it's a whole new conversation!

I remember having a fight over CNY and Hari Raya with my brother last year;

Me: I'm going to KL this raya.
Abang: Stupid. Who goes to KL during the Raya holidays? All the shops are closed.
Me: NO.
Abang: YEAH.
Me: All the shops will be closed during Chinese New Year la arse.
Abang: No, during rayalah. All the workers are Malays lah dumbass.
Me: All the bosses are Chinese larh arsehole. Awful, no one seem to care about the workers here.
Abang: ...Who cares about the bosses?!

And I'm right. I went to the shoplots nearby my place today and I tell you, I can freaking do some breakdance shit there right in the middle of the road. I'm serious. There were too little cars for me to even be afraid of crossing the road already sweets! Even the cats were walking with their clans with their usual worry-free expression. Freaking awesome wei.

Anyhoo, my day's much delighted due to the existence of cobblers in Malaysia. I got three broken sandals, and the cobbler fixed them in just few minutes which only costed me RM8.00!

When he spoke to me of the price: I was like "For real?!!". Of course, the sandals didn't turn out brand new with sparkling stars around it or something for me to be in this good shock, BUT STILL!, people seem to forget that along the road cobblers can be like some awesome Magician or something! *salutes* ...well, at least I felt that way. *pouts*

Anywayyy, First and Second day of Chinese New Year this year was spent with darling Stephie & Isferra. I missed them dearly and OMG things are so different now when both of us are attached. Seriously. I remember last time when she came down to KL, we couldnt stop talking about our single life, how we loathed and loved it. How the cobweb is doing, and how things are going on with Mr. A- Mr.Z.

Beautifully now, it's like a ping-pong conversation about our sweethearts. She'd talk this thing about her boyfriend, and I'd reply back something about sweets. And it goes and on and on until we both tired and bored each other to sleep, it felt surreal! See boys, it takes only one of you out there to make us stop thinking about the other millions! I'm serious!

I saw one freakishly sweet thing happened last Wednesday. A Chinese boss bought about 15 lrt tickets for his workers to bring them somewhere for shopping. I dont need to know where they're going or what they're going to do, by just analyzing their facial expressions, I'm happy enough to know that the boss is doing something for them. They seem overjoyed with the outing, they look comfortable enough to poke and tease each other around.

Seriously, name me one boss who'd take their personal time off and do something like that with/for their workers? Chinese Boss? on Chinese New Year? Lrt? Shopping? with Workers? That really put a huge smile on my face- as appreciated and loved are the exact feelings one worker should feel when working for an employer!

on a another shitty note: DAMN IT! SO MANY WORK. I WANT TO CRY.



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kie, can u email or submit d pics at fs ka?
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