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Last Monday, we were told to create a character in Live Performance. A character that is made up of mostly fictional traits but (also) complimented with someone else's traits as well, someone closer to us. In that instant, I created Esther, a Catholic single mother of eight kids who lost her husband to lungs cancer a habit that she begged his whole life to quit.

After his death, despite the lonesome days of longing someone to share the joys and sorrows with, she climbs up the working ladder and was then promoted as one of the Head of Directors in the company she's working in. I was about to explore this character a little bit more until we were told to watch some European play (which I didn't mind). So that leaves me to another homework this week...

Last night, I thought of another character.

It seems like my brain wanders the most at night generating plenty of ideas that though uncertain would be too good, but workable. So I decided on another character name Winston. A young doctor working under a General Hospital nearby his childhood hometown which he left for nearly 10years to succeed, who's still struggling to seek for the light behind the tunnel after numerous of deaths of new close friends, being underpaid, and being constantly referred to as the answers to all prayers.

I have yet to fully develop Winston, but hopefully by tomorrow when more inspirations come about I get to create Winston's complete monologue. The only problem I would have would be putting everything in present tense. I know it may sound easy but once you practice it, it isn't. Especially monologues. So, wish me luck loves :)

The last story I'm working on will probably be for my third assignment or if it turns out better, who knows I could make it for the first. A little bit complicated, and maybe a bit more research too. This 'cause I'm making it through the eyes of three birds. Main character is Jack, a bird that leisures around at this one corner most of his days in a suburb (only when sun is up) to see sunsets and breathe on beautiful greenfields. You saw it, a bird. The second character is Jack's love interest, whom Jack is planning to have a family with, Sarla. Also a bird.

The third character is the protagonist. The character gives a bit of a drama to Jack and Sarla's lives. The third character is a travelling bird namely Ron (type/ breed yet to be identified) who has travelled the world, Paris to Rome, to Savannah. He has travel almost everywhere to be able to expect what humans can do, or cannot do, and it's also because of that he has lost interest in staying at one place to live. Ron is supposedly a free-spirited bird (the irony), who wants to change Jack's and Sarla's minds on living on earth.

Basically the whole story is about global warming, presented through the eyes of three birds. I know it sounds tragically difficult to be accepted, but I'm trying to work on alot more details. Well, if Jeffrey Eugenides needed 9 years to finish his Pulitzer Prize Winning 'Middlesex', I'd like to award myself sometime too.

Who knows ;P

Till then, if you scroll down you can see a Copyrighted symbol, meaning these ideas that you read or see is mine. It's not entirely perfect, but I'd like you to know that it's not cool to steal ideas :) Thanks and have the most beautiful weekend! :)

Hugs & Kisses,
Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


Anonymous said…
Macam sy berminat ni mau baca your story, kie. Hehe.. :) - s0fie
Jacqkie Rowena said…
Sofie: hehe good! :)

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