i so have to clean up my room

I woke up this morning searching for my bottom half. It was freezing cold, and I'm thinking what this morning's agenda will be like, and saw my fugly room.

shit. I'm supposed to clean up my room. but being born a bit difficult in the brain and rather special than others, I woke up feeling slightly sad of what's known and said.

Have a good Chinese New Year Celebration, just like I said to them Chinese friends of mine;

Eat lots of food.
Dont gamble so much. (it's down the drain, I bet)
and of course, have tons of fun!

I have my twisties, and indo mee, that will keep me fed for the day.

I have my laptop and television, that will keep me entertained for the day.

I have my book and coffee, that will keep me relaxed for the day.

I have,

no one at home for the day. that will keep me thinking.



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