Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Borneo Eco Film Festival, 27 - 29 September, Complete Schedule

BEFF Schedule is up! 

I was going to convert the PDF schedules into .jpeg but was assisted by the lovely team for it. Thank you guys. I know some of you are not sure what to expect, and maybe you shouldn't come with expectations, so long as you have an open mind when you catch these shows and leave -- thinking, that's great progress.

From the schedule, I'm reminded by how amazing these films are, waiting to be unwrapped. Some of these enjoy its first ever South East Asian premiere, with big guns like Blackfish right here in KK. There's so much to say about these films, but I'd rather leave the judgement to yourself. I was able to share Oceans (2009) the other day here, but couldn't so with Blackfish, I wonder why. Anyway, here's the link -- Blackfish.

Besides these exciting films you must especially come and see the locally produced films by us Sabahans, mostly by the locals staying right smack in the middle of these stories under Boleh Bah Filem Kita airing Sunday, 7.00pm. I'm quite excited for that too, they're all listed in the schedule.

Feel free to save it or print it out for your own reference :) Remember guys, FREE ADMISSION!

Schedule in English 

Schedule in Bahasa Malaysia

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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Borneo Eco Film Festival, 27 - 29 September

When I decided on coming back to Sabah a couple of years ago, I wasn't sure what were among the things that I can be part in. I know I loved my theaters, my arts and all its creativity so I promised myself to keep myself acquainted with all the good things surrounding it; community and all them creative activities that are around Sabah. And Borneo Eco Film Festival 2012, was among the first few event I attended and fell absolutely in love with it.

This time I will help promote this event, because not only did I think the small team behind this event is incredible, speaking to them about the organization of this event the other day has made me believe that they are genuinely, ever so passionately serious about their objective.

Which according to Melissa (the FD), "was  to get people talking".

What more should it be, but that? A developed nation to start with is a nation that thinks. What they're doing, committing not only to themselves staying true to their glorious objective is not only commendable, it is outright inspiring.

This year's BEFF 2013 shares a complete list of breathtaking eco films, some of which will enjoy its South East Asian premier right here in Kota Kinabalu. The films will be of the Borneons, of our home, of our friends we know so little of, of things that I think, that really really matter. After all, what's a cosmic harmony to keep if we never really try to understand the situation. What's a home to live in, if we never seem to get to know the other inhabitants.

I am looking forward to Oceans (2009) the most. Was fascinated throughout its preview the other night, I kept thinking to myself, I think I will shed a tear or two thinking about the greatness of our other friends we seem to forget sometimes, and also probably something I would secretly be telling myself... like uh, God is real. Trailer's below;

This festival consists of two parts, one part mostly in the morning which falls under Suara, and another part the screening of these carefully selected films will be screened at night. SUARA is a series of public workshops and talks on filmmaking and environmental issues in general. PUBLIKA sessions are designed to be casual, relaxed and fun where publics and panelists alike can discover the inter-connections, possibilities between filmmaking and environmental conservation through these stories told by these local organisations and individuals working in Sabah, Borneo. Borneo Pitch on the other hand, is a fairly new public forum that provides people like you and I, an opportunity for local storytellers to present their film ideas. During this workshop, we can provide feedback to our friends who are presenting as well. It will only be fun.

Best part about the festival? ADMISSION IS FREE. For the screenings, for the talks, for the workshops, everything is absolutely free and with absolutely no catch as well. Please tell your family and friends about it. Bring your kids, bring your parents, bring your loved ones -- this will be a great outing for friends and family :)

I'll post the complete schedule here nearing to its event date!

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

3 Sided Coin Art Installation, till 18th October at South Sea Sanctuary

Yesterday I brought mum to an artsy date :)

Told her about the 3 Sided Coin installation, and she jumped to it. Friends from BSW were part of it, each representing their own causes and organizations. I had no part on the pre and during of this great art installation so I figured I'll contribute on the post-installation with what I can do best, spreading the word on this installation via writeup when I was invited by the lovely curator of the whole thing, Ms Rozie (amazing voice).

3 Sided Coin is a collaboration of these three social art practices and art installation of traditional healing, foreign children surviving and staying in Sabah, and reclaiming innocence on stopping child marriages. The art installation this time around collaborates with three photographers who are sharing their photographs from all over the world and are also based on some of the art practices that have been around in Kota Kinabalu. Last night's particular performance revolves around 'children'. The innocent and the vulnerable.

I have this issue close to heart because I have tons of nieces and nephews which I have devoted myself too. As I was growing up, I try to instill in them the kindness and the simplicity that children nowadays should carry and not just that, I believe that children, must and truly must enjoy some sort of a merry childhood. So the thought of childhood is stripped off of them is truly depressing truly heartbreaking :( If you have enjoyed your childhood why shouldn't they, and maybe if you haven't -- its time you end the cycle. 

The art exhibition will continue for a month until 18th of October at South Sea Sanctuary, presenting very very important and beautiful social issues surrounding us. Please check it out, you will not regret it. 

Below are some of the artworks I managed to snap, while some are from Natalie's phone;

When all kids want to do are learn and play
Portraying a kid stuck in a cage when innocence stolen or when ended in a marriage at a very young age
The group behind the project, photo by Natalie Perera
What a Kid's room should be, but you'll see underneath it had been tainted with other things

There was this section where Devi and Xanne were in a box filled with ketchup strips. They were biting of the ketchup one by one, bit by bit only to devour the whole thing from that box filled with tomato after much trying. I think we all know what this means. Having something little by little is a general necessity, but often not we are too greedy for everything in life and sometimes we go overboard. 

This applies to the earth, as the traditional healing art by Eleanor unfolds.

