Halloween Update 1

First off, these pictures are all taken from Luke Eastman's & Lalita Lopez's Facebook, so credit goes entirely to them. I was so busy entertaining guests, and ahem, *coughdrinkcough* that night, that my camera was completely of no use.

I've decided to name this post as Update 1, because frankly there are way too many pictures to be posted up. I am pretty sure that you guys love pictures as much as I do, so once my friends post all of them up on Facebook, I will be kind enough to show you more of them. And I mean by more, eyes will boggle out just by browsing through them.

I am sorry if tagged pictures of me and my friends of the party flooded your newsfeed, guilty :) So you'd most probably know what I came as,

Lady Gaga!

This was my mugshot of the party, I wasn't wearing my gloves here, but nevertheless I still look Gaga-fied don't I? It was my first ever time wearing wig throughout and strangely it wasn't as bad as I expected it to be. It was itching throughout lah, but manageable. I couldn't complain much, I mean it is the biggest part of being Lady Gaga.

Oh on that day itself, Phillip told Audrey that he was coming as Lady Gaga. Because everything was a surprise, and left for guessing that night itself - there were two awesome Lady Gagas! Quote unquote Phillip, it's like Olsen twins, but better! :P

Here is a shot of me, a dead bride, a goth girl & Audrey Hepburn!

The party was initially proposed by us girls, and we went completely all out for it. Planned and talked about the party for at least 2 months beforehand, and I must say it was so awesome I dare say I will never knew when I could host a party that awesome ever again. We basically opened two units, Rubee & Mas's and Jay & Yuen's, both units with Wii and Playstation 2 sets each. See, we were so prepared for the party that we knew, we just knew that no party can last without those play necessities.

I swear, it was like a scene from Van Wilder.

Here's Cindy, my favourite Lala Mui of the night, and the cutest nerd, my one and only hommie Carmen! When the party was just about to begin, Carmen came running to me and told me that Kien dressed up as nerd as well. Geez, damn funny. In the middle is Arbi, the Wolverine of the night. I couldn't tell who/ what he was at first, until he told me how neatly his hair is combed, and I immediately screamed "Wolverine!". Haha.

The sexy pirate in red is Lalita! She was so awesome taking pictures of everyone that night, most of the photos here are her's and babe, I hope you won't kill me. She's missing her pirate-hat in this picture, but later you'll see how she rocked her pirate hat. Aye aye! The fella next to him is Sammy who came as Mr Incredibles! He's amazingly sweet because eventhough he had work before that he still came! Much love! The girls told me that he was shoving and unshoving his package that night. Well, clearly it looked stuffed. Isn't it? Hahaha. I missed the "show" but I am sure the raunchy pics will be uploaded soon by my friends. To the cutest, most adorable (with specs!) Mr. Incredibles, cheers!

Of course, the man who not only came fashionably late for the party, but also completely stole the show when he arrived. I never thought anyone would come as that - but he did. You've prolly seen the photos, but to remind you again, Justin came as Facebook Man! Even with the pop-up Facebook window, the thing I geram and of course love the most is the fact that my emo face is there with the "caption" - Justin became a fan of Head Hunter Jacqkie.

Seriously, you gotta admit that was pretty cool.

Gilson with the bright orange banana hammock as he calls it, is Tom Cruise from Risky Business, and frankly, he showed the most skin. LIKE HELLO! No one dares to rock that look except for him, okayy. Pants down, the bravest! Urm, I mean hands down. :)

Unit 13 rocking the Rockband. Until now, I am still wondering why nobody complained of the crazy noises we make. Regardless, am so glad no one did. If not we would have ended the party earlier and that would suck. Big time. Miracles happen when you party, isn't it.

Derrick came as the joker, and that poor fella, everytime I offered him drinks and food he said he didn't want to eat or snack eating - fear of smudging his heavily makeup face. That's dedication! Look at him, creepily sitting by the corner. I swear next time, I will bring you straws and tissues hokeh! Joker also need makan whattt! Much love!

This is my favourite costume of the night! Yes Jeff I know you're reading this. I like the fact that you sew the whole thing yourself, and that extra bulge you have on your tummy. That's costume alright. It was so cute!!!! You're so awesome Fred Flinstone, and you know it! :) Ida on the other hand was the other devil, besides the ultimate mother of all devil Yuen. I don't have her individual picture, but she's in the last photo. Next time I show you ok! Ida's dress was so devilish - complete with the tail and her trichton, it was sexy!

Jaron came as a character from Final Fantasy, Cloud & again that's Lalita! Told ya, the hat was awesome! Jaron had like the biggest weapon. So big, it's all you see during that dark night. Gehehehe. Flaunt your weapon Jaron!

Here's a picture of the biggest spam of the night. The girl who appears after every few photos. My one and only teman spammer, the hippy mas! Isn't she adorable, golly! I am of totally opposite standing next to a hippy, I look mean and fierce. Damn scarylah.

Hahaha, this is an LOL moment. My twin sister of the night, the other other Lady Gaga! He was so much more like Lady Gaga with the sunglasses, and super super mini skirt. I work it, he works it! Lady Gagas for the win!

One of the few house decorations we did. Well, Carmen and Cindy did. I drew this themselves and we put some candles to it. Awesome ey?

Here's a small group photo of the Hossanah Heights gang, Jennifer and Gilson. Check out the cutest Michael Jackson on the lefttttttt. Isn't he the cutest?! I really felt like pinching his cheeks, but that would embarass him and myself if he cockstared me right. I had Thriller as one of the music, and was asking him to dance for us!

Hahaha, here's Jerome, death hanging out with Douglas a Mexican. Drink up, and shove that pizza! Death was so awesome he painted his face black. Awesome people, awesome people.

Overall, I admit I am still overwhelmed of the awesome party we had. The turnout was not only massive, it was also filled with the coolest most interesting people I have ever met in one single night. The dressups, costumes, makeups, are personally appreciated so much by me that if I could, I would be so selfish to take pictures with each and everyone of you together. But I had no camera, so these candid photos are like the greatest! This is my first time with the girls hosting a Halloween party together, and God willing there will be plenty more to come!

As for those who put so much work and heart into this party, we rock! I love you guys so much, and I will bring this deadly party to my grave! :) Much, much love.

Halloween '09 ends!

Hugs & Kisses,
Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


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