Kindness Revolution

I want to be like an India Arie or a Jason Mraz. They're the kind of lyricists that makes me sleep better and happier at night, injects hope and positivity to me whenever I'm reaching the stagnant point.

I first clubbed when I was 17, right after I was done with SPM. Back then, I knew they were going to play a couple of famous radio songs and I knew my natural reaction would be ' to move'. I didn't allow myself to drink at that time, only because I didn't want to break mum's trust. They were a couple of times I lied about sleeping over, but I think she figured out that long ago when she realised I've been packing heels to a sleepover.

The good times I had in all those parties and clubs, defines who I am an inch more by the day. I used to feel ashame of dancing and singing infront of my families and friends, but the more I learn to take opportunities the more I discover new things in life. There were also times how I used my age as an excuse to enjoy the happy hours, but more often that not I take it as an attribute to my personality.

Life is simple, but a lot of us choose to make it complicated. How you're suppose to wait in jam to reach to your destination, but you took another way with hopes it saves you a couple of minutes only to find out the alternative road takes as long as staying in the jam.

Daren has this friend who's been doing backpacking for a couple of months now - the idea actually thrills me. Some people do these kind of stuffs to look within themself and to figure out their purpose in life, because at one point or another you do reach a stretched long road and you can't seem to identify the fullstop. Spending the afternoon with these boys reinforce what I believe in life, that the taste of winning is amplified if you're a kinder person. The other team played with anger, and I don't think how could anger possibly make one happy? It doesn't generate the soft fuzzy feeling that we all are too familiar of! It should tasted bitter then!

While others backpack, I - on the other hand had to leave my comfort zone 3 years ago, stalked by notorious Middle Eastern men, found and lost a bestfriend, bravely left a clique because I wasn't connected to it, worked with the worst and the best individuals, drown into unhealthy relationships, highlighted my hair with blonde streaks, started a blog that had created both controversies and confrontations by people I love, faked friendships because it's the easiest way to survive, and fell in love with a younger boy; all these to be able to find myself.

I've discovered so many little big details about myself these past few years. So, so many and the journey is not even close to ending. A lot of people say you're supposed to do something you're good at, not necessarily what you want. I'm differing this.

I want to be a good lyricist even if this takes time. Someone who brings the better out of other people, and encourage living. I want to enjoy dancing & singing because my skin feels rejuvenated when I share my happiness with others. I want to be a courteous, happier blogger because I believe more in kindness revolution, and for those who despise happy people - I encourage you to stay bitter and see what you'll miss! I'll sigh over bad days but I'll listen to the music & feel the sun to know that there's still tomorrow. I'll laugh about the silliest things and live for the bigger reasons.

I've discovered that I'm generally a happier person - and I'm going to infect you with my happybug because smile looks so much better on you!

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


Jenhan said…
very nicely written jacqkie, you certainly have the ability to observe your surrounding and most uniquely, the ability to take a moment to see how you correlate in that environment.

jacqkie i would say that half the battle is won for you if you want to be a good lyricist.

then again, the only way to be a really good one is to practise...

...and the only way to practise that is simply to live life.
Jacqkie! said…
Jenhan: thanks babe. Things are a lot easier said than done. But like you said, practice is important. I will put my effort to be a better person, and most importantly affect others in the meantime :)
The Soundaholic said…
Hi sweetheart,

I am so proud of you :) It takes a lot of courage to sit down and think and reflect on what you've done, what you've achieved so far. A lot of people try not to think about themselves for fear of being disappointed with themselves, but to be able to look back, and say you want to brace through this life with so much positivity and energy - that's just the best way to go about it!

:) Thanks, you made me smile.

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