wee, I didn't need a date!

The biggest hypocrite of Valentine's fell madly in love this year. and with that title, my single friends are so going to choke me to death.

Honestly, I hate Valentine's. Okay, this statement works only when I'm single and loving it. I used to think that Valentine's is so commercialized (I still do) and the fact that the males (in any type of relationship, err) are the ones that's suppose to "pay" for everything for the day makes it even more, uncertain-whether-I-want-to-celebrate-it kinda thing.

My valentine's this year was sweet. But the man I celebrated with was even sweeter.

Sorry sweets, but I'll be doing a little bit of free-publicity for you in this post.

He didn't reply my msg when I told him I got a meeting at 12PM and when I came out of the class, my friend Shaneil surprised not just Denise, but me, Audrey and Sway as well with a rose. So, I thought that was sweet, when I walked further and saw mine, too. I was shocked (really!), stoned for about 10 seconds or so, trying to inhale the sweetness aura, and finally, felt the tingle rushed my whole body. I got all smiley, after that.

Seriously, that one rose can make me go as red as apple in seconds. I had to braven up this low-profile soul of mine and carry the rose everywhere I go. The best part was, I still had the intention at the back of my mind to pinch him and go, "OMG, this must be expensive, why waste moneeeey???" but couldn't because, I got caught up with all his sweetness, my brain and other senses worked slower. *grins*

So we celebrated Valentine's together the whole day, and I literally couldn't ask for more because his physical presence and his company made the words in his notes lived. We had McDonald's for dinner, and amazing race before he left me.

I swear to God, when he wanted to go back home, I bottled so many emotions I got confused. But I was majorly pissed, I know. I really didn't want him to go. I'd be alone again, and it's the worst thing to feel, after an awesome day with him. And Hiro's superpower seemed so attractive then, I wish I could teleport or stop time. At least, for a day.

Well. I made him a comic strip. Most of you know how "convincing" my stick figures can really look like stick figures, and let's just say, they really look like stick figures. But I wanted to make something for him, so I decided, on that, and pictures of both of us at the end :)

After that day, do you know what I just realized?

That me and Daren's been doing the same thing for most of the days we are together. It's like we dont need a day to declare to each other what we feel for each other, when in fact, we have been doing it everyday since we got together.

With him, it seems like everyday's a valentine's, you know?




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