Recap 2009

Was thinking of using pictures to assist me with the story telling, but eventually decided not to because thought writing everything down feels a lot more natural, easier too.

Bear with me, this will be the longest post, ultimate grandma story recap 2009. Before I begin, I want to show you how cute my mum is. She wrote down a list of what to do for New Years celebration.

6th instruction - do not disappear. HAHA. She knew us too well.

Previous years, I've written down the going ons by month, this time around things will be organised as similar, in sequence but without the monthly labels. This time, you'd actually have to read. Sorry visual creatures.

Here goes;

Most of you know that 2009 for me was distinctively divided to two fractions. The first 6 months, and the second - Aussie. 2009 was an awesome year. When I look back and think of all the things that I've shared and learned in return, I would be infront of my computer the whole night figuring out the right words to say, the right way to say it.

I started off the year already mentally prepared for Adelaide. There were so many things that were needed to be packed to KK for good, and few for Adelaide. My room was stuffed with not only my items, but my brother's and my other cousins', so packing was a full-on pain in the arse. I decided to capitalize on the highly publicized hobby "blogging" of mine and created Jacqkieseconds where I sold my random stuffs online and, impressively, it was a success! Not only did I earned extra bucks, I have learned (by myself) how to maneuver e-shops. Wee!

I'm pretty sure each and everyone of us has our own "must go concerts" in life, and I blissfully say I attended mine this year. After 7 years of listening to his music, much admiration to the man who I frequently stalk, and at times, live by his lyrics, to be able to enjoy his music live - see him dance and put to life the things he sang is something I've always dreamt of. I mean, yeah - everything sounds exaggerated but you have no idea. The moment I heard Mraz was coming to town, I knew I had to do everything it takes to see him up close. So I joined numerous of competitions, with only one mission - to meet and greet him. Thats all. I didn't mind paying for a good seat to enjoy his music, that's payable but the meet and greet isn't. Ended up winning so many tickets, but not the chance to talk to him. You have your obsession over Beatles, Chelsea, Adam Lambert or heck, Obama - mine is him. Don't judge me! ;)

Concert was awesome. Beyond awesome.

It was also the year I first participated in the Earth Hour procession with baby Sway! Wasn't really sure at first what it was all about, but am so glad I came. These things are fine to be commercialised because energy saving is most important in numbers, eventhough some may not practice what they preach (for now) - eventually when everyone else is, the bandwagon will take its effect. *fingers crossed!*

I had a declaration of kindness revolution months ago, much to my development, I haven't diverted so much from it. Super glad. Click here to read more about it, and be enlightened by the reasons behind my much annoying sunny character. Feel free!

To a much more vain side of this post (you might want to skip this), 2008 saw a full page of myself in PASSIONS December issue, while I got half a page in 2009 in Breeze Magazine May issue. I was corresponding with the editor about it, and tada! I don't have the HD picture of it, but please feel free to check out this link for the write-up (last section) - HERE

To wrap up the first 6 months 0f 2009, here comes the hardest part of the year. To be separated from my friends and especially, my best friend and lover - DarenKong. Goodbyes are always, always painful, I die a little everytime I have to disintegrate with people I've come to love so much. Before this, I refuse to believe in long distance relationships, something I tried to avoid my whole life because frankly, I didn't know what worsts of worsts to expect. I brewed negativity on the whole idea, until I met Daren.

I was ready to be given up, but he saw so many things in me that I don't even know existed. Told me I was worth his younger years, time and energy. I felt humbled, by the sight of an extremely gorgeous man with the heart of gold to have said these things to me. He was - if not equally, much more special to me than I am to myself. I see gentleness, and so much love in this boy that long distance became an easy question. We laughed, cried and spent so much time together, that we were secretly ready for the farewell. We promised to devote ourselves to family and friends, mend whats broken, strengthen whats loose, and find whats needed in ourself. He was an easy breeze. There when I needed him, there when I didn't need him. The first week was the hardest. It was so weird to not have him around. To not know what to do when time flies by so slow. It wasn't a struggle, it was just strange. I admit, there are times when we didn't see eye to eye, letting go was supposed to be a natural process, but at times we were caught with busy schedules we could barely catch up with each other. It was tough. But we had only one thing in common - that we didn't want to lose each other. So we decided to stick through thick and thin, love and live.

