Hennessy Artistry Sept '10 @ Mist Club Bangsar

Here's what happened during the last Hennessy Artistry;

BFF Justin went on stage, half drunked - he danced and pranced with MC Flizzow. And we couldn't find him after that, and what happened then onwards was er, uncertain. Next morning, we received a message saying that he is at home safe and sound, and that his phone broke into 6. Six? It was a crazy night alright.

I love Hennessy Artistry's installments simply 'cause it's one of the poshest party around with the prettiest party people. Snap snap, everyone's on their best dress. With the best visual mix and with the awesome lighting innovation around - it's pretty much like you're partying under the sky of bright neon lights.

Besides, I heard there will be new set of mix range ; Hennessy Apple, Hennessy Ginger, Hennessy Berry and Hennessy Citrus! Can't wait to try them!


Mist Club, Bangsar
Saturday September 18

I especially love the music as well. One of the best mix around perfect for social premises :) Usually blends in with the lighting and just about right for mingling! *woot, woot!*

...and who's performing?

Say hello to Ze, DJ Inquisitive and DJ Nesh - am pretty sure the best around for this party!

Thought I could bring Audrey this time (Yes, I know you're reading this) but I guess she won't be around. Imma figure out who to bring next, heeee.


Oh, if you do plan to get wasted and get as tipsy as you can, please plan ahead with your designated drivers okay? I don't condone drink and drive :)

Love & peace,
Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


wow. so syiok oh u. I want to try the new hennessy with fruit flavor too. :)

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