Borneo Eco Film Festival, 27 - 29 September

When I decided on coming back to Sabah a couple of years ago, I wasn't sure what were among the things that I can be part in. I know I loved my theaters, my arts and all its creativity so I promised myself to keep myself acquainted with all the good things surrounding it; community and all them creative activities that are around Sabah. And Borneo Eco Film Festival 2012, was among the first few event I attended and fell absolutely in love with it.

This time I will help promote this event, because not only did I think the small team behind this event is incredible, speaking to them about the organization of this event the other day has made me believe that they are genuinely, ever so passionately serious about their objective.

Which according to Melissa (the FD), "was  to get people talking".

What more should it be, but that? A developed nation to start with is a nation that thinks. What they're doing, committing not only to themselves staying true to their glorious objective is not only commendable, it is outright inspiring.

This year's BEFF 2013 shares a complete list of breathtaking eco films, some of which will enjoy its South East Asian premier right here in Kota Kinabalu. The films will be of the Borneons, of our home, of our friends we know so little of, of things that I think, that really really matter. After all, what's a cosmic harmony to keep if we never really try to understand the situation. What's a home to live in, if we never seem to get to know the other inhabitants.

I am looking forward to Oceans (2009) the most. Was fascinated throughout its preview the other night, I kept thinking to myself, I think I will shed a tear or two thinking about the greatness of our other friends we seem to forget sometimes, and also probably something I would secretly be telling myself... like uh, God is real. Trailer's below;

This festival consists of two parts, one part mostly in the morning which falls under Suara, and another part the screening of these carefully selected films will be screened at night. SUARA is a series of public workshops and talks on filmmaking and environmental issues in general. PUBLIKA sessions are designed to be casual, relaxed and fun where publics and panelists alike can discover the inter-connections, possibilities between filmmaking and environmental conservation through these stories told by these local organisations and individuals working in Sabah, Borneo. Borneo Pitch on the other hand, is a fairly new public forum that provides people like you and I, an opportunity for local storytellers to present their film ideas. During this workshop, we can provide feedback to our friends who are presenting as well. It will only be fun.

Best part about the festival? ADMISSION IS FREE. For the screenings, for the talks, for the workshops, everything is absolutely free and with absolutely no catch as well. Please tell your family and friends about it. Bring your kids, bring your parents, bring your loved ones -- this will be a great outing for friends and family :)

I'll post the complete schedule here nearing to its event date!

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


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