Puri Bayu, Guesthouse, Ubud

I just got back from a week in Ubud, Bali *weeeee*

I am terribly happy because I finally, FINALLY get to visit the infamous Bali after last year's cancellation!! I think I've said this one too many times, but I am ALLERGIC to cancelled trips already *_* spare me the disappointment please T_T

I was NEVER thinking of visiting Kuta, Jimbaran, Nusa Dua, Legian or Seminyak, I had only Ubud in mind, like I was so focused to. And it's not because of Eat, Pray and Love it's because I've heard too many people talking Ubud being the central for everything arts, and that IS my thing. So I scuffled around online looking for the best places to stay in Ubud less than a week before (because I've been busy), and I finally found a gem that is Puri Bayu Guest House! Everything that was arranged in Puri Bayu Guest House is perfected, if there was only one thing for you to consider was the fact that it doesn't have a pool, or a private pool for that matter. But that's usually not a point taken, because Ubud is not by the beach so weather is relatively cool and mild all the time. Sometimes it even experiences light showers through the day :)

My Puri Bayu Guest House reservation had a rocky start which was neither mine nor their fault, since they required a 50% deposit for my booking confirmation, and because they don't accept credit cards I had to go to Western Union to do it so. So I did. While the whole booking confirmation wasn't a big deal, something had happened along the way of me banking money into the recipient's name that caused me the headache.

The bank had misspelled my name. The bank told me that it had been paid, but the owner insisted that he never received his money! So I was stuck in the middle of not knowing what exactly had happened, and not knowing who to trust (surely bank had a greater credit, but still). Emails were thrown back and forth, me taking photos of the receipt, fuh it was funny. Eventually, I told them that I will only settle the whole thing once I reach the hostel.

My flight was delayed for two hours, once I finally reached my hostel (bear in mind, Ubud is about 1.5 hours away from Denpasar airport) I rushed to the hostel hoping that they would still be opened (that was about 9pm) and GUESS WHAT, THE RECEPTION WAS CLOSED. Ah, I told myself. How could they, they could have at least waited for me or even informed me? Another scratch to the start, I decided to call them up and they were really surprised to hear me, as they thought I no longer needed the room because they say "most Malaysians would cancel our guesthouse and go to Kuta" -______________-" I knew she didn't meant the way I could've imagined it but both parties were just exhausted and she ended it with, "I actually gave your room to another guest". WHAT. Another scratch. I was a little pissed off by then, so were they, there were confusion after confusion and true enough they did sent me an email asking me what time exactly I will be reaching but I was already on the plane by then. Did they not get my email, I wasn't sure, but clearly there were some missing communication.

BUT. All turned 360 degree, when they said, "...but we can always move the other guest to our other place. This place is yours." I was halfheartedly guilty, because, true enough the commotion and the last minute arrangement was not their fault, and neither was it mine. It was just poor timing and mistakes of everything else but ours.

And everything went uphill after that :) :) :)

I stepped into a beautiful room with a large queen sized bed, complete with its romantic nostalgic mosquito repellent, a swan towel art, with flowers sprinkled on my bed, and then I walked into the bathroom... an open air bathroom that I can overlook the sky with, with fresh flowers sorted out by the corner!


..but before that, I walked out of Puri Bayu's to the nearest store (a pizza parlour) called Umah Pizza. I bought myself a Salmone Penne (YUM) and the bestest chocolate mousse EVER. I didn't take photo because I had left it charging ^_^

Upon reaching my room, I undressed and walked around buttnaked (JOY) and jumped into the shower for a really really hot bath. I could hear absolutely nothing but insects squeaking with one another. Everything about the bathroom was pleasant, and yes I was showering in nature :)

I decided to sleep off everything that night, and it was the best. Since I was from Kota Kinabalu - Jakarta - Jakarta - Bali had a time difference of about an hour. Though I really didn't think it made a difference, I did eventually woke up a few hours earlier than I had thought I did. I woke up at 5am! When I thought it was 8am .. so weird.

My Bed :)

My view from my Room :)

My Garden :)

My veranda where I would usually have my breakfast :)

So I decided to laze around until 8am, and Ketut came by with utensils and asked, me "macam mana tidur mba?". The first thing I had wanted to say was, I'M SO SORRY KETUT, DID YOU STAYED FOR ME YESTERDAY? Before I had even asked, he had already told me about how he was cleaning the place and had waited for me till 7pm? T_________________T I'm sorry Ketut.
 ...and everything goes uphill from there. They serve me great breakfast of coffees+ omelets+ special pan cakes every morning. And every morning the giddy Pom-Pom jumps up to me kissing, licking and biting me. Love that puppy.

The bill went up to about USD 28/ night only - so if that's not sooo affordable, I don't know what is!  Here's their contact:

Manager: Dewi
Email: puri_bayu@yahoo.com

Ubud generally is a beautiful calmer alternative to the international village Kuta. It is definitely quieter, but that doesn't mean there aren't things to do. Just head to the Monkey Forest Road (which is about 5 - 10 minutes walk from Puri Bayu) and you'll be delighted to see all kinds of familiar tourists crashing their way in some local bar :)

Otherwise, I have coined Bali as the only cultural city in the world that I can jump into a traditional dance as and when I want every single night, plus, it's also probably is the only place in the world that has their faith's influence in every, single, thing. Their restaurants, their lingo, their clothes. They're so proud of their culture it's so refreshing! This is the original place of all things inspired Bali restaurants, hotels, knockoffs. They're effortlessly beautiful.

Jacqueline Rowena @ Jacqkie.


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