Panjat Batu

I can feel my muscles tense-ing now. I can feel the pain of my joints now and I swear to God, strangely, I want to try it again. I cant believe we pay to climb walls. I realized playing with heights have always been expensive, isn't it?

Eiffel Tower, Roller Coasters, Rock-Climbing?

Honestly, this is my first time ever climbing walls. I mean profesional certified rock climbing as such, because technically, climbing trees and bedroom windows back when I was in the "jungle" in Sabah have never been approved it's safety. *widens eyes*

It was sort of a past-time back when I was younger, when congkak and monopoly were getting predictable, I decided to climb trees and I could relate to it. Yes everyone, I used to climb trees with my brother when I was still "small" (ehem) and God-knows-how-kids-can-be-so "energetic". I bet even the ants were scared and confused of me, I dont look like monkey but acted like one right.

Well, sweets was really cute today. I finally understood how ridiculous wedgie can feel and chastity stucked upon us. We had to wear the (omg, screw the name of the thing even though i went for the blardy long course) thing to control the climbers, as belayers. If there's one thing that I like and dislike about rock climbing, is that everything's emphasized. And I'm saying this in behalf of all the boys in the world. Everything's emphaSIZEd. It is only an advantage, because, well, uhm, sweets, uhm, was there. *wink

The usual suspects, Kerry, Audreyh, Sway & Boo this time around!: Lee, Shaneil, Denise, Ryan, Sweets and I went for it today. And honestly, that's by far the most physical hard work I've done in few months.

The Belayer instructor was darn cool. He was freaking hillarious and he kept getting our names wrong. He called sweets and I, slightly... "plus size" I may call it, and last but not least he was freaking dancing and singing right infront of us like there's no tomorrow to some of the old songs, which only he himself is old enough to know them.

Sorry, I dont have much pictures to show it to you guys, I was so engrossed to defeat the stones on the wall, I managed to only took a picture of sweets trying to climb a part of a wall. It was quite hard for us, as we only started climbing few hours prior, so I personally think he did awesome.

I was skeptical to let him climb as his right hand was still in the magic stage of coming out anytime from it's shoulder, so I was being very selfish initially, thinking too hard on his safety. I was so much happier now knowing that he's having fun climbing walls and stepping on stones today, that I swore to myself that I'll be there regardless if he wants to play or do some funny games which requires me to take a chill pill, and let boys be boys, and daren be daren :)

Oh my gosh, I cant feel my arms now. I really cant.



mIcH T said…
sounds like a lot of fun..would like to try it too..well,someday..haha
The Soundaholic said…

I'm sorry I've been MIA for so long I've missed you so so so so so so so so so so so so much!!!!!!!!!!

hehehehe... I will text message you my number whenever I remember...

Oh Jacqkie how are youuuuu???

I will post up photos on my blog for you to see... :)

Miss you! Hope you're alright!

Regards to Darren!

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