3 Sided Coin by TACKit and friends

Hi KK folks,

Craving for a dose of art? KK is no less vibrant now with TACKit and their friends always looking out for new and exciting things to share. What I really love besides TACKit and their friends' performances and/ or workmanship is also the fact that behind all these characters presented, they are the most amazing bunch of artists I have known after being back in KK for 2 years now. Great people!

This Friday, some close friends who are part of TACKit will be presenting the 3 Sided coin; rightfully crafted to showcase three talented photographers' artwork, Ron Pudin, Alan Kerroux and Jordan Sitorus.

Complemented with these defining artworks are social practices art and performance installations done up below:

i. "Silken Sky Raining Beads" by Eleanor Goroh featuring TACKit dance installations combining 3 elements of ethnic, contemporary and modern shamanic/healing movements.

ii. "Candy Crush" by Tamar and TACKit based on Sabrina Aripen's personal project called "Reclaiming Innocence". It is a campaign using art to create awareness and stop child marriages and sexual abuse.

iii. "Boxed" by Devi and TACKit based on a talk "Childhood in the Migrant City" by anthropologist Catherine S. Allerton from London School of Economics (LSE), using materials gathered from her fieldwork in Kota Kinabalu-Sabah.

If you're in town, please come and drop by. These people are extremely talented and beautifully humble, you'll get all your questions answered, if not that night, sometime later definitely after cards exchanged. 

Facebook Event Page

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


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