The 2010 Plan

Listening to Miley Cyrus - Butterfly Fly Away

Pounding headache while forcing myself to drink this weird Panadol Lemon drink, yet I still have the urge to blog.

As you can see from my title, I'm writing down my 2010 plan. Early? I thought so too, but I was so bored the other day in class so instead of snoozing off, I decided to plan out my career next year. Okay, career might sound too big, but something for me to look forward to.

Plan is a guide. What happens in the future is usually inevitable, but as Ledger said in The Dark Knight, nobody panics when everything goes according to plan. Plan helps eventhough we don't want one or will throw it off eventually.

Unlike most of you, I don't think mum will let me travel the world before I start working. As awesome as she is, she wants me to get a job as fast as I can. It does sound dictatorial but I understand where she's coming from. I really do. And part of me wants to start as soon as I can as well. So many opinions, but I guess only mine matters. So for those of you who can, fly away as far as you could. See the world as much as you can before your bone turns old and rusty like the man from "Up".

As for me, well I plan to travel in between work. It might not work, but well... it's there in mind.

Well I wrote three main things I plan to do, find a place to stay, find a job and get a car. I talked to mum last time about me wanting to find a job and work in KL. I know deep down she thinks I only want to work in KL because my boyfriend is there, but frankly there's so much I want to do that making her understand everything would probably take a lifetime.

I chose this field because I'm an artsy fartsy person. In some ways that other people isn't, or in most ways people is. Don't call this field a hobby because my colleagues and I can give you a thousand and one reasons why it isn't. Do you think being witty with everyone yet think of the best possible solutions for crises are easy? Do you really think creativity comes from air as easy peasy as by simply putting two and two together? Well, it's not. It's just not as easy as that - you know, nothing is.

For my early years or shall you call it trying years, I want to work in KL. Though I'm still uncertain what the people in this field could bring out of me, I'm willing to try. I've done miniscule events, participated in small stuffs - it should be a practice isn't it? I should be able to project myself better isn't it? I want to get acquainted with old and new colleagues to be a part of the bigger communication-sphere in KL, heck and beyond? Well, contrary or similar to other fields, networking (adjective) is an advantage, always have, always will. Living in KL and working there means I need to find a place, need a job that can pay my stay. Blurry future isn't it, since I'm not from KL? I want to push myself to try.

The pool is huge but here's among the things I'd love to try,

1. Publishing (the genres are endless)
2. Scriptwriting for Media / Live Performance
3. PR / Corporate Communications

Last but not least, to get a car for meself! My friend's story of getting a freaking HondaCity at the age of 21 (by herself, mind you) is inspiring & simply motivating! Well truth be told, I don't expect a big car but I do contemplate of getting one myself. I'm sure mum wants to help me with it... but ah, I guess time will tell.

Ambitious much? Well, like I said, it's a plan :)

Hugs & Kisses,
Jacqkie @ Jacqueline Rowena


Celeste Bee said…
One word, ok two.

Jacqkie Rowena said…
Oh noes susah!

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