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Going to Melbourne & Adelaide mate!

I should stop adding the word mate when referring to Australia. Hmm.
This calls for a BFFG!

I just coined the term - best friends forever gathering! I am FRIGGIN' excited to meet my bestfriends back in Adelaide again. Like seriously. I love them to death, you guys know who you are.
I bought this cheapass graduation-mightbe dress, it kinda looks slutty come to think about it.
Bye KL! See you back in a week's time!

Love & peace,
Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.

Deepest condolences to Aunty Moun & Family

I wish I could be there to have sooth the pain, Aunty Moun, Bryan, Cilla and other close families of Uncle Joannes, I love you, and I love you guys. My heart and prayer is with you always.
Thank you for all the things you've done to help my family all these while. I will keep those memories dear to my heart. I will keep praying for you and your family, while I put the rest to God. He has better plans for all of us.
Love & peace,
Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.

Adam Lambert in Singapore 2010!

So many things going on in my life, I've lost track of time. I have a bit of breather now, but for some strange reason time speeds up to you like mad.
Last week I had the privilege to catch Adam Lambert's For Your Entertainment Showcase in Singapore. My trip was an all-sponsored trip by Maxis Hotlink! Thank you Maxis Hotlink!
I got the first CD for free while the second was bought for Candice by Brian. Massive fan of Lambert, she gets angry when people started poking fun of his makeup ability. Damn cool okay!

The concert was a showcase, something like a teaser premier of his album For Your Entertainment. He performed 6 songs, 5 from his latest album and another one which was an idol favourite, Donny Darko's Mad World. It was an uptempo cover - unique, but he still did justice to the song.

Autograph session with his fans :) The crowd was pretty massive all with their funky hairdo and wardrobe. The line was from the crowd area at Bugis Junction right up to its end. Check out …

Thank you,

Because of you guys at Maxis Hotlink I get to meet up with Adam Lambert and had one awesome interview with the guy who rocks guy-liner a little too well! :) Don't worry guys, full-update coming up after this post!
Stay tuned!

Love & peace,
Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.

I'm going for Adam Lambert in Singapore, March 12!

You know when an awesome controversial singer comes to Asia, they will never, ever, in a gazillion years step their foot in Malaysia. Even when the media promises you that 3rd time's a charm, for some strange reason some gundusan will stand outside the stadium making noises.
With that said, I feel so damn lucky to be able to watch Adam Lambert live in Singapore!!! Because let's be frank, God knows when he could come to Malaysia right? Happy :)
Remember American Music Awards 2009 stint?

Locked-lips. Ooh yeah who doesn't?
So I did not liked his guts back when he was in American Idol, something about his ego and charm that's tad dangerous and just plain unlikable unlike the winner. It all changed when my sister shoved his For Your Entertainment CD to the player when I was driving.
That playlist is awesome! Serious shit. It's nothing like the usual mellow stuff we are all too comfortable much, and it has so much edge all the rockstars should have. I think I mentioned i…

Life's Vicious Cycle

Listening to - Coldplay Don't Panic
I have become completely, utterly lifeless ever since I started working. Work, home, sleep, work. I even do work at home, during the weekends. No lies.
Ironic isn't it, since the industry I'm in requires a-lot of mingling and much social interaction? Yes, yes. I understand that. I think it's adjusting to working life that's giving me this funny feeling about life and balance, when in actual fact I do have me time, just greedy.
Today I got another call from a multi-national PR agency, adding up to yesterday's Leo Burnett's call. To date, I had about 6 job interviews offered to me, 7 if counted the job I have, frankly, I don't even feel like it's offered - it's like fed to me, seriously. Bragging is beyond the point, last time when I was in Adelaide I was extremely scared of not being able to find a job.
It freaked me out.
I was proven wrong. Clearly, jobs are everywhere, it's all a matter of whether we are h…