Because I made Denise slept at 4am and wake up at 6.30am. WOOT!

And I am strangely proud of that.

Last weekend was wicked awesome. The gang and I went to Denise's place for a good swim, and completely lost track of time ended up being extremely late for Yuen's event - she's going to stab me for this.

After that we head down to Klang for a good ol' sleepover.

"I'm so tired, I think this is gonna be a sleeeeeeepover alright."

So we kinda overdid the swim. Next day, woke up for an awesome awesome lunch. PopekAudrey's house lunch was damn good, mmm.

So after lunch I asked the gang, "Should I just wear my massive boyfriend shirt and pajama pants in the car? Since we're heading straight back home?"

Everyone said yes.

....and then Denise's car overheatedlah. Not only did bypassers along Klang highway saw me in PJs, those in Klang Shell Station, Swee Wei's dad and more mechanics saw me in my pyjamas as well.

Of course. That one day I decided to wear my PJs out.

Lesson learned: Never wear pyjamas out. (and always wear bras)

Hennessy Artistry was last Saturday night, and it was awesome. I went there with Denise and Amai at about 10.30PM, and when Denise and I were still at our first glass the boys told us that they were at their 6th or 7th.

I registered as a blogger but a failed one 'cause I left my camera in Amai's car. So I had to use my handy Nokia! (yes, yes please don't complain about the blurry photos)

The view from the VIP / Media section. Awesome ey?

It was my first time actually drinking VSOP that much. I kinda like the mixture of VSOP and Coke, so I kept topping my glass up :P

The free drinks were lined up on tables and everyone was walloping it every now and then. Insane.

Remember about my first glass, and the boys' 6th or 7th glass? Well I was half-right when I thought they'll be doomed.

So I posted up a link on Justin's wall on why we all thought he went home with Joe Flizzow. The fella went missing damn scary can or not.

Next morning he texted us saying that his phone broke into 6. SIX!

The boys dancing to the performers. They're damn cutelah! Everyone was pretty still and like stagnant, they were the only ones dancing to the music and of course I couldn't stand not joining them.

Down, I went!

One of the performer of that night. It's... see through, through and through!

DJs and Mixers of the night. Actually, they were pretty good. I kinda like that night's mix, it sounded a little bit more posh than the usual feng tau.

I could jive to it like yeah.

Hey Colin, I know we're not close enough for me to be doing this to you, but you were so cute that night. Not only did you kept calling me Denise, you started preaching about opening a business that involves doctors and public relations. I mean, that sounded funny but businesses these days are funny.

With your lifestyle, you just leveled up doctors man.

To Denise! Whom I love tremendously, and that I am glad I took you. Sorry I dragged you 'till 4AM but I am so happy you had fun. Like seriously, you deserve a bit of fun every now and then. I can't encourage you to this every week, cause I would die of exhaustion myself, but all I do know is secretly, I do enjoy this hectic schedule at times.

Here's to a taste of it!

To Edmund! Thanks for temaning me take photos and man, you just didn't stop dancing weh.

'Till next year's Hennessy H-Artistry; Cheers for Happy Days!

Love & peace,
Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


DeGiRL said…
OMG OMG OMG!!!! Had the awesomest weekend ever!!!! Love you love you love you!!!
Jacqkie Rowena said…
Heeeeeee am glad you had fun!

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