Life's Vicious Cycle

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I have become completely, utterly lifeless ever since I started working. Work, home, sleep, work. I even do work at home, during the weekends. No lies.

Ironic isn't it, since the industry I'm in requires a-lot of mingling and much social interaction? Yes, yes. I understand that. I think it's adjusting to working life that's giving me this funny feeling about life and balance, when in actual fact I do have me time, just greedy.

Today I got another call from a multi-national PR agency, adding up to yesterday's Leo Burnett's call. To date, I had about 6 job interviews offered to me, 7 if counted the job I have, frankly, I don't even feel like it's offered - it's like fed to me, seriously. Bragging is beyond the point, last time when I was in Adelaide I was extremely scared of not being able to find a job.

It freaked me out.

I was proven wrong. Clearly, jobs are everywhere, it's all a matter of whether we are hardworking enough to shove the emails anywhere, face as thick as that PR annual book. I even consulted all my friends, scattered everywhere may it be in the publishing and online industry. To be honest with you, I send my resume to almost 15-20 companies and agencies. Networking is, if not the most important thing in this industry. I'm not any close to be the best at it, but I'm trying, and working hard on it.

Because I'm a newbie, and I know it :(

Last night was the second time I had to attend this thing call, Web Wednesday. Interesting, challenging and would probably make you drunk in nano-second because it's free flow. But by after that long hours in front of computer, even a pint of Tiger looks distasteful. Serious. It's, the aging process I tell you. It's the constant worry of going home early, and make sure you have enough rest to carry on for the next day. It's the damned aging process.

Since I'm earning my own money now; not much but still, own money! I have my own goals and resolutions this year. YEAY! What you may ask?


AirAsia and Malaysia Airlines will be my favourited websites, wait, actually they are. Not one day have I missed checking the airfares out. I'm so excited! :) I know I have big dreams, slowlylah... can wan actually. If there's one thing I want to splurge on - it's this.

Travel, travel, and more travel.

Life's like this; you find money, you spend money. Earn it, then spend it again. Sigh. It's whether you're spending it on worthy things, and people you love :)

Love & peace,
Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


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