Adam Lambert in Singapore 2010!

So many things going on in my life, I've lost track of time. I have a bit of breather now, but for some strange reason time speeds up to you like mad.

Last week I had the privilege to catch Adam Lambert's For Your Entertainment Showcase in Singapore. My trip was an all-sponsored trip by Maxis Hotlink! Thank you Maxis Hotlink!

I got the first CD for free while the second was bought for Candice by Brian. Massive fan of Lambert, she gets angry when people started poking fun of his makeup ability. Damn cool okay!

The concert was a showcase, something like a teaser premier of his album For Your Entertainment. He performed 6 songs, 5 from his latest album and another one which was an idol favourite, Donny Darko's Mad World. It was an uptempo cover - unique, but he still did justice to the song.

Autograph session with his fans :) The crowd was pretty massive all with their funky hairdo and wardrobe. The line was from the crowd area at Bugis Junction right up to its end. Check out them happy fans :)

The next day of the showcase, the bloggers and the media team interviewed Adam Lambert! The whole bunch of us were quite nervous because this guy's pretty huge (also literally), cause it's just Adam-freaking-Lambert damnit. He's that eccentric Gaga and Madonna, no matter how much we're not allowed to compare to.

Omg, I have to tell you this.

When I was walking towards him, I sat down and he thought I wanted to hug him. So he asked me,

Wanna hug?

*blur* I said, NO.

And then sense hit me like a big fat rock on my face.

No I meant yes! But I wanted you to sign first! and then I hug you....


I hugged him a couple of times eventually. I know right, so weird?

These big media guns are so down to earth, it was a pleasure to have met them and knew them. They were such sweethearts telling us awesome things about their job, and the awesomer people that they get to meet.

Here's Mei Ann - Hot Magazine's editor. Bubbly!

Gordon Kho - Galaxie editor and Ann Marie Star Entertainment writer. Both very experienced in this field, gives us newbies in awe of learning all things media. Ann Marie and Gordon shared us all their big celebs interviews they've done before. So interesting!

Mmmm, Mos Burger! Was contemplating of whether to eat it then, thankfully I did! It was so friggin' awesome. About 3.50SG bucks? Cheap for their dollar money!

...and before that I had this :) My favourite roti bakar and tea. It's the best breakfast. Sweet and simple, so Malaysian!

That night itself there were a bunch of hardcore Lambert fans - look at them all dressed up! Noted that it took us about 15 minutes to get ready and this was what they could come up with. Awesome right? Kudos!

Lambert's bandmates :) Apparently, according to Rachel they were quite hamsap to her. Haha!

Awesome concert partners, was a pleasure to have met you Kevin! You're a such a sweetheart! I come Singapore I come find you okay, can or not :)

Universal Studios wasn't officially open then... so we were among the lucky people who gets to experience pre-launch! Yeay!

Am so glad I gave my mum the "Aunty-killer" Adam Lambert's CD. She loved it. Anything for mummy :)

Love & peace,
Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


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