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Puri Bayu, Guesthouse, Ubud

I just got back from a week in Ubud, Bali *weeeee*

I am terribly happy because I finally, FINALLY get to visit the infamous Bali after last year's cancellation!! I think I've said this one too many times, but I am ALLERGIC to cancelled trips already *_* spare me the disappointment please T_T

I was NEVER thinking of visiting Kuta, Jimbaran, Nusa Dua, Legian or Seminyak, I had only Ubud in mind, like I was so focused to. And it's not because of Eat, Pray and Love it's because I've heard too many people talking Ubud being the central for everything arts, and that IS my thing. So I scuffled around online looking for the best places to stay in Ubud less than a week before (because I've been busy), and I finally found a gem that is Puri Bayu Guest House! Everything that was arranged in Puri Bayu Guest House is perfected, if there was only one thing for you to consider was the fact that it doesn't have a pool, or a private pool for that matter. But that's usu…

Dear Retno

I needed to meet you. Life would have been usually fantastic, but I wouldn't have that zest for life that I needed had I not met you. I needed to meet you.

I am living a very luxurious life as a 25 year old in Sabah. I've got an excellent job as a marketing personnel in a ginormous chain hotel, and there is a long list of promising adventures ahead of me. I've got a grand monthly income, no little kids to attend to, no car loan, just monthly apartment repayment and a small investment I've set aside to, so basically, I am earning and spending money for me and me alone. Comparing to some of my folks at my age working in thriving institutions (some are still searching), some are in between searching for what they're looking for - I am a very lucky lady in times like these.

Thank you for hosting me the night while I was in Jakarta. You told me about your humble place, but I didn't expect we were going to share a single bed together. Some folk wouldn't even con…

Halloween in KK, 2013 (CrackoArtGroup)

I've decided to make full use of what few clicks I get from my blog to support my friends and family on their humanitarian, environmental, artistic (and more) efforts that are happening around Kota Kinabalu (or at least I try). That said, a couple of weeks back our friends at CrackArtGroup launched an exhibition by Andy based on the renown 7 deadly sins and Stephie had invited me over.

These bunch of artists are really talented and hardworking. They have had their artworks sold nationwide, and Egan has even had his paintings bought by Publika in KL. This is a fairly small group but with the most ambitious of ideas and activities, as a result, they host their own opening, closings and even exhibitions at their own space, called the Asylum.

These were the opening night's photos by Srap Design, unfortunately!!! I had lost track of days and nights and also missed on informing you about the exhibition way earlier because the Halloween night we were invited to was actually for the…

White Water Rafting at Kiulu, Poturidong Tengah Bundu Camping Site

A couple of weeks back, Kim told us about a white water rafting deal via Kiulu on Groupon Malaysia (this is my first ever purchase) by Poturidong Tengah Bundu Camping Site. It's been a while since we've hung out and do outdoorsy stuff, besides some camping and Kudat sometime last year and this year. Now that Kim is back for a bit, we decided to jump to it. Tricky part was, while I was busy arranging for a weekend trip, I was told last minute that I had a campaign that I needed to be part of that same weekend. So I had to cancel my reservations with the guys at Poturidong and brought it forward to a Friday instead. Even if it means I had to apply for annual leave, because I had enough and I didn't mind! :)

Rafting is a great activity, something you'd do as a team, helps remind us how rivers can be so undermentioned. Truly is. I've always thought rivers are impossible to get acquainted with until I tried rafting! They're so oddly located, there's less charm …