God works in strange ways.

I learned so many things while I'm away from him. To replace spending time with him with activities, bonding, university. Slowly, I got accustomed to the whole idea of spending time with myself and friends, managed everything beautifully. I was happy, he was happy :)

I assumed you could guess what made up most of my 2009 - Adelaide and everything in between. To tell you the truth, I didn't want to come. Traveling can be so taxing at times, this could be another killer. Thankfully, my adventurous nature plus mum's encouragement pushed me. Awesome decision.

How do I list the things that happened in Adelaide, in a span of 6 months?

That nasty packing has got to go somewhere. I moved to a new apartment with a new roommate Carmen who happens to be an awesome cook. I only had 3 subjects, learned so much about. Especially my theater class. I'm beyond glad I took it, that I get to meet such flamboyant lecturer who taught me the power of words and 'letting go'. To be able to appreciate art of this form, and acquired hobbies and new listening skills is a good learning process. We all know that we learn so much more from studying, from human characters and that intimidation sometimes, pushes us. I came with absolutely no expectations and came out, ready to learn more.

Culture wise.

Hmm. Let me be honest; There's drinking. My gracious, the beers here are cheap. Wasn't a huge fan of beers before, but one could only adapt. Ended up loving Heineken, and would order one whenever I'm out. Barbeques. Then there's excessive red meat consumption. More drinking, fact is - we even learned the activity 'pub crawling' here, something I don't think I've ever done in Malaysia before.

The coolest part about staying there for 6 months was to be able to experience three seasons. When I came, it was in the midst of winter, bearable but it was still cold enough that I'm almost always snuggled up under the quilt with my marshmallow socks and sometimes, winter jacket. Woke up with the shittiest feeling because everything you touch is cold, and is woken up because of full bladder. Next, was spring! You could figure out it was my favourite. It wasn't too hot, wasn't too cold - and pretty flowers were everywhere! Sometimes I took a stork or two (guilty of plucking) to home, to decorate the dining table. I get to experience the brush of summer, but got burned terribly! I always look forward to the very much relaxing picnic sessions!

Then there was Sydney! I thought it was crazy fun! I think we were on high. We were laughing from morning 'till sleep. Click Here for the travel post. It was my first time in Sydney, it was like KL but better customer service, like KL but nicer looking buildings. Our first dinner was the ultimate Korean BBQ that was so good, I was burping kimchi throughout. Rachel and I were giggling away when we found out that the restaurants close till late, totally opposite to Adelaide.

Adelaide will be remembered because of the legendary Halloween House Party. It was blissfully planned months back, what to wear, where to have it, yadda yadda yadda, but the people that came made it even better than ever. Costumes were printed, sewn, worn, borrowed, bought - thanks awesome people. It was our first to have organised something as such, err, in a foreign place so we couldn't be bothered of the legality issues of organizing house parties.

Drunk people + rockband + unlimited supply of food + trolly + trashed house = party.

I'm sorry for not keeping to my words for Halloween Update pt 2. I was just too busy, and the next thing I know it was already December and we were rushing farewells. Heeee. I hope none of you were waiting, because I did summed up quite abit. Please click here for the Halloween Pt.1. I was also so sure, that our Halloween pictures flooded everyone's newsfeed, heck, my notifications went haywire after that party.

