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This post is for Yuen Yee. 

I was browsing through my comments today and I stumbled upon Yuen’s comment on our Australian trip which was last year in April. Man time flies! I may have missed her comment, so when I saw that she requested me to write more about the Australian trip, I figured okay – should be no problem.

This time, it will be about some foods in Melbourne.

Both YY and I enjoy our food, so it is only right that we try everything that makes up Melbourne’s palate on our visit. Melbourne feels very European to me, I think it’s the small coffee shops, theatres and things what felt like a very English architecture in some of the areas around Flinder Street to me. But of course Melbourne has more than one fa├žade, in some areas where one feels like walking among its fleet of theatrical art houses, one would pass over very modern drawings and writings around it too.

Ice Cream: Cold Rock
To start with, I present you the legendary Cold Rock! Cold Rock is my favourite thing on earth. Okay, on Australian earth. You can basically choose a couple of scoops from a euphoric selection of bountiful flavours of ice cream, and from there you’d be directed to another long choice of toppings which includes cookie doughs, M & Ms, Ferrero Rochers, the usual array of colours of chocolate rice, walnuts, almonds, chips, jellies, marshmallows, goodness me thinking about it gets me all imaginative and crazy already. I guess the idea of this ice cream parlour is imagination. You can go as crazy as you like, and as you can see from my ice cream I am no less than safe! I’ve got my chocolates, marshmallows on my peanut butter flavor ice cream and some other items which I have completely forgotten.

This was Kiddie's size :O

I don’t know whether this is typically Australian, but I knew about Churros from the famous Adelaide carnival. I was looking for a typical “carnival food” and landed on the epic churros. Churros is basically sugar and dough. All the more sugar, covered in sugar and more sugar on top of a dough (yes I twisted and turned it but it’s basically, sugar). The shape of a churros is an easy bite making it a favourite snack among Australians. Unhealthy? Absolutely, but if you’d like to try it, go ahead.

This post wasn’t meant to be, meaning I never planned to have an Australian food post but what I did realized was the fact that I had lots and lots of pictures of fruits. Besides the deadly Churros and icecreams I gobbled up, I actually spend most of my snacking time, snacking on fruits! Yup, grapes, apples. They’ve got the best fruits, best veggies I’ve ever tasted. Most of the fruits are naturally sweet!  

Pies & Pizzas
Chee Hang, the sweetest soul brought us to this enchanted pie place rightfully called the ‘Pie in the Sky’ after probably about an hour’s drive to the place. Nothing beats having pies on winter, we had all the specials from the place alongside with our coffees and hot chocolates. Living the life? I think so.
Chee Hang was working part time at this pizza joint too when YY and I visited him. He told us that he’d make for us some pizza when we come and visit and blessed be, his pizza was amazing. I wasn’t sure whether it was extra special because he made it for us haha, but it didn’t matter, pizza was beyond good, cold weather was good, company was good, I had such a great time, I couldn’t stop thinking about what amazing the pizza was, after. Hehe thank you Chee Hang, we love you!

Fish & Chips
I have never remembered a meal in my life, as much I remembered the fish and chips I had in Melbourne at Bay Street. Behold – the best fish and chips you will ever have in your life! I FREAKIN’ MEAN  IT. LOOK AT THE SIZE OF THE FISH AND THE CHIPS COMPARED TO YUEN’S HAND ANDHEAD. Omggggg. Not only was it massive it was perfect at every crisp, at every bite. Perfect man, damnit!

“Would you like to grab some coffee?” is typically a favourite conversation starter among Melbournians because by grace they’ve got some serious coffees around. Coffee shops are available at every corners too, so you wouldn’t miss a good serving. If one wasn’t good, hop to the next one, look at this coffee art I got ^_^

Eggs Benedicts
Last but never ever the least is my favourite English meal of all time. The simple, legendary (this deserves the title all the more I think) -- Eggs Benedict. For every time I go to a coffee shop there in Melbourne, Eggs Benedicts is all I can think about. The poached eggs, the most sinful Hollandaise sauce along with its variety of sides sometimes mushrooms, sometimes spinach, most of the time it surprises you and it has the best of surprises.  

I think that's about it, we've tried plenty of things but these were the ones I can remember :D 

 Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


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