Hennessy Artistry @ Malaysia International Exhibition & Convention Centre, Mines Resort City

How does 4,000 club goers dancing to bright lights while jiving to Kardinal Offishal, Da Mouth, DJ Alex Dreamz, Mizz Nina, Deja Voodoo Spells & FoulWorks, Ms. Eva T and with the best concoction of drinks in your hand sounds like?

Sounds like Hennessy Artisry biggest bash of the year to me!

No I'm serious. Check out last year's finale crowd :

Only Hennessy Artistry can pull of this crazy yearlong parties. I never knew about Hennessy Artistry's biggest bash - since I was in Aussie for the second part of the year last year until I saw these photos. Crazy weh.

Last Hennessy Artistry was kinda late for me - reached there about 10.30PM so when we reached the VIP area wanting to try out the drinks, there was already this metres long queue :( Housemate kinda pushed me in and I got our drinks in mere minutes! Hehehe. Other than that, we also realised that we could actually request for the drinks from the waiter and waitress. HEE.

This time I cannot be fashionably late since I'd be doing a-bit of covering of the event, and attend the PCs and meet and greet session. Woot!

The array of Hennessy Artistry waiting to be devoured by KL urbanites. You guys are damn drinkerslah. To be honest with you, even if I can drink so much I try to limit myself to maximum 3 glasses because my friend, it is NOT fun to be walking woozily in parties.

So drink safe, maintain posh!

The final - like really FINALE of this year's Hennessy Artistry comprises of a a massive line up that I personally think will make all you dance freaks out there go crazy.

Meet your entertainers for the night :

Ready to bring the house down. READY I tell you.

Last Hennessy Artistry, I came with dear Kent who was so sweetly throughout the night teman me and make sure I have loads of fun. We were also heavily checking out on girls, because did I tell you - Hennessy Artistry's girls are polished from head to toe. They're all gorgeous in their own ways, except for certain photos I saw today that almost 'popped' on my face. Hehe.

Kent's words of wisdom :


Me and Michelle! Thanks for this pic :)

Hennessy Artistry Big Bash is for invites only so to be able to grab those tickets, you can follow Hennesy on Twitter or head straight to the Facebook FanPage. I'm pretty sure these passes are not easily obtainable so you might want to try out these two platforms asap :)

Details -

Date: October 23, 2010 (Saturday)
Venue : Malaysia International Exhibition and Convention Centre, Mines Resort City
Time: 9PM till late

Now... who should I bring next?

Love & peace,
Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


Y r u always surrounded by the it parties? <3 have fun~
Jacqkie Rowena said…
Serena: If you come to KL soon - and when they are awesome parties I will bring you :)
ok.. <3
Anonymous said…
is it Anybody also can join this party??

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