Paris in 3 Days

My mum and I just spent 12 days traveling from Paris, to Amsterdam to Istanbul. Our main purpose of this trip was, wait for it, wait for it, for a plant.

Well not a, but basically we were chasing tulips. It all started when I showed my mum Fresh's blogposts on the Tulip Festival in Istanbul when she sat down unfazed, and said, "this is my dream. I have always wanted to see tulips. Tulips everywhere." 

And knowing me, the moment I even start thinking about it I try really hard to make my way to it. I told her, then let's do it. This was in January, and right after that we started cracking our head.

Paris Day 1

Since we were from Kota Kinabalu, we had to take a flight into Kuala Lumpur really early in the morning, spent our day with the loved ones, and made our way to KLIA in the evening for an 11pm flight. We reached Paris really early in the morning, around 6AM and had to manoeuvre our way to the hotel via shuttle train and tram.

We stayed in Hotel Flor Rivoli, I have just finished reviewing the hotel in Tripadvisor here. We got lost looking for it, well I did since I asked mum to stay at one place while I walked around, when really, it was just less than 5 minutes away from the exit train we were at.

Right after checking in, we decided to start our day immediately. It's Spring in Paris, so flowers, flowers were everywhere. Which was soooooo delightful.

We decided to walk around, chance upon cafes, and ended up in a very quaint cafe called Le Reynou. That was my first time realising that the cafes in Paris all had seats looking out into the streets with none facing each other. They were all side by side.

It was kind of still awkward for us to eat breakfast seating side by side, so we decided to seat right across. What else really one should have for breakfasts besides croissants, and coffees?

We did just that. There was a sugar crepe that came along with it.

After our power breakfast, we decided to walk around town and discover even more. Little did we realise that we were having breakfast by the Seine River, the very famous river overlooking the Eiffel Tower from afar and towards the Notre Dame, so I guess that means where we stayed was very ideal.

I am so lucky I am such a curious and appreciative traveler, that I am amused at every single thing. Everything literally took my breath away. I have been traveling around South East Asia, and I guess you can say I am quite seasoned at it, so when I reached Paris, I was blown. Completely blown away because everything was --- magnificent.

We continued walking. We stopped by Saint Chappelle.

Mum and I hadn't book any tour, and that's exactly what we wanted. We had so much time in our hands, that we just decided on something more impromptu. Which is really the best part about self traveling (without tour) because you could do, just, about, anything! Wake up late, don't do anything, sleep again, eat brunch, eat breakfast for lunch, eat dinner for lunch, doesn't matter the time is yours and what place best to do that then in Europe?

Some photos we took while walking around.

Paris Day 2

Since mum is... 60.. and had trouble walking around (I had to adapt to this way of traveling since I walk everywhere) we decided on a hop on hop off where you basically pay Euro 30 to take on the bus as and when you like. This bus stops at every tourist attraction, so that covers your Eiffel Tower, Montmarte, basically all the places tourists should visit.

I thought it was the perfect option for mum, so we bought just that and that's when we explored the most famous city in the world.

We were in Paris for the weekend, so we figured since we had to go a mass service, we will go to the mass service in the Notre Dame Cathedral. Can't believe I said that. But we did. Went to a Notre freaking Dame Cathedral for a mass.

We continued the day with the hop on hop off, to all the legendary places.

After so much of walking, we decided to grab some decent dinner with a typically Parisien cuisine. I tried the escargots, the creme brulee and the foie gras. All this cost me only Euro 16.90 :)

Paris Day 3

When we reached home it was already around 10pm. We were too exhausted from too much exploring that when we slept, we woke up.... around 9am!

So we jazzed through the morning wondered what to do, and decided that we should do Champs Elysees (the main reason we decided on Paris) and Musee de Louvre. I had to learn how to say it in French, since when I say it blandly as Louvre Museum, the French go wha----. So it was Mussseee de Loouuu.

We took the bus and stopped at a square which happens to be a very famous tourist attraction called Concorde.

I snapped some photos, and decided to make our way to Champs Elysees through a huge park (I love how the Europeans are huge on their parks) and that was the first time we chanced upon tulips. Mum went nuts it was so cute!  She started snapping away some photos and told me that her dream had come true. I thought, "wait till Istanbul." "You'll die!".

"Okay mum, don't die yet."

The walk to Champs Elysees................ was everything I had imagined. Glamourous and fancy.

I. Am. Never. That. Kind. Of. Traveler...

But it's so good to be fancy once in a while that you know, you haven't lived until you've felt all kinds of senses. Croissant for 5 Euro?? Escargots for 8 Euro?? Umbrellas for 20 Euro?? Water for 10 Euro?? Of course!! Anything!! Just take all my money!!

I loved that part the most about Paris, my eyes sparkled at everything, the stylistic street men who were no less carrying all these brands that are plastered around the street, drinking wine scouting people, French music, people going bonjour at each other. It's Paris, I rubbed my eyes every now and then just to make myself realise that this is all true.

After reaching Champs Elysees we walked towards Arch de Triomphe, and had almost broke my neck looking at its glory. Have I mentioned I love the French gothic architecture? But then again, I love everything so this was no less!

Another day left for exploring, selfied with Mother Mary, frozed my face in the air, looking out for street performers, listen to people speak in French, there were too many things to get myself in love with. Paris was lovely.

Musee de Louvre my friends (behind me), has been established as the most visited museum in the entire world.

We had an early start the next day, and it was our first ever time trying out interstate traveling by train.

Because we were going to Amsterdam!!

Saying hello to Brussels.

Just a run through of Paris, if you really wanted to know how to move around and what other suggestions, you can speak to me or email me. I'll be more than happy to help you :)

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Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


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