and I are going to Ikea for new light bulbs and more candles! :) Pretty happy! 'Cause Ikea reminds of family and it always makes me all smiley!

Hey, it rhymes! Okay, before I kill someone with this jovial mood, I'd just like to say enjoy your Sunday and spend it with your loved ones. Or your loved things. I know the other side of the world (a.k.a home) the doctor works only half-day for most of his weekends, so I assume he's already with his PS3 by now...yup. now.

Mum and Jessy (maybe abang too) will be watching UP today. Ah, envy!

I know being a University student, Sunday doesn't really have its biggest impact on me, but I think it sure will when I start working. Gah. Which is like, next year.

Okay, no complains. Have fun!

Hugs & Kisses,
Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.

It's never too early isn't it?

I know it's too early, in fact I'm 2 months ahead, but I'm pretty excited for Halloween here in Adelaide. The ladies and I are planning to host a party, costume party more like it, though we're not sure whether it will happen at the moment, I can't wait but to announce you what my "costume"is!

Since you followers there will be able to see what picture that comes along with this post, I've decided to announce here just with words.

I want to become "LADY GAGA".

You saw it, the ultimate sex-driven Lady Gaga! :) I'm just so excited to put on the blonde wig and manic sunglasses, as for the outfit, knowing her anything will freaking do! Even towels! :)

So till then, let's hope this halloween party goes according to plan so that I can be for one night only, someone else :) someone insane!

po po po po po po po po poker face!

Hugs & Kisses,
Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.

I'd just like to say...

I'm going Sydney next month for Spring Break with the ladies! :)

Hugs & Kisses,
Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.

Because we're both attracted to other people...

I've only started watching Gossip Girl (how late yes) when I came here, and as much as I dislike the whole high school drama, the gorgeous high school cast becomes the ultimate drive. To those who watches this show, I know you know what I mean.

The drama gets repetitive yes, the usual partners swap makes it tiring either but nonetheless Chace Crawford (the soon to be the new Footloose star) is a piece of meat. I am utterly infatuated by this boy, if given a chance to list all those superficial gorgeousness about this boy, I would!

So while we leave the teenage gawking for the show, I told my boyfriend about my latest celebrity crush ('cause thats we do) among others e.g Gerard Butler and Bradley Cooper. And he told me he adored the other star as well, Leighton Meester among other millions of his celebrity crushes - that boy has plenty (ohh don't be shy sweetie)!

So while you're out wondering what shows to follow or which celebrities to adore next, since we have gotten old…

See what I've been doing in my class

Last Monday, we were told to create a character in Live Performance. A character that is made up of mostly fictional traits but (also) complimented with someone else's traits as well, someone closer to us. In that instant, I created Esther, a Catholic single mother of eight kids who lost her husband to lungs cancer a habit that she begged his whole life to quit.

After his death, despite the lonesome days of longing someone to share the joys and sorrows with, she climbs up the working ladder and was then promoted as one of the Head of Directors in the company she's working in. I was about to explore this character a little bit more until we were told to watch some European play (which I didn't mind). So that leaves me to another homework this week...

Last night, I thought of another character.

It seems like my brain wanders the most at night generating plenty of ideas that though uncertain would be too good, but workable. So I decided on another character name Winston. A young…

Ready for a long one?

Listening to Simon & Garfunkle - The Sound of Silence

It feels like my blog has gotten less personal by the day isn't it? I don't know, but it sure feels that way. Less words too, no? Well, I'm back blogging. It's been a while since I've sat down and put my thoughts into words besides just updating you recent events.

I've noticed that. Right before I left, I have too many internal conflicts didn't I. I was too scared of leaving home, too comfortable, too many friendships, everything is else is my safety blanket.

Now that the hardest part is over, the fun (and positive encouragement) begins. Since this will be the last semester ever for me as a student, as a university student also that is, I need to appreciate leisure time more often. I need to appreciate lepaks more often, I need to appreciate Internet more often, and seriously I need to sleep more often. I mean, sleep earlier.

Anyway, since I came here (and my apartment has no television or radio), downl…