Remember the story about chasing the end of the rainbow? I can only assume that when we were young, we were dying to turn 21, I know I did. Something about turning legal is not only fascinating but liberating. I had my 21st birthday in Adelaide, it was a simple celebration between close friends. They cooked for me, thank you ladies, and hugged me, and gave me mini gifts, in addition to other gifts during my birthday dinner. Then there was the usual drinking session, thank you to those who sponsored me drinks, trying to get me knackered. Appreciate your kind intentions. But more importantly, though this may sound immaculate, I appreciate company more than anything. And DarenBaby, you're the first to wish me! So don't feel left out for not being there, loved your gifts! :) So thank you everyone, for taking part in my birthday celebration, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Hang in there. Few more points left till I wrap this up.

Experienced my first meteor shower! The gang and I went to a football field nearby and lay down on the grass, the starry sky as our view. I did mentioned of not expecting anything, turns out, patience pays off. If I remember correctly, I saw about 8 meteors. Totally went spastic about the whole thing, I can now share stories about meteor showers to people! Especially when you saw a massive purple meteor as the finale, you just have to brag about it.

Last bit of Adelaide was not an event, but it's an acknowledgment to all the colourful characters I've met while I was there. I personally think the best things in life are intangible, this case - friendships. It didn't matter whether we were as close as Barney and friends, or Sid & Nancy, but truth be told, we've influenced each other in one way or another.

I remember being first accepted and loved by the Magill gang, Yuen, Thomas, Jay, Audrey, Jeffrey, Rachel, Snowy, Reagan, Surekha, Mas, Rubee, Kien, Jaron and Sherry. We had tons of gatherings, and dinners together, it felt like home once in a while. We even celebrated Merdeka, complete with all the Malaysian food like Bah Kut Teh and Dumplings. Mmm. Played Taboo our way, took shots of Tequila in celebration of Malaysia's independence is like, the way to go. Had fun. The three giraffes, Sam, Amai and Justin came later to the picture. Couldn't really pin down the exact time we actually really bonded, but I remember we hit it off pretty fast. The three started to really hang-out with us during the last few weeks of uni, and next thing we know we're on a road trip together. They're a combo of ridicule and naughtiness, so it's really hard not to love them. Likewise, I think they appreciate our crazy antiques as well. Deep down, or at least me, we're secretly aware that we're emotionally attached to each other. Admitting was another thing, but it was obvious enough to know that if there was a chance to see each other, we would. That we attend to each other's needs and attention so much, our friendships, the whole group as a whole is more than just for laughs. We actually, do genuinely care.

Who's hungry, who's tired, who's sleepy, who's sick, who's not in the mood, who is. We kinda took notice. And attend to. It felt natural to care in this gang, everyone is so loving and isn't really shy to show it. Besides, everyone's a good sport, and crazy funny in their own ways. Whenever we hang out, it's like summer in a room! So much happiness and warmth. Okay, least I admit all these. I'm not sure the boys would want to ;) If there was one thing I'm sad about, that these memories are slowly fading away.

So after packing up Adelaide in bags, comes the family's annual vacation, Gold Coast! Please refer to my previous post for Gold Coast's travel update. It was so much fun! If you thought I'm lame and retarded at times, you should meet my sister. She's like a talking machine, and she giggles at everything I say. I loved the animals interaction the most, because well, frankly they're insanely cute. Gives me this warm fuzzy feeling inside whenever I get to bond with them. Hail Pocahontas!

Last but not least, the end of university. The beginning of serious thinking and dreams chasing. I would be selfish to say that finishing university was all me, because it wasn't. Family and friends played a huge role in assisting me on the success of graduating (on time) with good results. I didn't do this alone, so thank you! :) Now what's left is looking forward. Intimidating, but ... I'm ready.

So there.

It's impossible to sum up 2009 in words, in a post. 2009 was so much more than the things I've mentioned, big small, little or in between. It taught me all the things I needed and didn't needed to know. Face life with a little bit of positivity, helps tremendously in self-development. Meeting encouraging individuals is God's will, every friend is an angel in disguise.

So, till then, thank you and so long 2009! Chin up for 2010! :)

Hugs & Kisses,
Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


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