If you needed to know more about this art exhibition, please call South Sea Sanctuary;
+6 088 248 221

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

3 Sided Coin by TACKit and friends

Hi KK folks,

Craving for a dose of art? KK is no less vibrant now with TACKit and their friends always looking out for new and exciting things to share. What I really love besides TACKit and their friends' performances and/ or workmanship is also the fact that behind all these characters presented, they are the most amazing bunch of artists I have known after being back in KK for 2 years now. Great people!

This Friday, some close friends who are part of TACKit will be presenting the 3 Sided coin; rightfully crafted to showcase three talented photographers' artwork, Ron Pudin, Alan Kerroux and Jordan Sitorus.

Complemented with these defining artworks are social practices art and performance installations done up below:

i. "Silken Sky Raining Beads" by Eleanor Goroh featuring TACKit dance installations combining 3 elements of ethnic, contemporary and modern shamanic/healing movements.

ii. "Candy Crush" by Tamar and TACKit based on Sabrina Aripen's personal project called "Reclaiming Innocence". It is a campaign using art to create awareness and stop child marriages and sexual abuse.

iii. "Boxed" by Devi and TACKit based on a talk "Childhood in the Migrant City" by anthropologist Catherine S. Allerton from London School of Economics (LSE), using materials gathered from her fieldwork in Kota Kinabalu-Sabah.

If you're in town, please come and drop by. These people are extremely talented and beautifully humble, you'll get all your questions answered, if not that night, sometime later definitely after cards exchanged. 

Facebook Event Page

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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Melbourne: Food

This post is for Yuen Yee. 

I was browsing through my comments today and I stumbled upon Yuen’s comment on our Australian trip which was last year in April. Man time flies! I may have missed her comment, so when I saw that she requested me to write more about the Australian trip, I figured okay – should be no problem.

This time, it will be about some foods in Melbourne.

Both YY and I enjoy our food, so it is only right that we try everything that makes up Melbourne’s palate on our visit. Melbourne feels very European to me, I think it’s the small coffee shops, theatres and things what felt like a very English architecture in some of the areas around Flinder Street to me. But of course Melbourne has more than one fa├žade, in some areas where one feels like walking among its fleet of theatrical art houses, one would pass over very modern drawings and writings around it too.

Ice Cream: Cold Rock
To start with, I present you the legendary Cold Rock! Cold Rock is my favourite thing on earth. Okay, on Australian earth. You can basically choose a couple of scoops from a euphoric selection of bountiful flavours of ice cream, and from there you’d be directed to another long choice of toppings which includes cookie doughs, M & Ms, Ferrero Rochers, the usual array of colours of chocolate rice, walnuts, almonds, chips, jellies, marshmallows, goodness me thinking about it gets me all imaginative and crazy already. I guess the idea of this ice cream parlour is imagination. You can go as crazy as you like, and as you can see from my ice cream I am no less than safe! I’ve got my chocolates, marshmallows on my peanut butter flavor ice cream and some other items which I have completely forgotten.

This was Kiddie's size :O

I don’t know whether this is typically Australian, but I knew about Churros from the famous Adelaide carnival. I was looking for a typical “carnival food” and landed on the epic churros. Churros is basically sugar and dough. All the more sugar, covered in sugar and more sugar on top of a dough (yes I twisted and turned it but it’s basically, sugar). The shape of a churros is an easy bite making it a favourite snack among Australians. Unhealthy? Absolutely, but if you’d like to try it, go ahead.

This post wasn’t meant to be, meaning I never planned to have an Australian food post but what I did realized was the fact that I had lots and lots of pictures of fruits. Besides the deadly Churros and icecreams I gobbled up, I actually spend most of my snacking time, snacking on fruits! Yup, grapes, apples. They’ve got the best fruits, best veggies I’ve ever tasted. Most of the fruits are naturally sweet!  

Pies & Pizzas
Chee Hang, the sweetest soul brought us to this enchanted pie place rightfully called the ‘Pie in the Sky’ after probably about an hour’s drive to the place. Nothing beats having pies on winter, we had all the specials from the place alongside with our coffees and hot chocolates. Living the life? I think so.
Chee Hang was working part time at this pizza joint too when YY and I visited him. He told us that he’d make for us some pizza when we come and visit and blessed be, his pizza was amazing. I wasn’t sure whether it was extra special because he made it for us haha, but it didn’t matter, pizza was beyond good, cold weather was good, company was good, I had such a great time, I couldn’t stop thinking about what amazing the pizza was, after. Hehe thank you Chee Hang, we love you!

Fish & Chips
I have never remembered a meal in my life, as much I remembered the fish and chips I had in Melbourne at Bay Street. Behold – the best fish and chips you will ever have in your life! I FREAKIN’ MEAN  IT. LOOK AT THE SIZE OF THE FISH AND THE CHIPS COMPARED TO YUEN’S HAND ANDHEAD. Omggggg. Not only was it massive it was perfect at every crisp, at every bite. Perfect man, damnit!

“Would you like to grab some coffee?” is typically a favourite conversation starter among Melbournians because by grace they’ve got some serious coffees around. Coffee shops are available at every corners too, so you wouldn’t miss a good serving. If one wasn’t good, hop to the next one, look at this coffee art I got ^_^

Eggs Benedicts
Last but never ever the least is my favourite English meal of all time. The simple, legendary (this deserves the title all the more I think) -- Eggs Benedict. For every time I go to a coffee shop there in Melbourne, Eggs Benedicts is all I can think about. The poached eggs, the most sinful Hollandaise sauce along with its variety of sides sometimes mushrooms, sometimes spinach, most of the time it surprises you and it has the best of surprises.  

I think that's about it, we've tried plenty of things but these were the ones I can remember :D 

 Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.