Supermodels as Motivation

Had super funny dinner with Cindy today. Cindy was a goofball as always that's for sure :) Always makes the funniest statements!

Anyway, I was telling her how much I adore Adriana Lima. And ladies, when I say adore I mean adore! I've loved her since I laid my eyes on her which was during Victoria Secret's Show 2007. Ever since then, I've been Googling, Facebooking, Youtube-ing her whenever I can - I would basically do all the crazy things a stalker would do.

I would look at her pictures in awe (I've seen men do that to Bruce Lee and Stallone as well, trust me) and just be mesmerized. Since I've never spoken to her, I love every little bit that I know / seen about/ of her. The way she speaks, her skin colour (OHMYGOSHLIKECARAMELNICE), her cute set of teeth, that drop dead gorgeous body and that - that amazing hair.

So Cindy and I were watching Project Runway Season 6, when this came about. Of course I rant over, and over again about Adriana Lima until we were talking about all the supermodels.

Me: Supermodels always date some millionaires or billionaires.
Cindy: Yalah, they say, supermodels are very superficial. Is Adriana married?
Me: She's married to a millionaire I think, or a sports player. Some guylah.
Cindy: Ahhh, normal lah. They say supermodels are materialistic.
Me: Yaloh, normal loh. But... Heidi Klum?
Cindy: Isn't he a millionaire?
Me: .....urm.
Cindy: no meh?
Me: I don't think so. He's a rockstar, I think... He used to be very famous. *starts humming Kiss from a Rose*
Cindy: Errrr... I'm not sure.
Me: But he's not that good looking, and not a millionaire as well.
Cindy: Well, supermodels like guys who are tall, dark and handsome what. He's tall... and dark (still pulling a straight face)
Me: (laughing hard can die of suffocation)
Cindy: what?? He's tall and dark what!

Me: no kidding. you're so funny....(still panting)
Cindy: I always thought he was a sports player.
Cindy: Because of his scars... you know like kena from playing football or something.
Me: (laughing hard AGAIN)
Cindy: Yalah, now I know.
Me: But she's so in love with him.
Cindy: (nods fast) yeah. Beauty and the Beast loh(still a straight face)
Me: *slapsface* (dies of laughing)

What makes it funny is that she says all these with a straight face! So cute!

Hugs & Kisses,
Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


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