I'm going for Adam Lambert in Singapore, March 12!

You know when an awesome controversial singer comes to Asia, they will never, ever, in a gazillion years step their foot in Malaysia. Even when the media promises you that 3rd time's a charm, for some strange reason some gundusan will stand outside the stadium making noises.

With that said, I feel so damn lucky to be able to watch Adam Lambert live in Singapore!!! Because let's be frank, God knows when he could come to Malaysia right? Happy :)

Remember American Music Awards 2009 stint?

Locked-lips. Ooh yeah who doesn't?

So I did not liked his guts back when he was in American Idol, something about his ego and charm that's tad dangerous and just plain unlikable unlike the winner. It all changed when my sister shoved his For Your Entertainment CD to the player when I was driving.

That playlist is awesome! Serious shit. It's nothing like the usual mellow stuff we are all too comfortable much, and it has so much edge all the rockstars should have. I think I mentioned in Twitter once how good his album was it's a must have.

I'm happy to say that this trip to meet Lambert in person (I get to ask him questions as well!) are all sponsored. I feel damn special :) But first, I need a really good camera, my camera is probably 5 years old or more, and is showing signs of aging. SIGH.

This is my favourite track in his album:

Can't wait to dance to it & Universal Studios here I come! Thank you Maxis Hotlink, you rock! :)

Love & peace,
Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


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