Few weeks back I told mum to watch UP,

Me: Mummy, is UP out in KK already?
Mum: Huh, what's that?
Me: The new animation movie?
Mum: Ohh, I think so.
Me: You should watch it. It should suit you! It's about an old man.
Mum: ....excuse me?

And she's watching tonight! :) Sweet!

I received an email from UniSA regarding graduation last week, and I still have yet to reply them. Mum wants me to graduate this December despite the dates clashing with our family vacation. If she insists (which hopefully not), I'd probably forgo it or go the one in KL. Honestly, I feel pretty neutral with this whole graduation thing. Surprisingly. I'm not too excited, neither am I too cool about it. Hmphh, I don't know. I hope mum's feedback will help!

Anyway, just came back from Ikea today and bought more scented candles :) I decided to make this;

Erm, I know I need to refine this art-work. I'd like to make the stars smaller, so that more will fit and looks more realistic - and of course nicer, neater! It needs more time though, maybe one of these days when I'm really free :)

The assignments are slowly piling up, though I must admit I'm way less stressed these few days. Must be the classes, superbly relaxing (so far). I am thankful, no complains!

Oh I bought my Dark Chocolates from Ikea as well! I grabbed three bars (with discounts) with no hesitation. I really really love Dark Chocolates!

How I wish for Dark Chocolate showers. I think I would die of diabetics on the spot, but beyond ecstatic..... yum.

Hugs & Kisses,
Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


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