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Borneo Eco Film Festival, 27 - 29 September, Complete Schedule

BEFF Schedule is up! 

I was going to convert the PDF schedules into .jpeg but was assisted by the lovely team for it. Thank you guys. I know some of you are not sure what to expect, and maybe you shouldn't come with expectations, so long as you have an open mind when you catch these shows and leave -- thinking, that's great progress.

From the schedule, I'm reminded by how amazing these films are, waiting to be unwrapped. Some of these enjoy its first ever South East Asian premiere, with big guns like Blackfish right here in KK. There's so much to say about these films, but I'd rather leave the judgement to yourself. I was able to share Oceans (2009) the other day here, but couldn't so with Blackfish, I wonder why. Anyway, here's the link -- Blackfish.

Besides these exciting films you must especially come and see the locally produced films by us Sabahans, mostly by the locals staying right smack in the middle of these stories under Boleh Bah Filem Kita airi…

Borneo Eco Film Festival, 27 - 29 September

When I decided on coming back to Sabah a couple of years ago, I wasn't sure what were among the things that I can be part in. I know I loved my theaters, my arts and all its creativity so I promised myself to keep myself acquainted with all the good things surrounding it; community and all them creative activities that are around Sabah. And Borneo Eco Film Festival 2012, was among the first few event I attended and fell absolutely in love with it.

This time I will help promote this event, because not only did I think the small team behind this event is incredible, speaking to them about the organization of this event the other day has made me believe that they are genuinely, ever so passionately serious about their objective.

Which according to Melissa (the FD), "was  to get people talking".

What more should it be, but that? A developed nation to start with is a nation that thinks. What they're doing, committing not only to themselves staying true to their glorious …

3 Sided Coin Art Installation, till 18th October at South Sea Sanctuary

Yesterday I brought mum to an artsy date :)

Told her about the 3 Sided Coin installation, and she jumped to it. Friends from BSW were part of it, each representing their own causes and organizations. I had no part on the pre and during of this great art installation so I figured I'll contribute on the post-installation with what I can do best, spreading the word on this installation via writeup when I was invited by the lovely curator of the whole thing, Ms Rozie (amazing voice).

3 Sided Coin is a collaboration of these three social art practices and art installation of traditional healing, foreign children surviving and staying in Sabah, and reclaiming innocence on stopping child marriages. The art installation this time around collaborates with three photographers who are sharing their photographs from all over the world and are also based on some of the art practices that have been around in Kota Kinabalu. Last night's particular performance revolves around 'children&…

3 Sided Coin by TACKit and friends

Hi KK folks,

Craving for a dose of art? KK is no less vibrant now with TACKit and their friends always looking out for new and exciting things to share. What I really love besides TACKit and their friends' performances and/ or workmanship is also the fact that behind all these characters presented, they are the most amazing bunch of artists I have known after being back in KK for 2 years now. Great people!

This Friday, some close friends who are part of TACKit will be presenting the 3 Sided coin; rightfully crafted to showcase three talented photographers' artwork, Ron Pudin, Alan Kerroux and Jordan Sitorus.

Complemented with these defining artworks are social practices art and performance installations done up below:

i. "Silken Sky Raining Beads" by Eleanor Goroh featuring TACKit dance installations combining 3 elements of ethnic, contemporary and modern shamanic/healing movements.

ii. "Candy Crush" by Tamar and TACKit based on Sabrina Aripen'…

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