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Panjat Batu

I can feel my muscles tense-ing now. I can feel the pain of my joints now and I swear to God, strangely, I want to try it again. I cant believe we pay to climb walls. I realized playing with heights have always been expensive, isn't it?

Eiffel Tower, Roller Coasters, Rock-Climbing?

Honestly, this is my first time ever climbing walls. I mean profesional certified rock climbing as such, because technically, climbing trees and bedroom windows back when I was in the "jungle" in Sabah have never been approved it's safety. *widens eyes*

It was sort of a past-time back when I was younger, when congkak and monopoly were getting predictable, I decided to climb trees and I could relate to it. Yes everyone, I used to climb trees with my brother when I was still "small" (ehem) and God-knows-how-kids-can-be-so "energetic". I bet even the ants were scared and confused of me, I dont look like monkey but acted like one right.

Well, sweets was really cute today. I fin…

wee, I didn't need a date!

The biggest hypocrite of Valentine's fell madly in love this year. and with that title, my single friends are so going to choke me to death.

Honestly, I hate Valentine's. Okay, this statement works only when I'm single and loving it. I used to think that Valentine's is so commercialized (I still do) and the fact that the males (in any type of relationship, err) are the ones that's suppose to "pay" for everything for the day makes it even more, uncertain-whether-I-want-to-celebrate-it kinda thing.

My valentine's this year was sweet. But the man I celebrated with was even sweeter.

Sorry sweets, but I'll be doing a little bit of free-publicity for you in this post.

He didn't reply my msg when I told him I got a meeting at 12PM and when I came out of the class, my friend Shaneil surprised not just Denise, but me, Audrey and Sway as well with a rose. So, I thought that was sweet, when I walked further and saw mine, too. I was shocked (really!), stoned …

it's a whole new conversation!

I remember having a fight over CNY and Hari Raya with my brother last year;

Me: I'm going to KL this raya.
Abang: Stupid. Who goes to KL during the Raya holidays? All the shops are closed.
Me: NO.
Abang: YEAH.
Me: All the shops will be closed during Chinese New Year la arse.
Abang: No, during rayalah. All the workers are Malays lah dumbass.
Me: All the bosses are Chinese larh arsehole. Awful, no one seem to care about the workers here.
Abang: ...Who cares about the bosses?!

And I'm right. I went to the shoplots nearby my place today and I tell you, I can freaking do some breakdance shit there right in the middle of the road. I'm serious. There were too little cars for me to even be afraid of crossing the road already sweets! Even the cats were walking with their clans with their usual worry-free expression. Freaking awesome wei.

Anyhoo, my day's much delighted due to the existence of cobblers in Malaysia. I got three broken sa…

They're just tags

Okay, I'm doing this only because the taggers asked me to.

Name: Jacqkie!
Age: 19
Location: PJ


Forever 21, Padini Concept Store, FOS (yea, sue me!), Miss Selphridge & Nichii.

Omg. I know shit about Designers.
I'd give a bit to Giorgio Armani though! :)

Places to go shopping:
Do you really want to know?
Sungei Wang & Sogo (the everyday is sale store). for blardy real man!

Brand Names:
Christian Dior

Colour to wear:
One can never go wrong with Black, but I dig colours nowadays. Preferably something acceptable like pink and abit orangey. Seriously, colours are purteyh.

Items of clothing you own:
Mostly casual. What do you expect?
I'd go for low cut V-neck, usually long sleeves. I like dresses too, but only wear it if I have to.
...and am madly in love with jeans. I have tons of them, but couldnt pull off all because, i've lost some baggage. Darn.

Type of jeans:
Dark jeans. Am into the skinny cut, but anything will do. Love one colour j…

i so have to clean up my room

I woke up this morning searching for my bottom half. It was freezing cold, and I'm thinking what this morning's agenda will be like, and saw my fugly room.

shit. I'm supposed to clean up my room. but being born a bit difficult in the brain and rather special than others, I woke up feeling slightly sad of what's known and said.

Have a good Chinese New Year Celebration, just like I said to them Chinese friends of mine;

Eat lots of food.
Dont gamble so much. (it's down the drain, I bet)
and of course, have tons of fun!

I have my twisties, and indo mee, that will keep me fed for the day.

I have my laptop and television, that will keep me entertained for the day.

I have my book and coffee, that will keep me relaxed for the day.

I have,

no one at home for the day. that will keep me thinking.