3 Sided Coin Art Installation, till 18th October at South Sea Sanctuary

Yesterday I brought mum to an artsy date :)

Told her about the 3 Sided Coin installation, and she jumped to it. Friends from BSW were part of it, each representing their own causes and organizations. I had no part on the pre and during of this great art installation so I figured I'll contribute on the post-installation with what I can do best, spreading the word on this installation via writeup when I was invited by the lovely curator of the whole thing, Ms Rozie (amazing voice).

3 Sided Coin is a collaboration of these three social art practices and art installation of traditional healing, foreign children surviving and staying in Sabah, and reclaiming innocence on stopping child marriages. The art installation this time around collaborates with three photographers who are sharing their photographs from all over the world and are also based on some of the art practices that have been around in Kota Kinabalu. Last night's particular performance revolves around 'children'. The innocent and the vulnerable.

I have this issue close to heart because I have tons of nieces and nephews which I have devoted myself too. As I was growing up, I try to instill in them the kindness and the simplicity that children nowadays should carry and not just that, I believe that children, must and truly must enjoy some sort of a merry childhood. So the thought of childhood is stripped off of them is truly depressing truly heartbreaking :( If you have enjoyed your childhood why shouldn't they, and maybe if you haven't -- its time you end the cycle. 

The art exhibition will continue for a month until 18th of October at South Sea Sanctuary, presenting very very important and beautiful social issues surrounding us. Please check it out, you will not regret it. 

Below are some of the artworks I managed to snap, while some are from Natalie's phone;

When all kids want to do are learn and play
Portraying a kid stuck in a cage when innocence stolen or when ended in a marriage at a very young age
The group behind the project, photo by Natalie Perera
What a Kid's room should be, but you'll see underneath it had been tainted with other things

There was this section where Devi and Xanne were in a box filled with ketchup strips. They were biting of the ketchup one by one, bit by bit only to devour the whole thing from that box filled with tomato after much trying. I think we all know what this means. Having something little by little is a general necessity, but often not we are too greedy for everything in life and sometimes we go overboard. 

This applies to the earth, as the traditional healing art by Eleanor unfolds.

If you needed to know more about this art exhibition, please call South Sea Sanctuary;
+6 088 248 221

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


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